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James D Macdonald

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Bravo Jim! An excellent Christmas gift for all newcomers to the PA thread.


Great, James! It has a wonderful 17th century feel to it:

'Chapter 15 - in which Our Hero doth find Himself at Odds with the Forces of Evil.'

'Chapt 16 - wherein he returneth from the Slough of Despond to Face fresh Travails.'



Wow, Uncle Jim. You are a saint for doing this. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.


This is awesome!

But why is it in Take It Outside? Wouldn't it go better in Bewares & Background check?

- Victoria

James D Macdonald

But why is it in Take It Outside?

There's a rule against new PA threads there....


James, m'boy!

You've outdone yourself! This is great stuff. Now, when we get the walking PA wounded stumbling their way over here (and Lord knows there are more and more coming every day), this will be a terrific way for them to get up to speed on exactly how bad things really are. (And if any, oh, Washington Post or AP reporters should wander over as well.... *G*)



Re: James, m'boy!

Although I could vote for insane, I have this image of him ensconced in a recliner with a notebook on his lap, a hot toddy or something at his elbow, a pet on his feet, and stirring classical music in the background while winter howls outside. :)

Much thanks, Uncle Jim!

aka eraser

Re: James, m'boy!

I think Jenna might bend the rule for this. It might be worthy of a sticky over in B & BW too. I'll drop her a line.


James, you did excellent work for everyone by indexing this.

I hope that Jenna might want to take your index entries and add those to her page about PA that calls for action. She could make it a call for action and index to the PA events in the big topic. Then it wouldn't need a new thread there and it would be prominent enough for new writers to find.

At the same time, I hope that D James takes up the suggestion to put together a topic on ordering since he's in a good position to give out much needed knowledge. He's been on just about all sides of the fence (I mean this statement in a good way) and can elucidate on each of those positions.


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Judy, you should move this post to the main Neverending Thread as this really isn't the place for it.


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Delete the parts you dont like and but initials then sign it.

Vipersniper said:
:Soapbox: I got a thing today via snail mail where they want to give me my book rights back and a thing to sign. I see it this way that something is about to transpire James and I should just get my book rights back and since I have copyright go elsewhere with it. Just asking a question do I wait six more years with possibility they move out of the country which I think they will or just sign the darn thing in which they say it is mutual. Which really it is but they claim I can't post anything dispaging about them. Well that is okay but I can never again reccomend them to anyone.

I was a business major at IUPUI in Indy a while back and a college that folded making me carry a defaulted loan. So tell me more about this contract if you would please.
But I do advice you take this thing to be reviewed by a personal injury lawyer.
I know it's not a injury of the physical type. But it's surely one of the mental type. And by the way there the ones that are mental here. PA giving back copyrights. Heck today on a board belonging to Shelagh Watkins I saw a post about PA closing its doors and going out of business. Not bloody likely with the money they have ripped off from me and the free promotion I give authors of theres I feel sorry for with good quality books that put alot of hard work and money into them. I put over two thousand into professional quality editors and marketing agents with my own agent before I gave up trying to get them to cooperate with me so I decided to promote myself and others as a group effort and go around the jerks. Here is one of my efforts and to the admin I do hope I have not broken any rules posting this link? If so please tell me as I am new here put since it promotes writters that need help and PA helps no one but themselves I think you would like this site. You see basically I monty have been forced to promote myself as PA promotes no one.

Also they have not paid me for books sold and I can prove it. for example on they have me listed with 27 to 30 new and used books available for sale since I signed with them over a year ago. So how come I have only been paid for 8 books total?

Oh yes and in two checks my total royality paid out has been $8.00 dollars.
My poor agent has gotten only 10% of this a total of 8 cents and the poor agent put out for four thosand of his own money to get my book ready for market his staff liked the story and the second book which is to follow so throughly.

As to James messages about maryland's atty general I would be interested in seeing this come about as a class action if I don't get paid for at least 300 sales this coming month. As I can online proof I have sold this much.

Another problem with PA's contract gentlemen and ladies on this forum is they have a section nine clause allowing for E-books a very dangerous option as this allows readers to download many times and transfer copies to there friends without you the authors getting a dime.

