Rachel Maddow has an analysis of Chinese and Russian 2024 US election interference tonight.


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Jun 6, 2016
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Ralph's side of the island.
Normally Maddow goes on too long for my taste but this time I found myself interested in her whole program.
Maddow program
Sorry, once again my link syncs up to the end so hit rewind or replay to start at the beginning.
You can find the transcript at the link. Unfortunately this is a version sponsored by the knitting person so it cuts off at ~minute 32 for the knitter. At that point however, all that needs to be said had been said.

Bottom line: both China and Russia are injecting fake youtube and other propaganda segments into the US media stream. The fakes are obvious, (Maddow explains the evidence in detail), but that doesn't mean they won't have influence on Trump voters.

The 2024 election is going to be an uphill slog. You wouldn't think it should be but looking at the current evidence it clearly is.



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May 4, 2022
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Or maybe not so obviously fake.

I can never get through more than a few minutes of Maddow’s bloviating. So here’s a NYT article (without paywall). China’s Advancing Efforts to Influence the U.S. Election Raise Alarms

Some of the Chinese accounts impersonate fervent Trump fans, including one on X that purported to be “a father, husband and son” who was “MAGA all the way!!” The accounts mocked Mr. Biden’s age and shared fake images of him in a prison jumpsuit, or claimed that Mr. Biden was a Satanist pedophile while promoting Mr. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.
(Like there are no images of Trump in a prison jumpsuit.)

Word of the day: Spamouflage (which my spellcheck approves!)
Ms. Thomas and other researchers have linked the new activity to a long-running network of accounts connected with the Chinese government known as Spamouflage. Several of the accounts they detailed previously posted pro-Beijing content in Mandarin — only to resurface in recent months under the guise of real Americans writing in English.

And this is right out of the Nazi playbook from the 1930s, so well documented in Maddow’s Prequel.
Intelligence assessments show Russia using increasingly subtle influence tactics in the United States to spread its case for isolationism as its war against Ukraine continues. Mock news sites are targeting Americans with Russian propaganda.