June 2012 Flash Fiction Challenge!

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Welcome to the June Flash Fortnight!

The June Flash Fortnight will run from Thursday 14th June (Day 1) to Wednesday 27th June (Day 14). Each morning during the challenge, I'll update this post with a new prompt for the day, so please check back if you find them useful! All of the challenge prompts will remain permanently available to you, so if you'd like to use any of them outside of the Fortnight, please feel free to do so.


Day 14 : Up all night.
Day 13 : Berries.
Day 12 : Oxygen.
Day 11 : The Rotters' Club.
Day 10 : Observational evidence.
Day 9 : The cake contest.
Day 8 : The piper on the pier.
Day 7 : Hunting the fox.
Day 6 : Fear in the office.
Day 5 : The prisoner.
Day 4 : Voices in the fog.
Day 3 : The road to nowhere.
Day 2 : The impossible merchant.
Day 1 : The season of working with silk.


Tips on using the prompts

Think of the prompt as a starting point. When you look at it, certain words, phrases or ideas might immediately come to your mind. Try writing these down. For each of these things, consider what words, phrases or ideas that they, in turn, inspire.

Keep going in this way. You could free associate on the thoughts you're getting, or ask yourself questions on each thing: What is it about this that I'm drawn to? What would happen if I followed this train of thought to its logical conclusion?

Try not to censor yourself, or second-guess your imagination. In the end, the idea you end up with might be completely unrelated to the prompt - and that's completely fine!

Good luck!
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