This about right James?

Will report a follow up to all you members here as to how many books they claim I sold and what I can confirm I sold when I get my check and sales report this sept from my agent . wish me luck I need the money monty.


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Monty, you've posted in the wrong thread. This is the Index to the PA thread. You want the PA thread itself.

James D. Macdonald

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No, it refers back to the old board, before we moved here -- and they've truncated it.

This is useful now in that it gives you the dates when things were discussed, so you can find them on the NEPAT now.

One of these days (in my copious free time) I'll redo this index.

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In the meantime, in theory, you can paste the following link into your browser:

and change the "1" (where it says "page=1" near the end) to whatever page you want to look at from Uncle Jim's list. Here's the first 50, with new links, for example (I think these are hooked up right):

1: (11/19/03-11/24/03) The thread starts with the disasterous Ohio Booksigning. Quotes from and links to the PA message board.

2: (1/13/04-1/19/04) HB himself shows up. A banning. "PublishAmerica books have the same chance of making it onto a bookstore shelf as do the books of any publisher."

3: (1/19/04-1/22/04) The return of HB. The letter from the B&N vice-president. Proof that PA books don't get bookstore distribution. The number of books available at the Ohio Group Signing.

4: (1/22/04-1/24-04) On the meaning of editing. Poor quality books?

5: (1/25/04-1/27/04) More on editing v. copyediting.

6: (1/27/04-1/29/04) Yet another banning. Two authors who had traditional sales after PA. Independence books?

7: (1/29/04-1/31/04) On judging PA's sales. Which PA authors have topped 1,000 sold?

8: (1/31/04-2/3/04) Links to some interesting PA threads; PA authors out of touch with the facts of legitimate publishing.

9: (2/3/04-/2/4/04) General discussion.

10: (2/3/04-2/9/04) Does B&N have a "no POD" policy? Letter from PA urging authors to buy their own books. PA authors set up signing at a craft store.

11: (2/9/04-2/12/04) More on Independence Books. More on the signing at the craft store. A line-by-line on typical PA Infocenter replies.

12: (2/12/03-1/16/04) Link to an interview with PA. Barcodes. Why PA authors don't leave their own boards.

13: (2/16/04-2/20/04) Another deleted thread on the PA boards. Mindsight, whiners, losers, and a guestbook slammer.

14: (2/20/04-3/1/04) Thread from the PA board on the difficulty of getting books into stores. The upcoming convention.

15: (3/1/04-3/5/04) The PA convention. Firealarms and rent-a-cops. Sales at the big booksigning. HWA. Computer viruses blamed on naysayers.

16: (3/5/04-3/6/04) Molly Brent's problems. Two threads from PA (sale on books; So, We Are Published. Now what?). A commentary on one of HB's posts.

17: (3/6/04-3/9/04) More on the convention. The Midwest Book Review. The $100 signing. CDs of the convention presentations for sale. Problems with Canine and Feline 101 (unhappy author). Thread deleted from PA board. "Unfair Comments about PA" -- errors in PA books.

18: (3/9/04-3/10/04) "My email correspondance with PA" thread. Unhappy author, deleted thread.

19: (3/10/04-3/11/04) The appearance of Behler Books. Call for PA authors to complain to the Maryland Attorney General. Bookstore distribution and deliberate deception.

20: (3/11/04-3/13/04) The banning fracas. The end of the lending library. An author upset with her cover.

21: (3/13/04-3/16/04) More Behler. Call for letters to the attorney general. More on the convention.

22: (3/16/04-3/31/04) PA editor has a LiveJournal. On Books-a-Million refusing to take PA books. How much PA authors earn.

23: (3/31/04-4/1/04) The editor with the LiveJournal. The letter from PA urging their authors to buy; traditionally published authors come to PA.

24: (4/1/04-4/7/04) Who are those traditionally published authors? A severe crit of several books meets one of those books' authors. Upcoming conference in Key West.

25: (4/7/04-4/18/04) In defense of the editor with the LiveJournal. A curious author asks if it's true what everyone says about PA. Two PA authors arrange a boxing match to settle their differences. Another post on the PA boards from a disappointed author.

