New guidelines: please read before posting here.

Editing for authors: because every writer needs a good editor.

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This part of AW focuses on self publishing but is not limited to self publishers. Here are the rules. Learn them, love them, live them.

1) Regardless what you, or anyone, use elsewhere, these are the terms we use in this room:

  • Commercial, or Trade publishing rather than Traditional, Dead Tree, Legacy, or Dinosaur publishing.
  • Self-publishing rather than Independent*, Indie, or Direct-to-reader publishing.

This isn't up for discussion. It’s required.

2) Not all self-published writers are e-published. Not all e-books are self-published. Keep these terms distinct in the conversation.We're writers; we endeavor to convey our thoughts clearly.

3) This is still Absolute Write. We respect our fellow writers here. That's across the board, and it doesn't matter whether we're commercially published, self-published, unpublished, or any combination thereof.
We're writers; we own our words. We choose them to add light, not heat.

  • Facts are facts. Opinions are opinions. Know the difference. Check your facts and be prepared to document them before posting. If someone asks you to support a fact or disagrees with your opinion, that doesn't necessarily mean the person has been disrespectful.
  • If you find an interesting article online you're welcome to link to it here with a brief quote, but this is not an appropriate venue for discussions-of-discussions. If you have something to say about someone's blog the place to say it is on that blog.
  • We do not engage in Us v. Them inter-board rivalries.
  • There are no prizes for "winning" an Internet argument.
  • If you think someone has stepped over the line, use the Report Post button.

General Notes:

*Unless you are actually talking about Independent publishing, that is, commercial publication by a publisher that is not part of one of the six (some say eight) international entertainment conglomerates with publishing divisions.
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