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Mar 13, 2008
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Hi there!

No need to use Quark or InDesign to format your book(s) and cover(s) for LS. They're recommended, but not essential. I used Open Office (free software) Writer for my book block and OO Draw to design my cover. I converted both to pdf (built-in, btw) and uploaded my files to LS. They accepted my files on the first try. I then ordered my proof copy (mandatory), and my book looks great! NOTE: Lulu's file specifications are pretty much LS's specs. If you can successfully upload files to Lulu, then you should have no problem uploading files to LS.

I'm assuming you already have your micro press in place (company name, business address, business phone and fax lines, seller's permit, Tax ID, ISBN, DBA or LLC, business checking account with business debit card, and all that jazz). Once that's all set, simply go to the LS website and click on new publisher (or create a new account then click publisher; sorry, I forget the exact wording). You'll fill in all of your company info on their site, download, print, and sign all forms (four, IIRC), then fax it all to LS.

Once your new account is approved, (2-3 business days), you can upload your text and cover files. They'll check to make certain your files meet their specs. (NOTE: LS uses CMYK, not RGB). Once your files are approved, you'll be invoiced for setup fees and digital libary ($12 annually) and any options you chose. In addition, you MUST purchase a proof copy ($30, which includes overnight shipping). Setup for my 388-page book plus proof came to roughly $150. The whole process took around two weeks. Now I can order just one copy of my book as needed, or 100 copies; and pay just the cost of printing my book(s) and S&H.

Personally, I wouldn't pay any POD company 900 bucks for their services. You know how many books I could print with that by going direct to LS? And the CSR LS assigned to me actually answers my emails and returns my calls promptly. Only problem I've encountered with LS is that my assigned CSR has a unisex name and I don't know whether to call him/her Mr. or Ms. LOL!

Best wishes.
Gigi, this is good news.

I have just completed a book in OpenOffice and was dreading the time-consuming task of importing it to Scribus and cleaning up the formatting. A few questions:

What version of OpenOffice did you use?

What PDF settings did you use?

What fonts did you choose?

The post is a few months old. Have you used OpenOffice PDFs with LSI since then?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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