26: (4/18/04-4/24/04) PA authors on the prices of their books. How have you thanked PA? PA as Fantasy Role-Playing Game.

27: (4/25/04-5/4/04) The arrival of Nancy Mehl.

28: Books-a-Million won't stock PA books. Fraudulent business practices. Another deleted thread. The arrival of Dee Power.

29: (5/14/04-5/20/04) Can POD physcially produce enough books? Dee hires a lawyer. ST Literary and bad agents. Fraud and bad intent. An article about PA?

30: (5/20/04-5/24/04) Two new PA authors show up to tell their experiences/disillusionment. PA as a vanity press.

31: (5/25/04-5/30/04) Celebrity images on PA book covers -- copyright violation? A "don't take that tone with us" letter from PA's Author Support Team. PA author discovers books are overpriced. Does PA have to wait to get their money? PA doesn't want orders from traditional bookstores.

32: (5/30/04-6/1/04) On PA pricing, from Author Support Team and the PA message board. PA's costs. What is fraud in Maryland? Writers' resource boards.

33: (6/1/04-6/4/04) Another PA letter urging authors to buy their own books. PA's business plan. Another deleted thread. An author defends herself. Getting out of a PA contract.

34: (6/4/04-6/8/04) Does PA have an option clause? PA's reversion clause. Line-by-line on the reversion clause. PA's contract. Thread from PA board: local bookstores won't stock book. A PA author arrives to vent.

35: (6/8/04-6/10/04) The arrival of SimonSays. Most PA authors couldn't get published anyway?

36: (6/10/04-6/11/04) How does one go about helping writers? PA approached Dee to get her book? Small press as an option.

37: (6/11/04-6/17/04) The PA boards, Amazon, and Behler.

38: (6/17/04-6/21/04) PA authors and reviewers. A thread from the PA board. Another banning. Who are the traditionally published authors who are joining PA?

39: (6/21/04-6/22/04) Moral responsibility. Crybabies?

40: (6/22/04-6/23/04) Will research by a first-time writer show what PA is? Link to a PA thread: Barnes & Noble? More on responsibility. Would a prosecutor be interested?

41: (6/23/04-6/24/04) Harm, intent, and responsibility. An article about PA (San Antonio Current). A PA author speaks.

42: (6/24/04-6/25/04) Yet more responsibility. About the PA contract. "Complaint about PA" from PA board -- deleted. Hiring an agent?

43: (6/25/04-6/26/04) Miranda Prather's interview. PA author teaches writing course. The purpose of the Water Cooler. More from Behler.

44: (6/26/04-6/27/04) Responsibility continued. Who is the villain here? Authorsmarket: Does Prather deny all knowledge of that site?

45: (6/27/04-6/28/04) The responsibilty discussion continues, with recriminations. A PA thread: "Anyone have books at Borders,Waldens, b.Dalton?"

46: (6/28/04-6/30/04) Trust but verify. A PA author gets an agent: deleted thread. On protecting yourself. Robert Bly.

47: (6/30/04-7/2/04) Ebooks and PA (a PA thread). Robert Bly?

48: (7/2/04-7/4/04) Robert Bly!? (Oh, and Jamie Farr.)

49: (7/4/04-7/4/04) Robert Bly the poet, or Robert "Bob" Bly the copywriter?

50: (7/4/04-7/5/04) Robert Bly as the "traditionally published" author from PA's earlier letter. PA claims all complaints are old complaints. Books A Million won't stock PA books, raises prices. "Poor man's copyright."

Andrew Jameson

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(Note pagination doesn't match the current forum default--pagination is from the earlier board)

51: (7/5/04-7/8/04) Line-by-line on an InfoCenter post. A scams board at PA? An agent "horror story" from the PA boards. Bookstore managers are human.

52: (7/8/04-7/9/04) Link to the "pirate publishing company" -- PA books on a store shelf. These authors wouldn't get published anyway? The other POD vanity presses. A PA author arrives and sounds off.

53: (7/9/04-7/9/04) PA accepts a first novel based on three chapters. Inform the IRS? Derivative rights.

