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[Publishing Service] FastPencil

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Mar 10, 2015
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Georgia, USA

Self-publishing service (printing, distribution, etc.) who's also a sponsor of Nanowrimo this year, offering a free copy to winners. They bill themselves as being "self-publishing simplified" and offer the ability to import blog posts or Evernote notes, among other options. Prices start at $10 for the basic ability to have the option to print your book/get the ebook (cost of books/S&H is not included in that) to $300 for standard ebook and print distribution, with add-ons that can run up to $14,000.

However, it sounds like they weren't really ready to go to the presses (ba-dum tish) with their website yet. The sponsor thread on Nano is filled with complaints: slow/non-loading website, confusing process, inability to render covers, delays in shipping books, and shipping costs (for one book) that range from $45 to $85 (this seems to stem from the fact they only ship outside the US via FedEx, but at those prices I'm betting they're using Express, not Ground.)

Someone also pointed out that there's a rights grab for movie option rights on a 3 year exclusive period to Voyage Media, who seem to be about selling people the opportunity to pitch various producers. I'm guessing they won't actually do anything with those if you don't pay them, but the ToS doesn't specify that it's solely if you pay for the service, so they're grabbing an exclusive whether you want it or not. They claim a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive right to modify your work for advertising their services. The rep in the thread stated their services are for "up to three years" but the ToS doesn't specify that, nor does deleting your account delete your work (it only renders your account inaccessible to you.)

Further observations: I wonder if they're more focused on picking up some international sales- according to a post from their rep in the thread, at the time of her posting the US was only the third highest source of traffic (after Egypt and India, before Philippines, Brazil, UK, Saudi Arabia, Burkina Faso, Mexico, and Canada.) Which makes their problem with expensive shipping, well, more of a problem.

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