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:\ I was wondering if anyone had heard of Mundana Press LLC? I found them today. Sounds okay. Are they POD, or small press?
How would one get out of a contact? Get the rights back? I wont out of my contract with PA.;)
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well, they don't have any books for sale on amazon, and if they're not selling there...well, you can draw your own conclusions. Even POD books are on amazon.

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Re: PA revolt

It's Mundania press, not Mundana Press, I think. They publish a couple Piers Anthony titles at POD prices. I think they're primarily an epublisher. The guy who runs it is the Vice-President of EPIC, the people who do the EPPIE awards.



Re: Mudana Press, heard of them?

Okay, so we now know that PA gets a big thumbs down...but has anyone ever dealt with Mundania?

I like the straight talk on their site (which still wouldn't stop me from taking a contract to a lawyer before signing), and am curious as to how well they conduct business.



I just visited the site. Doesn't look bad. Contains a sample contract with sections explained in plain language. I don't see a problem nor have I received any complaints regarding Mundania over at P&E.

I may even submit work there later.



Where are the print runs? This is an online only POD. Do they mention returns? I think not.


Mundania Press

Hello there. If you need more information about Mundania Press, please feel free to visit the website www.mundania.com it has all the information you need to contact the company. If you're looking for books then you can look for them at Amazon.com we have a number of titles there for purchase.

If I can help answer questions please feel free to write me directly at [email protected].

Take Care,

Bob Sanders
Mundania Press


Re: Mundania Press

Mundania Press looked legit to me, and I figured that since it has published Piers Anthony and has a recommended rating on P&E that it was reputable.

Anyone have an experience with them to share? As well, do they use offest or POD printing?


Mundania Press Pod or Printing

Hello there. I'm Bob Sanders CEO of Mundania Press. We use both means to publish book titles. When we accept a book we plan a budget based a number of factors including the author's marketing plan. If we feel the title will sell well and sell quickly then we will invest in print runs. If the author have never marketed before or has a short track record then we will go the POD (Print on Demand) route.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected].

Best Regards,

Bob Sanders
CEO, Mundania Press

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Re: Mundania Press Pod or Printing

thanks for coming here to post - I, for one, appreciate hearing from the source!


Re: Mundania Press Pod or Printing

I also appreciate you posting here. I emailed you this question, but hopefully I'll get a faster response if I post it here:

I looked through your list of books, and a substantial number of them had no cover image displayed on Amazon.com. As well, none of them had sales ranks above 1,000,000 except for one of Piers Anthony's books, which had a sales rank of 63,000. Why aren't the images displayed? As well, why are the sales ranks less than stellar for almost all of your books? Are the vast majority of your authors' books sold through other online retailers, your site, and bookstores, perhaps?

Thank you vey much for spending the time to read through this forum.


Cover images

From what I've seen and heard, the problem with some covers not appearing at the online bookstores appears to be either a lost or misnamed file at the online location. Sometimes those become corrupted and stop showing after appearing to be fine at first. I think the best people to ask would be at the bookstore's online location.


Re: Cover images

Thanks again to this board! I would never have found the Mundania website if you hadn't mentioned it. Another publisher that I can submit to :)

I have hope for this book again...


Re: Mudana Press, heard of them?

It is Mundania Press and they are an e-publisher. They also rate highly with P&E.

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Re: Mundania Press Pod or Printing

If a publisher was only going to e-publish or POD my book, I'd keep looking.


Mundania Press?

Has anyone heard of this publisher or had any experience with them? They are a small publisher and I have having difficulty researching them, but they seem like a good publisher to me.

Here is the link:


Re: Mundania Press?

I think this belongs in the 'Bewares and Background Check' board. Victoria will answer it for ya.


Re: Mundania Press Pod or Printing

In answer to several questions that have been raised on this thread, Mundania Press LLC is a traditional publisher, meaning that we review and accept the manuscripts that we publish. Like all traditional publishers there is NEVER ANY COST to the author. We take care of all aspects of publishing the book. We pay editors, cover artists, and all publication costs. We provide a number of free author copies, and authors may purchase additional copies at a 40% discount of they wish. There is no obligation to purchase any copies.

We do not pay advances, but we do pay royalties on every copy sold. We pay 15% net on print copies, and 50% net on eBooks. Royalties are paid quarterly.

All Mundania Press titles are distributed through Ingram's US, Ingram's UK, and Baker & Taylor distributors. In addition, all titles are sold though Mundania's website (www.mundania.com), through Amazon's Marketplace (which is in addition to the normal Amazon listing), half.com, ebay.com, and other outlets. At last count, our books appear on 32 of the major online booksellers.