54: (7/10/04-7/12/04) On the vanity nature of PA. On returnability. The PA store is down and PA isn't doing anything about it. More on the letter from the Vice President at B&N. Specific warnings about PA. Independence books?

55: (7/12/04-7/13/04) Small and independent publishers in bookstores. Independence books. Was PA a deliberate scam or did they just fall into scamming? Another line-by-line. Did B&N really "quadruple" orders?

56: (7/13/04-7/14/04) Hardcover books after 100 are ordered? Links to more PA threads. Another PA author signs in.

57: (7/14/04-7/14/04) What is POD? Writers Digest and PA.

58: (7/14/04-7/15/04) Complete text of a PA contract.

59: (7/15/04-7/18/04) Author unable to get books stocked in Fred Meyer stores (PA thread). Paragraph 9 of the PA contract. Paragraphs 22-23 of the PA contract. PA author describes reaction on learning PA wasn't what it appeared to be.

60: (7/18/04-7/20/04) Embarrassed PA authors. Links to PA threads: It's not us, it's you. Paragraphs 22-23. PublishAmerica contract paragraph 24. PA's business model. PA keeps titles that they have reverted? PA thread: Can't get reviews. A letter from Miranda.

61: (7/20/04-7/20/04) Reversion. Newspapers and reviews. Refusing to publish a book under Paragraph 25. Who owns Print On Demand? Advertising on Amazon.

62: (7/21/04-7/21/04) More on Paragraph 24. Getting your rights back. How many books has PA sold? How many books have the bought? A line-by-line on a letter from Author Support Team. Another line-by-line. PA goes to contract for a book they haven't even seen.

63: (7/21/04-7/22/04) Lies on the "Facts" page. PublishAmerica is really AmErica House. More rebuttal on a letter from PA.

64: (7/22/04-7/23/04) The difference between mass market and trade paperbacks. Meiners' wife or girlfriend? The New York Times Partnership letter. How royalties are calculated.

65: (7/23/04-7/24/04) New York Times "partnership"? Royalties on your own purchases?

66: (7/25/04-7/28/04) "Do they think they're dealing with idiots?" On permissions. Jim Razzi? CIP. Line-by-line on the Times Partnership letter. Can PA cover their royalties?

67: (7/28/04-7/31/04) Will PA go bankrupt? How much do they make per month?

68: (7/31/04-8/1/04) Link to a PA thread (authors go into debt to buy own books). On Books A Million raising prices on PA books. PA thread: difficulties getting reviewed. On the abusive language in letters from PA. Greeking on the PA page.

69: (8/1/04-8/2/04) On pricing, on the PA bookstore, on why B&N won't stock PA books.

70: (8/2/04-8/4/04) The Key West Convention. "Turned down by the Times." Rejected by B&N. Books a Million covering costs. The private PA board.

71: (8/4/04-8/6/04) The "PA Yes or No" site. The gag order. "All authors are created equal."

72: (8/6/04-8/8/04) Janice Riley. No royalties paid on sales made? More inducements on PA's site. Gag order on reversion letter? Bad reviews on Amazon.

73: (8/8/04-8/9/04) PublishAmerica not negotiating in good faith. What's in standard contracts. Fraud.

74: (8/9/04=8/10/04) Threats. Case Watchers Forum. A PA author teaches writing.

75: (8/10/04-8/10/04) Case Watchers Forum. Does PA negotiate contracts?

76: (8/11/04-8/11/04) A pro PA press release. Why people don't like PA. Beck Easton's marketing efforts. The bobbleheads.

77: (8/11/04-8/12/04) The arrival of Molly Brent. Her marketing efforts. Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. PA wants you to despair. Another PA author arrives. More bobbleheads.

78: (8/12/04-8/14/04) The qualifications of PA editors. The Amazon Slammer. Molly Brent. Discouragement. PA won't talk with its authors.

79: (8/14/04-8/15/04) Whose fault are poor sales? Mr. Book. Guestbook slamming. Bad reviews. What would it take to fix PA?

80: (8/15/04-8/16/04) Us vs. Them. Only sold two books. "Smacked by the local bookstore." Advice from a bookstore manager.

