Looking for Podcast Guests - Ideal for Mystery/Thriller Writers


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Oct 13, 2014
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Central Scotland, UK
Hey everyone, this is quite niche but I've recently started a podcast - The Traidar - dedicated to the new reality competition show The Traitors. Has anyone watched it?! I'm slightly obsessed! So far, I'm focusing on the US season.
I've had a few guests on so far - an actor/theatre writer, a board games expert/music podcaster, and the lead singer from a band. They've each chatted about an episode of the show (the podcast works through the TV show episode by episode) and have then had a chance to promote new projects/social media etc. I think it would be great to have a writer in the mystery/thriller/horror/crime genre come on as a guest too! You'd obviously have to be aware of the TV show The Traitors and be up for a big chat about it! Get in touch if you think this might be one for you!