Novel finished, how to find a foreign agent?

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I was unsure where to place this thread, but I figured it crossed into International..districtual queries..

I finally finished my Novel, and a big thanks to all of you.
I've been reading a lot of the editing threads and it's been very helpful!

It ended at 104500 words, and it's a YA fantasy novel.
Perhaps a bit heavy, but I can always trim the edges a bit more.

Now for the problem, and I have no experience with this.

I am Norwegian, and I currently reside in two countries, Norway and Sweden.
My book is written in English (All though because it takes place in America I had to remove my British words, as I myself speak British, but this is not the point)

Getting a Scandinavian publisher/agent to look at an English Manuscript is not going to happen.

Have any of you encountered this problem? And how did you solve it?
Is it unusual for English/American agents/publishers to take on foreign authors?

Thanks for reading!


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Feb 4, 2010
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There are two things I recommend for now:

a) get one or more beta readers for your novel

b) start hanging around Query Letter Hell, here in AW's SYW - it will help you help write a killer query letter, no matter what agents you go for

That said, there are a few folks on here who've landed agents/sales regardless of where they live/are from. I'm going to assume that what goes for american writers querying american agents is valid for you too: write the best possible story you can. If the story is good, it will get picked up.

Good luck!

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