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Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd.

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jaus tail

Aug 10, 2013
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Has anyone ever worked with this publishing house? Does anyone have any insight about it, whether it's legitimate or scam?

Marian Perera

starting over
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Dec 29, 2006
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Heaven is a place on earth called Toronto.
The information given on this page of their website is bogglingly poor.

I just read through that mess :

We require, a concept note, a synopsis, the full contents page, two sample chapters, and your CV. We ask for your CV to know what you have written till date.
That's a list of publications or an author bio, not a resume or a CV. None of my books are mentioned in my CV, because that's sent out to employers who have nothing to do with publishing.

In the sample chapters need not be the first two, only the best two.
I used to wonder why agents or publishers needed to specify that they wanted the first three chapters rather than three randomly selected chapters. Three random chapters would be confusing, so who would send that? Now I know better.

Many authors feel they present themselves more strongly in person, so ask to meet if possible.
Oh yeah, agents and editors like hanging out with writers wanting to meet them in person to pitch manuscripts. Plenty of free time for that, too.

ou get the copyrights of any original content you have created as soon as you create it. It is mentioned on the imprint page of all published books. But you cannot stop someone somewhere in the world creating the same content and publishing it. He will own that copyright. Hence, It is better to publish the content as early as possible.
...How would someone create the same content as my novel? Even if this refers to non-fiction, it doesn't mean everyone who writes on the same topic comes up with the same book.

And publishing as early as possible? Yeah, tell your publisher that. "No, a release date of April 2015 is too late! Someone somewhere in the world could have published the same book before then!"
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