ISO of a POD company with more/better options than Lulu/Amazon

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Jul 1, 2021
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I need a POD/fulfillment company that offers more choices for printing and binding. Specifically, I'd like casebound/hardback that lays flat, wire-o binding in gold, and spirals with hard plastic covers/tabs/plus the ability to add accessories such as stickers. Lulu and Amazon don't have these options. I'm trying to find a company that doesn't require a set-up fee or minimums, who will ship white label packages directly to my customers, and integrate with Shopify.
I'm quite frustrated with my search, and may ask for the impossible, but I'm really hoping I've simply missed something.


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Oct 7, 2006
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I suspect that it's impossible, unless you're looking for some kind of custom bindery, as a one-off.
I would assume that kind of fiddly work would be expensive as heck, as well.
Each thing you want is possible, separately, but to find a place that would do it all? On one product? Especially when you're talking about stuff like adding stickers and such. That's specialty printing, as well as having to add them to each book.
How many do you want? And, depending on how many of these features you want per book, you might be better off with a board-games publisher, or a publisher that does books and accessories for fantasy/sci-fi games (like Dungeons and Dragons, and similar). They are more accustomed to fold-flat, and wire-bound work with tabs, etc.
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