Project finshed the HE35

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May 11, 2011
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I have been rushing to finish this for Marcon, next week.
It is a rifle from the "Ring of Fire" story cycle specifically "The Kremlin Games" by Paula Goodlet and Gorg Huff. (Baen 2012)

Because of the large number of contributing authors in the story cycle, we have a track at a convention every year to coordinate the story line.

To date we have been able to maintain better than 98% continuity, this rife is for a panel on "How warfare will change in the new timeline".

The rifle is fully functional and has a range of about 300 yards. Accuracy is good, and will be better if I put sights on it, grin. Right now I can reliably hit a man sized target at 200 yards.

Here is the completion shot.

everything but the barrel and the sling were made in my home shop.


.50 cal.
44 inch barrel
breach loading
Percussion cap ignition
black powder

It is a variation on a theme of the breach loading long rifles from 1800 - 1911, notably the Hall.

It took about forty actual hours of work, (spread over six months) and about $250.00 in materials.

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