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[Publisher] Black Beauty Presents

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Jul 25, 2014
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Okay, I don't think this publisher's been brought up here yet? Incase it hasn't, I'd like to warn people about wanting to use them.

I came across this publisher after witnessing the COO trying to personally attack people on Facebook who were talking about bad book covers in general (and the person on their side). So, naturally I was curious about her and decided to poke around her FB account (this is where she states she's the COO for this publisher).

I clicked on 'Black Beauty Presents' and it brought me to its FB page where it immediately became clear that they're sketchy. They randomly post pictures (most that aren't theirs) to ask for submissions. They even have a post asking if people want to pay them to have their already published works promoted by her (them?) on Twitter and Facebook for $25 a month.

The about section is literally this:

We are currently accepting submissions.​

There is no way to find out through this page who owns it or works for it. Who are the editors? Who are the cover designers? Who markets the books? And how are we supposed to know what genres and categories they accept? Why should an author choose them? What makes them different from any other publisher?

The COO also posted her book for people to buy (keep in mind this book isn't published by Black Beauty Presents). To make things even more confusing, on the cover of this book, it says it's presented by Tiece. Which would imply the publishing company of the book, would it not? But, if you go on Amazon, it says that it was published by Write House Publishing. Why all the different names? Are they all run by a group of close-knit, elitist group of people? Why advertise your own book on a page that has nothing to do with it? Unless you wanted more sales and/or to make people think this publisher published it.

Also, you can't actually go to their website because it's been 'under maintenance' since at least the 24th of February.

They claim that they've signed two writers (so far), but where's the actual proof that these people are going to actually publish a book? There's no actual hints or book covers/titles or genres or author interviews/bios.

All I can see is that they have one book coming soon from an author they didn't mention signing. Yet, this book isn't on their page. The only way I found it was because they were tagged in a FB post about it.

Anyone have any personal experience with them?


Apr 6, 2015
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A company of shady people

Black Beauty Presents (publishing),Creative Inspirations PUblishing are indeed the same group of people who in my opinion knows nothing about publishing and want to frustrate hard working people and trick them into turning over their work to them.

Please everyone out there Genex PUblishing with Kisha River, Creative Inspirations Publishing and Black Beauty Present publishing are all birds of a feather please stay far. I would also be suspicious of anything Tonja Bliss puts her name on in the future.


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Feb 12, 2005
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Website (blackbeautypresents.com) gone entirely, but FB is active and there's recent books on Amazon.

ETA: site eventually returned, revamped.
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