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Meeting of the love intrests

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Jan 24, 2011
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I think, if romance if your only genre, then this might be a problem.

If you have another genre -- sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, etc -- then it should definitely be fine though.

Hm yes, I think this is a thing. I was about to say that I don't have my love-interests meet till Chapter 2 either, but I'm also doing historical suspense & I open with some lives at stake, if indirectly, so that's a little different...

It's possible that if the fun mania of con prep is well-written enough, it'll grab your reader's interest--I can picture that--but beware of the "fun for me but not for the reader" zone. You know, like when you show your friends the pictures of your trip overseas (OK I guess nobody does that anymore, it's on FB, but whatever) you feel that warm glow & it's all in vivid color for you b/c of all the memories it brings back & you could go on doing this for an hour or two but they most emphatically COULD NOT? That... may be what you risk, in writing that kind of scene. The fun mania--I'm guessing--would make a wonderful backdrop & probably a poor foreground. If (in the process of a couple of revisions most likely) you condense it down to the funnest details and pack those in around some conflict (her initial problems... or, heck, a love triangle third-wheel guy), I think that would work best.

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