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[Printer] Greyden Press

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Feb 17, 2006
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With royalty publishers rejecting over 90% of titles submitted, self-publishing is often the way to get your message or story told.

I would refer them to Slushkiller for the reasons why that is true. (ETA: As in why so many titles are rejected.)

I don't see any fee (am I missing something?), but this is a little troubling:

The first 50 submissions in each category will qualify for the competition.
Successive submissions are eligible for a prize as outlined on the Prizes page.

The first 50 submissions (or a significant number of them) could be nigh well unpublishable. What if they're fanfic or garbage text?

Ah, but look at the prizes:
Silver Lining Prize:

Everybody after the first 50 will get:
an $800 website for just $400 (plus author pays $15/month hosting fee)
a $50 Greyden Press gift card for publishing services

See my quote above about the first 50 submissions.

And what do you get for an $800 website? For a $400 website? You can spend that $15 per month (or less) on private hosting and get your own domain. Perhaps I've missed something, but I don't see web hosting and design services on their site, so it's hard to know what someone would be getting for that money.
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Mar 28, 2013
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I spend about $5 bucks a month for my own domain. It's not too incredibly snazy but I like it. My web host gives me free mailboxes, were incredibly attentive during the latest round of brute force attacks and if I get tired of the freebie word press themes, they will do a custom one for about $50. I had to pay for a year in advance, I got a full backup of my site, personal info obscuring, my domain, etc. for about $80 per year.

I checked out the site you listed. Went to their "bookstore." It had 5 titles on the front page, one book for $129. And not titles I would want to read. At all.

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