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S.T. Literary Agency / Stylus Literary Agency

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Can anyone tell me anything about S.T. Literary Agency? I found them while surfing on the web, through a link from a site called "Literary and Book Agents Resource." They claim to be the agents for M.W. Campanelli (of the "Chicken Soup for...: series), and not to charge reading fees etc. On the other hand, I can't find them listed on any of the usual agency listing sites, and there's no physical address -- all submissions by email. Can't tell whether they're legit or not...


S.T. Literary Agency a.k.a Sydra Techniques


There's PLENTY about S.T. -- or better known as --"Sydra Techniques" at:


Note: Be sure to search the archives, by typing in Sydra Techniques in the "text box" at the bottom of the page.

Also, see their "not recommended" listing at the Preditors & Editors website.


ST Lit Agency

I need info good or bad on ST Literary Agency

Michael Stephen Levinson

Sydra Technologies

Sydra is bogus. A scam. You simply throw away your money. But they are subtle, and they string you along. It happened to me and I am really upset because ZI sent them a rare 1st edition of a prophetic work I published in 1971.

I invite all to visit www.digidirect.com

Michael Stephen Levinson


ST-Let's see.....

For $129 I got a web site that could only be accessed by knowing the exact address. For $240, I had 2 sets of "bound" manuscripts sent to publishers. The only "feedback" every received on the submissions sent out, was that all the publishers passed. ????????


ST Literary Agency

I was just offered a contract with ST Literary Agency but decided to do a little research before I signed on the dotted line. I cannot find a single reputable agency listing that includes ST Literary, nor are they found on the LMP. I stumbled upon this page, and I am so grateful! The messages posted here saved me from becoming another victim of their scam! I am sorry that you found out too late, however I hope you will take some comfort from knowing that one less writer was seduced by STLiterary Agency thanks to the statements you shared on the web.


Me too...

ST sent me a contract too, but I had already read this thread. I emailed them back asking them to list their commercial sales for the last 12 months. That was three days ago, still waiting (no surprise there!)...


S.T. Literary Agency/Stylus Literary Agency

S.T. Literary Agency - Is anyone familiar with them? I sent them my manuscript. They responded with interest and a questionnaire. Before filling out the questionniare I wrote back asking if they would require any fees for their services. This is their reply:

We specialize in helping new authors get the credibility they need. I have recently joined the company and we are expanding the number of authors we represent. However, the timeframes are long and the odds are stacked against new writers so we have made a business decision to defray the administrative costs associated with maintaining our relationship. We charge a one time fee of $129 when you are accepted into our company and that covers putting you into our database, our communications, and the marketing materials we build on your behalf. There is a $14 fee for printing, binding and mailing a manuscript.
Those fees are DEDUCTED from our commission upon a sale.
I hope that helps.

What do you think?

James D Macdonald

Fee Charging Isn't Standard

Don't bother with them, or their questionaire.

Best of luck in finding an agent.

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James D Macdonald

S.T. is Sydra Techniques

I went over to S.T's FAQ page, <a href="http://www.stliteraryagency.com/index.asp?cat=64649" target="_new">here</a>, and found that they refer to themselves as "Sydra" one place.

Okay, go over to the <a href="http://www.speculations.com/rumormill/" target="_new">Rumormill</a> and scroll to the bottom of the page. Type "Sydra" into the box labeled "Text" in the search box at the bottom. Read the information.

Short version: fee-charging agency, no record of legitimate sales.


Re: S.T. is Sydra Techniques

Yes James! I was trying to remember that name. I tested that with one of my screenplays for the hell of it. Complete ___ well, you know. The initials are a new angle I suppose. He has no connections at all, but falls into that unregulated management zone. Don't go in. It's the pits: Tar.


Re: S.T. is Sydra Techniques

RUN, PASTOR BARRY, RUN!!! one thing i've learned is, if they ask for money, i turn tail and run the other way. have you checked in the Christian writer's guide? they've got at least 90 agents and more publishers. I'm sure they've got someone to help you. plus Alive Communications might take you on, since you've already written some books. www.alivecom.com/default.htm good luck to you, pastor. let us know what happens.


Re: S.T. is Sydra Techniques

"Sydra Techniques" became ST Literary Agency only a few months ago...I have a feeling the change was due to the negative information that pops up if you do a websearch on Sydra.

ST is one of the three agencies I get the most questions about (the other two are Janet Kay and American Literary Agents of Washington). Once upon a time, it was a small, non-fee-charging agency that (I think) did have a small track record; but in 2001 it deliberately transformed itself into a fee-based operation as a way to "commercialize" (i.e., make money from) the large number of submissions it was receiving. I'm not aware of any sales it has made since its makeover.

