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May 11, 2011
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New Mexico
A couple of years back one of my co authors described a new model BP rifle in an Alt history time travel novel. The big change from a muzzle loader was the incorporation of a replaceable chamber, that allowed the rifle to be reloaded and fired from the prone position.

In our tech forum there was an immediate outcry that such a mod was not possible, and the rifle would blow up in use. I am a gunsmith and machinist, and could not let the challenge go un answered, Here is the result.

Everything was hand made except the barrel, it cost $124.00 with a delivery time of a week, from the company, as opposed to the estimated $500.00 and three weeks construction time if I did it my self. (I could have done it but I was under a dead line...)

The rifle shoots well, it hits very much like a ACW rifle,

Target three is the grouping at fifty yards, target five is at two hundred yards. Not shown is the three hundred yard target, it is back in side the target oval, just like ACW rifles you need to shoot at the belt buckle for good hits at middle ranges.

If you are going to be at Liberty Con next weekend, we will have the rifle at the range day in Friday.