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[Publisher] By Light Unseen Media

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Sep 25, 2006
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That link didn't work for me, but I found it here: http://bylightunseenmedia.com/

Looks like a small, specialist press that pays royalties and takes print and ebook rights. My usual comments would apply.

However the blog post here: http://bylightunseenmedia.com/blog/?p=78 did make me raise my eyebrows because it seems to me to confuse genuine self-publishing (where the author retains control of what they're spending and can budget accordingly) with vanity publishing (where an author pays to be published) - as evidenced by the fact that it labels PA and AuthorHouse as self-publishing outfits.

I can see what the author is trying to get at, but I disagree with the conclusions. Also, their summary of the publishing industry's history is ... interesting. For those interested in the history of the commercial publishers and the evolution of their business models, check out MERCHANTS OF CULTURE by John B. Thompson because he does an excellent summary of the pressures and market conditions facing publishers and why they trend the way they do.


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