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Editing for authors: because every writer needs a good editor.

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As BHEditing hasn't been back to answer my questions I'll have to point out here that the only editing experience he mentioned in his now-deleted self-promoting introduction post was, I think, having worked at a "self publishing company", which used to be called vanity publishers.

I could be misremembering. But just in case I'm not, I shall note here that I've reviewed a lot of books which have been produced by such companies and I didn't once review one which had been properly edited. There were problems in every stage, from structual editing to copy editing to proof reading. And it was common to see errors in the sales copy on the back jacket, too.

Now, this might not be because of the editors' lack of skills: it could be that the writers rejected all their editors' suggestions. But bearing in mind that every book I reviewed from such companies showed these errors, I have to wonder what training these editors received, how they were mentored, and how their work was checked.
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