All Mundania titles are released simultaneously as premium quality trade-sized paperbacks and eBooks. We are first and foremost a print publisher, but we provide eBook editions as demand continues to grow. Depending on the particular book and popularity of the author, a dustjacketed hardcover edition may also be released. Our books have received several cover artwork awards and we have had nothing but rave reviews for our quality.

All Mundania titles are fully returnable and can be ordered and stocked in any bookstore and library. We do fulfill orders directly to Barnes & Noble, Borders, and many independent bookstores. We also provide copies to library distributors like Blackwell's, Coutt's, and Mid-Continental. We order print runs of every book to stock in-house for orders through Baker & Taylor and direct orders to Mundania.

The Amazon.com rating has a lot to do with how well-known an author might be, and can directly relate to how much an author promotes their book getting reviews, doing booksignings, word-of-mouth, etc. Amazon is directly responsible for retrieving the cover image from Books-in-Print, where Mundania does post all covers. For some reason, Amazon seems to not be very efficient picking up those covers. When we discover a cover is missing, we upload it to Amazon.

POD, unfortunately, is a negative term that is applied to vanity and subsidy presses such as Publish America and Xlibris. POD is really only another method of printing books, generally associated with printing smaller print runs down to one at a time. It rarely has anything to do with quality unless the publisher specifically gets printing done at a low-quality printer.

We have been in business since August 2002, and to date, we've published 58 books not counting eBook formats. We publish most all fiction novels and annual anthologies. We receive approximately 100 submissions each month. Our current anthology has received over 460 stories submitted. Mundania Press publishes first time authors, as well as several best-selling authors, such as Piers Anthony, Louise Cooper, Don Callander, Robert Adams, Anne Logston, and Frank O'Rouke.

We will be republishing Adam's entire "Coming of the Horseclans" series (all 18 books), as well as Louise Cooper's Time Master trilogy and several stand alone novels. We are putting all of Callander's and Logston's books back in print and will be publishing new ones as well. We have over 200 books scheduled for release in 2005 and 2006.

We have an extensive FAQ section on our website, and we have our no-nonsense sample contract posted with all the legalese explained in detail.

Mundania has received a "recommended" rating from Preditors & Editors, and is ranked #16 in book publishers this year (up from #22 last year).

Finally, since discussion lists may not always give you the correct facts, if you have any questions at all, the best approach is to go straight to the source and write us at [email protected]. You will receive a straight answer within a day or two at most. We can provide email addresses to any of our authors and encourage you to speak with them about Mundania's reputation, and the care and honesty with which we deal with our authors.

Daniel Reitz
Mundania Press LLC
[email protected]

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Re: Mundania Press Pod or Printing

thank you, Daniel.

fwiw, before submitting my novel to them (and still waiting to hear back) I took it upon myself to contact one of their authors and asked his/her opinion - the feedback was VERY positive and helped make up my mind.



Re: Mundania Press Pod or Printing

I submitted my novel to them, too. Haven't heard back yet but I'm not complaining; it hasn'r been the length of time stated in their guidelines. (I'm too busy writing other books and everything else to grow impatient, as it is.) But all of that helpful information above has set my mind at ease.

I know what you mean about Amazon and book covers. I had a book come out in December and Amazon *still* doesn't have the cover on there! Nor do they have the cover for another book. I inquired about this and they responded with, "You have to load it yourself." Grr.

Thank you, Mr. Reitz, for your response!


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I haven't submitted anything to them, but I did pick up one of their books (at Amazon), Winter's Orphans by Elaine Corvidae (originally published by Novel Books; I suppose she got the rights back when they went under & signed with Mundania).

I was surprised that I received a trade paperback; I paid a bit more than a mass market paperback, so I probably shouldn't have been so surprised. :Headbang:

All in all, I found the book (and story) to be very good; in fact, I was actually glad it was a trade paperback, because the words were in a bigger font size than that in mass market paperbacks (at least to my sometimes crappy eyes).

I don't remember seeing any typos, either.

So, from the reader's perspective, they seem to be a very good publisher. If I can't find an agent for my next WIP (I've put the first one aside for various reasons), I think I know which publisher would be first on my list. :)


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Mundania Press success story


My novel, An Audience for Einstein, was published by Mundania in January. As I just posted in Announcements, my book just reached a triple-digit ranking this morning on Amazon after a slow, steady climb:


Look quick- might drop a bit today. But I'm confident my book will be back in triple-digit territory soon.

So yes, Mundania is a good publisher. My experience with them so far has been great.


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