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Mar 23, 2011
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A NYT bestselling author wants to play at being a publisher. Marie Force is the leader. She's published through Penguin and self publishes through her own company. It looks like she's expanding that company to accept outside authors. She also owned a successful ebook formatting company.

All this makes me super uncomfortable. It looks like everything is riding on Force and her fame. The only experience any of these people have is working for Force. There's no editors or artists listed. Melissa Storm is a marketing consultant that authors can buy packages from to supplement whatever JHP is does.

Force's relationships with major retailers is supposed to be a benefit of working with JHP, but I don't know how one author, even a NYT bestselling one, tells the head honchos of Barnes & Noble to put Unknown Author X on the shelves. Does one of her assistants write a strongly worded letter?

One positive is they only hold the rights for two years. It's also good they're sticking to the genres Force writes herself.

Before jumping in, wait two years and see what happens.

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