81: (8/16/04-8/17/04) A book with 30 pages repeated over and over is accepted. "Dear author" letter from PA; the New York Times ad deal. Another deleted thread.

82: (8/17/04-8/18/04) The New York Times ad rate card. What the ad will cost PA. PA won't supply books to author's publicist.

83: (8/18/04-8/18/04) More on the NY Times ads. Molly on her publicity efforts. What would it cost for an author to buy his own ad?

84: (8/18/04-8/19/04) Ads, free books, promotion, and IP numbers.

85: (8/19/04-8/19/04) The Slammer.

86: (8/19/04-8/20/04) How many employees does PA have? Ripoff reports. Lunch with Willem. Cat grabbed the naysayers' tongues? Fact #4.

87: (8/20/04-8/21/04) More on Fact #4. Contacting reporters.

88: (8/21/04-8/23/04) Retyping Kosinski. Deleted thread on getting bookstore shelving.

89: (8/23/04-8/25/04) The private bulletin board. PA bookstore down again. Traditional press promotion. Who's PA's market? The PA/NYT "partnership." again. E-books.

90: (8/25/04-8/25/04) Non-returnability problems. Vanishing threads on the PA board. Banned author arrives. Lightning Source won't answer authors' queries.

91: (8/25/04-8/25/04) A banned author. Ellora's Cave. Why first books are bought.

92: (8/26/04-8/27/04) Do libraries accept PA books? How much does PA make?

93: (8/28/04-8/29/04) Books from a fifteen year old. A thread from the PA board. How much does PA print as a first run?

94: (8/30/04-8/31/04) How many books are shelved? What's in the private area? PA author sells 8,000 copies? The arrival of ProandCon.

95: (8/31/04-9/1/04) How many employees does PA have? Write to the attorney general. Does PA target seniors? TA Von Reiman says: Get a Life. Why do we do this, anyway?

96: (9/1/04-9/1/04) PA shorting royalties? Expedited printing through presales? Copyright violation on messageboards? Editing.

97: (9/1/04-9/2/04) Royalty checks arrive. On copyright of messages. Royalties don't reflect known sales.

98: (9/2/04-9/3/04) Does PA have any net-90 accounts? No royalties from the special promotion. Fraud? The best way to get out of a PA contract. Does the Attorney General have jurisdiction? No royalties at all? Quotes from PA threads.

99: (9/3/04-9/4/04) Fraud? Printing books to which PA doesn't have the rights. More unreported sales. The $0.96 royalty check. Other discrepancies.

100: (9/4/04-9/6/04) Review smears. PA author in Writers Digest. Molly's complaint. Edgar award nominee.

Andrew Jameson

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(Note pagination doesn't match the current forum default--pagination is from the earlier board)

101: (9/6/04-9/6/04) Short royalty checks. Up to a year to get paid? Who to complain to. Where to bring suit. Sleazy accounting. Contract violation. Molly's stroke. Hiring a CPA.

102: (9/6/04-9/7/04) Unpaid royalties. Books printed after reversion. Coffee Cramp Reviews.

103: (9/7/04-9/8/04) Why I do this. The IRS and the FBI. A missing thread.

104: 9/8/04-9/8/04) Cover issues. Costs for buying your own book. The upcoming NYT ad. The purpose of print advertising. Negative reviews.

105: (9/8/04-9/9/04) "Success" at PA. The Ohio Booksigning again. Questions for PA authors. Why seven years?

106: (9/9/04-9/9/04) The Logo speaks on missing royalties. The Borders Bookstore on-shelf locator. More on Why Seven Years. Blaming VeriSign.

107: (9/9/04-9/10/04) Amazon's "More on the Way." Books selling based on ridicule for the authors? Bad editing. "Fun with quotes."

108: (9/10/04-9/11/04) Spelling and grammar on messageboards. Trolling. Database refreshes. Who owns "Preditors & Editors"? How to sell books from your basement. Book really released?

109: (9/11/04-9/11/04) A bit of random name-calling. Can PA have it both ways? Why hasn't PA sued anyone for libel?

