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Here are the links you need to participate in the various Absolute Write chat room events.

To get to the Absolute Write Chat Room, point your browser to:


using a dedicated IRC client, connect to and
/join #AbsoluteWrite

The Flash Fiction Challenge: Challenge works like this:

Every Sunday evening at 9:00 PM EST (0200 GMT), participants meet in the chat room (use the link above) awaiting the prompt for the week's challenge. The prompt is available from channel operators and it will be posted in the Flash Fiction Challenge forum (this is a sub-forum inside the Exercises, Prompts, and Games Forum). Chat room channel operators are available to answer questions from those who haven't participated previously.

Once you are aware of the prompt, you have 90 minutes to write, edit, and post your story as a new thread in the Flash Fiction Challenge forum. Further in-depth instructions for participation are posted in that forum.

The AW Critique Circle

Link to Critique Circle #1 [North American Chapter]
Meets 2nd and 4th Fridays monthly -- 8:30PM Central (0230 GMT)

Link to Critique Circle #2 [European Chapter]
First Monday of the month: 3PM GMT (3pm British Summer Time)

Link to Critique Circle #3 [Pacific Chapter (Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific)]
Second Friday of the month: 8:30 PM AEST (12:30 AM GMT)

These threads are located inside the Novels forum.

Brief Description: A once-a-month critique circle in the chat room where members get together to critique each other's work in real time. You need to register your participation within one of the above threads so that you can be added to the email list.

Please note: This doesn't use the Absolute Write Chat room, a separate chat room was set up to hold this event which is password protected. Details of how to enter this chat room are posted here.

A more detailed Description (copied from thread, post 29):

1. At least a week before our monthly meeting, whoever was being crit would send the pages to me (Birol) as an .rtf file.
2. I would in turn send it out to everyone participating.
3. Over the course of that week, everyone who was not the author would read the pages, prepare their thoughts and comments, and assemble in the chat room.
4. When we got together, we'd begin at some arbitrary point and go around the virtual room, offering our feedback to the author.
5. Because we're such a large group, we'd have to set a time limit to the meetings and probably wouldn't get through everyone. (This does not mean you should not come prepared; everyone who participates will be expected to have read the pages being critiqued and be prepared to offer feedback on them.)
5a. As for the time limit, I'd say 1.0 to 1.5 hours to go around the room plus an additional 30 minutes for the author to ask for clarification or their own questions if points they were wondering about were not addressed.
6. Those who had not given their feedback could later e-mail their comments to the author.

Word Wars

Link to the Word Wars thread.

Located inside the Exercises, Prompts, and Games forum.

Brief Description: A word war is where members gather in the chat room and participants (two or more) agree to a start time and a time limit and then write like mad to see who can achieve the largest word count.
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