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Feb 12, 2005
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No, not arm wrestling. I learned not to issue that kind of challenge when I beat my college boyfriend in front of a bunch of his friends, then again best two out of three. He took me home soon after and barked, "Thanks for a wonderful evening!"

This challenge is about AW. If you're reading this, you've probably read other threads that instructed, amused, informed, or were otherwise useful to you as a writer or you as a human being. There genuinely isn't another site like it.

You've probably noticed AW is running slow, a result of protecting itself from targeted attacks. A move to a new server would greatly improve that, but it isn't free.

Of the literal thousands of people who come here for their own purposes, almost nobody donates to the site's maintenance and upkeep, either a single-time donation or a monthly subscription.

I'm asking you to rethink that. Yes, financially times are terribly hard for many of us. But most of our members could come up with, say, three bucks. Or ten. Or more, depending on their financial well-being.

I'm asking that you join me here, and when you donate what you can genuinely afford, that you add to the thread with "I gave." Not how much, but to show you value what you get here enough to help support it.

My thanks in advance.

Maryn, who'd arm wrestle Tom again and not hold back this time either, because in hindsight, he was a jerk

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