11o: (9/11/04-9/13/04) A thread on Writer's Net. No royalty checks? Actively marketing reverted books? PA: Vanity Press or Author Mill? A PA author's first post. On the difficulty of legitimate publication. A post from the PA boards. Blatant lies on the PA website. Recco for Ten Percent of Nothing.

111: (9/13/04-9/14/04) Lies on the PA page. PA's disclaimer. Quote from the PA messageboards. Has anyone sued PA? Does PA plagairize manuscripts?

112: (/14/04-9/14/04) PA's business model. How does PA stay afloat? PA recruits authors? How to get out of your contract.

113: (9/14/04-9/15/04) Professional editing. Guestbook slamming in Meiners' name. PA's editors, competence of. Authors creating their own return policies.

114: (9/16/04-9/16/04) The Partnership. PA's marketing department. More PA lies exposed. On buying your own NYT ad. Sales numbers for a PA author. Censorship on the private board. Delayed royalties. Another line-by-line. PA recruiting authors. Why scam agents submit to PA. On lawyers.

115: (9/16/04-9/17/04) More on lawyers. Dee's timeline. Another banned PA author arrives. PA's deal for bookstores.

116: (9/17/04-9/17/04) Advertising by spam. Stupid Internet Marketing Ideas That Don't Work.

117: (9/17/04-9/19/04) Promotional posting in email lists. One Source. The PA Infocenter is ignorant about copyright.

118: (9/19/04-9/19/04) The first PublishAmeica ad in the Sunday New York Times Book Review. Sales figures. A warning for Canadian PA authors. One Source again.

119: (9/19/0409/20/04) PA authors on the ad. Other book sales. Was placing the ad a mistake? Poor Man's Copyright again. One Source.

120: (9/20/04-9/21/04) More on One Source. Sales of the Top Ten. The Maryland Attorney General. More from Molly.

121: (9/22/04-9/23/04) Tracking sales. PA's income. Thread from the PA boards. Canceled September convention. Dee on PA's "Facts."

122: (9/23/04-9/24/04) PA books not stocked in bookstores. Hedda Nussbaum as PA author. Celebrity authors.

123: (9/24/04-9/25/04) Nussbaum and Bly. Publishersmarket. Blaming the victim. Suffering authors.

124: (9/25/04-9/27/04) The PA stigma. Selling to legitimate publishers after PA. Why reading the fine print isn't enough. PA contract deliberately misleading. Ice cream on the beach. An author questions PA.

125: (9/27/04-9/27/04) Guestbook sliming. PA's response to an author's complaints. Startup e-publishers. A reviewer speaks. PA thread: No reply from PA. Author complaints. Wrong book inside cover.

126: (9/27/04-9/29/04) Followup on PA top sellers' ad. Scorned authors. Feeding frenzy on the PA boards.

<127: (9/29/04-9/29/04) The New York Times ad; sales numbers. Publishing Definitions. Working on your next book vs. doing booksignings. Astounding PA thread. Commercial books vs. PA books.

128: (9/29/04-9/30/04) The slushpile. PA & BN.

129: (9/30/04-10/3/04) Books on shelves. Yet more on One Source. Ingram not stocking POD books. On the return of rights.

130: (10/3/04-10/5/04) Reversions. Copyright and publishing rights. POD and offset. Promotion and marketing. PA and E-books. Walmart doesn't stock PA books. False advertising.

131: (10/5/04-10/7/04) Taking legal action. Beck Easton's experiences. Info from Lightning Source. Maryland Attorney General.

132: (10/7/04-10/9/04) Correct royalties? PA and the IRS.

133: (10/9/04-10/11/04) continued. Selling reverted books.

134: (10/11/04-10/14/04) PA books not available. Email from a PA author. Complaint to the BBB. Line by line through Janet Morrissey's letter.

135: (10/14/04-10/14/04) Link to a thread. Excerpt from a thread: Infocenter calls authors "idiots." How does PA lure writers? PA's meta-tags. One Source. Ingram's policy change. Predicted implosion.

136: (10/14/04-10/15/04) Inform the press. Does PA have enough editors to edit their books? Spell-checking and grammar-checking. Illiterate editors? Complaining to the governor of Maryland. Another PA thread. Molly's health.

