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Martell Publishing, Inc. (Ed Johnson)

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May 7, 2006
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Great article in that it addresses what writers need to watch out for - and mentions Writer Beware for anyone who's willing to google. Scammers are going to continue to abound, and scammees are going to continue to hand over their credit cards, but this one article may have opened the eyes of hundreds of innocents.

Wouldn't it be nice if it also nudged other reporters to do other investigations? We've got lots of names to give. My first two suggestions would be Bouncin' Bobby and the lovely folks back at our "traditional" PA.

Oh, yeahhh... Excuse me while I indulge in a little day-dreaming. :guns:

J. R. Tomlin

Aug 29, 2007
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It's great to see this getting coverage in newspapers. When you consider how easy it is for new writers to fall into this kind of trap, those of us who didn't through pure luck have to count our blessings.


Ed Johnson aka Johnston, Martell Publishing, Simon and Northrup, LaGeese Stevens

This man is a crook. I, too, used to work for him, but quit when he wouldn't pay me. He owes me almost $2000. but that doesn't compare to what he owes the many trusting people that put their manuscripts in his hands. I witnessed many things, things he should be ashamed of. I didn't realize exactly what he was doing until I tried to find him to get the money he owes me. I started researching him and I actually contacted a few of the authors I worked with personally and they told me some heart breaking stories. Please, never trust this man. He needs to be stopped, for good!!!!!