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Dec 29, 2020
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Hi everybody,

I could not find a successful discussion on home printing while doing a short search in this subreddit (I did a quick search but if there is a good thread please link in the comments).

For fellow photographers, my questions will be;

What setup have you got at home? Would you prefer any brand or model over another one? What forms of paper are you using or recommending guide for color laser printer? Budget friendly possibilities? (As for the printer and paper?)

For my first (hence my curiosity), I am personally on the market and was searching for something on the budget friendly side to print my images of landscape and nature. I'll keep photos or send bigger prints (13x19) as gifts to friends and family at most. I'll probably give my local camera/print store a try if I have needs that need higher quality.

Thanks for your feedback!
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Black and white winter scene with evergreens in the snow, and a house