137: (10/15/04-10/18/04) Complaint with the BBB. Why bookstore owners won't order PA books. Multiple author signings. What real publishers do. Publicity and marketing. "I'm with the Banned" tee-shirts. Parodying PA's standard letters.

138: (10/18/04-10/18/04) PA prints unedited versions of books. PA recycles its insults.

139: (10/19/04-10/19/04) One month followup on PA top sellers' sales figures. Another parody PA letter. The call to action. again. Anti-PA harms authors? Sales figures from a traditionally published book.

140: (10/19/04-10/20/04) Attacking other writing sites? Slushkiller.

141: (10/20/04-10/21/04) Consignment. Excited authors. The Big Three. Another banning. A petition.

142: (10/21/04-10/21/04) The petition. PA not traditional. Is breaking a promise illegal? Unethical? Target markets.

143: (10/21/04-10/25/04) Action being taken. The petition. Molly's book available after reversion? Ten Percent of Nothing. What genres does PA publish?

144: (10/25/04-10/28/04) Number of books, number of authors, number of editors. How much is PA making in dollars? Deleted thread. Time to move on? Petition.

145: (10/28/04-10/30/04) Signing the petition. Soliciting legal action. Reversion papers not yet received. Standup comedy.

146: (10/30/04-11/02/04) The October NYT ad. Future promotions. Ripoff reports.

147: (11/2/04-11/3/04) A new PA author arrives. His letter to PA and their response. B&N won't stock PA books. Poor editing.

148: (11/4/04-11/4/04) The B&N Vice-President's Letter. Long PA messageboard thread. "Managers are liars"? Agathe Von Trapp as PA author. Behler Books again.

149: (11/4/04-11/5/04) Lynn and Behler. Sig lines. Proofs.

150: (11/5/04-11/6/04) The BBB report. Does Ingram provide monthly reports. Meanwhile, back at PA. B&N won't order.

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151: (11/6/04-11/8/04) PA's best seller. Infocenter response: No problems with your book's availability. Sales numbers. Bookstores that don't stock PA. Editing adds errors.

152: (11/8/04-11/10/04) Incorrect info about the attorney general. Dover Books and returnability. The FTC. Maryland government agencies. Shelving books. Licensed tie-in novels. A new PA author arrives. Who's Mike?

153: (11/10/04/11/11/04) Meanwhile, back at PA. PA is POD. PA removing some lies from its website. The petition. PA and the attorney general.

154: (11/11/04-11/12/04) How does PA make a profit? Maryland district attorney. PA author arrives.

155: (11/12/04-11/15/04) From the PA board: Buying own books from B&N. Another banned PA author. The petition yet again.

156: (11/15/04-11/15/04) More sales figures on the October NYT ad.

157: (11/15/04-11/16/04) Illiterates? Lack of talent? Biggest boosters. Misleading advertising.

158: (11/16/04-11/16/04) Meanwhile, back at PA. Handselling books. Booksignings. Authorsmarket.

159: (11/16/04-11/21/04) Article in Publishers Weekly. Author pays $1,000 for own books. Most wanted list.

160: (11/21/04-11/22/04) "PA turned down my second book." Book prices. More on Publishers Weekly.

161: (11/22/04-11/24/04) Inducements to buy (PA letters). Tome Toaster. Another PA partner.

162: (11/24/04-11/26/04) Posting at Publishers Weekly. PA author arrrives. PA sockpuppets arrive.

163: (11/26/04-11/26/04) Sockpuppetry.

164: (11/26/04-11/26/04) Sockpuppets continued.

165: (11/26/04-11/26/04) Puppets, sock.

166: (11/26/04-11/28/04) PA's manipulations. Needed: forensic accountants.

167: (11/28/04-11/29/04) PA top sellers for October (November NYTBR ad). Specific charges against PA. If you publish with PublishAmerica. The Big Eight.

168: (11/28/04-11/28/04) "Whining." Trolls. PA thread: Sales info?

169: (11/30/04-11/30/04) Cocky, stuck-up writers. PA threads.

