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E.G. Gammon, one of our esteemed moderators, started a thread over in Office Party, called The Absolute Write Dictionary. In there you'll find explanations for many if not all of the acronyms and terms that tend to proliferate around here. Thanks E.G. for coming up with this great idea!

Cathy C, multi-published author, has created a FAQ with answers to all your questions about Formatting Manuscripts for Submitting. This herculean effort gathers in one spot tips from her own experiences as well as guidelines culled from the myriad posts of the other talented and knowledgable folks who hang out at our little oasis on the Internet. Thanks for this awesome resource, Cathy!

Our newest addition is the Absolute Write Library, a spot where you can find out what your fellow AW members have published. Be sure to visit the Librarian for guidelines on creating a thread in the Library for your published works.
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