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Has anyone heard anything about this comp? http://www.midnightevil.com/contest/ from CCI Media Group. They were supposed to announce the winners on December 3, 2005 but I haven't heard anything, nor have they posted the results on their website. The four winners were to have their short scripts produced for a dvd anthology along with prize money ranging from around $750.00 to about $2000. I've emailed them at [email protected] two times since the contest ended and haven't received a response. The entry fee was US- 30.00 and I think I've been ripped off. Now, they've announced this year's contest although now, it has no fee and the prize money is lower except for the third prize which they don't seem to have updated from last year's comp. This is the current breakdown: The Screenplay Prize Grand Total $500 = 1st Place $200 - 2nd Place - $150 - 3rd Place $1,000 - 4th Place $50.
Any help would be appreciated.

Krampus Nacht