I've been told that the WGA is or was investigating its business practices, but I've heard nothing further about this.

- Victoria
Writer Beware



I'm pretty sure I reported that to WGA back when I looked into this guy. It's been a while.



:eek: I swear, every time I think I've found an agency worth looking into, heehee someone tells someone else they are the pits. heehee

Well, thanks guys, it saves me some time. But is there anyone out there for adventure/romance that is any good?

[email protected]

ps I am an unfortunate who fell into a pod and for my third I want a real agent/publisher, so the hard work begins! Found 336 or something like that, agents in USA. This site has ruled out ST, one I thought to look at.


I think I may have mentioned this

if not, I should have--look for an agent who is a member of the AAR, the have a cannon of ethics that pretty much keeps the scam dogs away.

Look at other books in your genre--those published by traditional publishing (IE those in the big book stores etc.) and then a check out the authors. Many authors sites list their agents. Then look for the agent in a google search. Google is very good for this, you will get many many listings for an agent--the good the bad and the ugliest.



President of ST Literary / Sydra Offers a Few Thoughts

How about a message from the President of ST Literary formerly Sydra?

First, let me thank you for first 'seeking to understand'.
If your mind is made up, then flame on, but if you would like to hear the other side of the story, then read on (you can always flame away later).

I read last week that 80% of all books published last year were from previously published authors, 10% were from celebrities, and 5% were from journalists. DO THE MATH and you can see what the odds are for as yet unpublished authors.

We specialize in working with new authors. Why? I really don't know. It certainly seems masochistic most days, but I tell you, the joy that I get from a 'yes' from a buyer for a new author is unimaginable! I also get a tremendous amount of pleasure in helping new authors understand the rules of this game. I can't guarantee that we can sell your work, but I can guarantee that you will be a better writer/business person as a result of our interaction(s).

Anyway, A LITERARY AGENT must be an AGGRESSIVE BUSINESSMAN, that's why you hire one.
You are hiring someone who knows business, contracts, selling, and has expertise in many, many areas, including coaching, psychology, and dealing with the peculiarities of the writers' mind...

I don't want to love you, I don't want to love your work, I want to sell it for money for you and for me. How's that for crass? My job is to make money for you and for me. Period. And as long as your work is professional and has a strong core idea, then it deserves a chance to be sold.

So many agents won't work with first time authors that we at least offer a chance to get your foot into the door of a VERY CLOSED - OLD BOY network industry.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I am a businessman, and this is business.
We haven't always charged an administrative fee after an author is accepted, and now we do. Why? We charge $129 AFTER ACCEPTANCE and this is deductible from our commissions should we sell your work. This SEPARATES the men from the boys, and the housewives from the serious authors (my apologies in advance for any professional housewives who take offense, but you know what I mean).

If you are seriously selling your work, your postage for a year SHOULD BE much more than $129 shouldn't it? You wouldn't believe how the quality of the authors we accept JUMPED UP after we instituted this filtering mechanism. Frankly if you can't afford $129 you are going to last very long and you are writing as a hobby not a business.

So in conclusion, form your own opinion.
If you believe that 'love of the writer and the work' should prevail, then don't submit to us. If you believe that making money from writing is an uneasy truce between the art of writing and the business of selling, then please consider us.

Whatever you believe please understand that I TRULY CONGRATULATE anyone who has birthed a book. We know the time and life commitment that it takes and we applaud you, even if we never work with you. Just be careful of the innuendo out there and make up your own mind.

P.S. and hey, in the words of someone famous, 'at least they are talking about us'... if you would like us to consider your work, please visit www.stliteraryagency.com and after reading the site, submit.

This entire communication is for the exclusive use of the intended addressee only and contains proprietary, confidential and privileged information as deemed by the poster. You agree that this information will not be replicated in any form other than what is posted in this forum.

Yes, we live in a very litigious society and we know how to wield the legal sword as well as most. It's part of our job as an Agent to protect our writers' works and we know how to use lawyers very aggressively for our clients (and ourselves). If you read this far and understand the import of this paragraph then you are probably a good client for us. Ciao!

Robert Fletcher, President

ps. Did I mention that we are AGGRESSIVELY courting buyers and distribution in CHINA? Now that's a virgin market with BILLIONS of buyers! New authors are even better for them for a number of reasons, so maybe we'll find the gold for our clients after all.

Best to you once again. It's a tough world out there and there's lots of conflicting information.