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Oct 20, 2010
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So, I keep hearing rumours about the New Evangelisation the Vatican is planning. There have been various synods about it. Salvatore Rino Fisichella, the church official ideologue, says there a big changes ahead. Plans are to be revealed during the next synod in October.

(for more information, check

It's a lengthy piece ((haven't finished myself)), but very enlightening in places.)

Their plan is nothing less than the reconquering of the increasingly Godless West. From the piece above.

According to Pope John Paul II, the "new evangelization" means to remake the Christian fabric of human society and the fabric of Christian communities themselves and to assist the Church to continue to be present "in the midst of the homes of her sons and daughters" so as to animate their lives and guide them to the Kingdom to come.

The time has also come for a new evangelization in the West, where many of those baptized lead totally un-Christian lives and more and more persons maintain some links to the faith but have little or a poor knowledge of it. Oftentimes, the faith is presented in caricature or publically treated by certain cultures with indifference, if not open hostility. Now is the time for a new evangelization in the West. "Whole countries and nations where religion and the Christian life were formerly flourishing and capable of fostering a viable and working community of faith, are now put to a hard test, and in some cases, are even undergoing a radical transformation, as a result of a constant spreading of an indifference to religion, of secularism and of atheism. This particularly concerns countries and nations of the so-called First World, in which economic well-being and consumerism, even if coexistent with a tragic situation of poverty and misery, inspires and sustains a life lived 'as if God did not exist.'
So, their goals are clear. What I'm curious about is; how will The Vatican try and achieve them? What do you expect?

Will they finally modernize in ways that have called for for decades? Opening up priesthood for women? Fully acknowledging the abuses that have been taking place with children? Easing their stance on the whole LBGT thing, allowing them to marry in church?

Or will they hark back to previous times in which the Church was still powerful? Will they double down on their conservative stances on all things deviant?

What will they do? Look ahead, or turn back?
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