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Dec 17, 2013
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I am writing a Memoir for family.

I always have days where my mind is just not in it. I carnt think or focus on what to write. If i force myself to write i will miss important parts which results in me spending my time editing the piece next time. So on days where my mind is not in it, i don't write. The days where i feel fresh and in the mind set, i write and i enjoy it.

I have set myself about 5 years to write the memoir, that gives me time to write the whole lot of it and make edit'. Once its done as a memior I may publish it and then edit the piece in include pictures, publish that and then edit again to make it more presise adding dates and times where possible to create a bio.

If i wrote everyday and pressured myself in to doing it, i will get bored of it. But doing it when i feel like doing it makes me feel the benefit. Sometimes i may leave it for a week or two but when im in the rite mind and i look at the work and add to it i feel good to have all the work there waiting to be added to to make it a bigger story. A true story.

I am writing about things that i dont mind writing about rite now. But i know at some point next year, 2014 I will have to write about some things what i am not looking forward to. It makes me feel worried about how i will feel when writing the emotional parts of my life. I am writing section by section and adding the sections together. Currently leaving out the emotional parts of my life which will be chapters on there own. Its good to talk about your problems or your past issues, to beable to undertsand them or explain to people how you felt and dealt with them, what worked, what didn't work. Am just not sure if it will make me feel resentment or uneasy writing about them.

Anyway I guess these things take time. to get them rite. The overall success of having, owning, holding a book dedicated to you, published by you is a very, very good feeling to have.


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Feb 12, 2005
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Looks like, for you, you're going about it the right way. Since this is for family, adding the photos would be a great idea.

When you do add the emotional sections, approach with caution, then put those pieces aside to reread at a later date. You don't want to publish it and then have people mad at you, since it is for family. Or have you disliking/feeling uncomfortable about all the work you put into it.

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