Purpose of this Tech Room - READ FIRST!

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Feb 13, 2005
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Hey all.

Why a tech room?

Every once and a while we have questions about the software we use every day, from how to do something, to how to fix something else.

Got a bug? Report it here too as well as to the software manufacturer.

Want to review a new product? Do so here so perhaps people will buy it for themselves.

Of course, the software's own websites has a slew of info and FAQ, but here is where we visit frequently and may be able to point to those same answers more effectively and clearer. Plus, some of those websites are a bit tough to navigate through.

We all wonder from time to time why some people use one software versus another and there's a whole slew of packages (like those for story development or storyboarding for example) that we don't use or know about, that others who do use them may shed some light on.

Here is where you can post about software issues.

Like the rest of the forum, keep it professional and keep it nice.

This is not a Final Draft (or any other package) bashing area. No package is better than the other. They all provide a function, and some people prefer one versus another for personal reasons, but here they are to be treated as equals.

Please note: We should only work with legally owned packages. Do not discuss here anything regarding how to obtain or work around or fix unauthorized copies of any software package. These posts will be deleted immediately.
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