170: (11/30/04-12/1/04) Behler again. More "Carl." PW. Can PA clean up its act?

171: (12/1/04-12/2/04) PA authors write their own catalog. PW. Meanwhile, back at PA. "Mr. PA."

172: (12/2/04-12/3/04) More PW. Richard Wheeler. "Yolanda Smith" (from the March PA letter) arrives.

173: (12/3/04-12/5/04) Why agents might send clients to PA. Another deleted thread.

174: (12/5/04-12/7/04) "How did you find PA?" Publishing figures. Yet more Publishers Weekly.

175: (12/7/04-12/8/04) Quotes from PA boards. When PA sends press releases. The kinds of PA authors. Improving through practice.

176: (12/8/04-12/8/04) Why does PA delete threads? A review. Talent vs. work.

177: (12/8/04-12/9/04) Incorrectly printed covers: Another deleted thread. Amazon "more buying choices." Another PA discussion. Samples of PA books. PA's editing.

178: (12/9/04-12/11/04) The Author's Big Mistake. Cover problems with a PA book. A copyright problem? First novels from real publishers. Why is this thread still active? Other threads and lame excuses. Talent. A "top selling author" wants out of the PA contract.

179: (12/11/04-12/12/04) Creative ability vs. talent. Profitable Publishing. Annoyed with PA authors?

180: (12/12/04-12/13/04) The Party Line. "Poor Man's Copyright" again.

181: (12/13/04-12/14/04) "Disgruntled lawyer" from PublishAmerica? More "Profitable Publishing" and "Poor Man's Copyright."

182: (12/14/04-12/14/04) "Profitable Publishing."

183: (12/14/04-12/15/04) Two more articles on PA referenced. Editing. PA "Up in Lights." Interviews.

184: (12/15/04-121604) The Big Eight conspiracy. Editing. Journalists. The Mystery Two. Journalists. If you're a PA author....

185: (12/16/04-12/16/04) The honeymoon period. The B&N Vice President Letter. Helping PA authors. Class action suit? Copyright violation.

186: (12/16/04-12/17/04) Lawyers and media attention. The appearance of impropriety.

187: (12/17/04-12/18/04) Unhappy writers from New York. Can PA books get reviewed? Consumer reports.

188: (12/18/04-12/19/04) PA refuses to send out review copies? Unhappy PA author speaks. Does AW hurt PA authors? Another multi-author booksigning.

189: (12/19/04-12/20/04) Making ex-PA authors comfortable. The PW message board. What happens to the authors when PA goes under? PA board learns of AP potential story. Authors' perceptions.

190: (12/20/04-12/21/04) Honeymoon period and defending PA. What to believe. Old PA authors. Vanity publishing. What PA does. Reporters.

191: (12/21/04-12/21/04) PA Boosters. PA author on PA marketing support. Agents. Typoes in PA books. Book covers don't affect sales. The four kinds of PA authors.

192: (12/21/04-12/22/04) Book covers, prices, and sales. PA books as Band Candy. Commercial trade publishing. Consumer Protection Division e-mail.

193: (12/22/04-12/22/04) PA loses an order from a bookstore. New authors asked for social security card and driver's license.

194: (12/22/04-12/23/04) The AP story. The Maryland AG letter. The IRS. RICO. Things that are wrong with PA that aren't in the contract. Daniel Steven, lawyer.

195: Will a negative news report have a negative effect on PA authors' careers? Misspelled email addresses. Books not available at either. Strange facts about the AG letter.

196: (12/24/04-12/26/04) The driver's license question. The missing bookstore order. How to promote your books. Other lost orders.

197: (12/26/04-12/27/04) More on bookstore orders. The PA author websites. Molly's book still available. Getting in touch with Charles Petit, lawyer.

198: (12/29/04-12/29/04) Bashing PA. Fraud and deceit. 49 Copies. B&N's small press department.

199: (12/29/04-12/30/04) Civil or criminal charges? The knicknack threads. Books not available. Sources of legal help.

200: (12/30/04-12/30/04) Hacking the PA board. Happy two hundred pages!

Andrew Jameson

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(Note pagination doesn't match the current forum default--pagination is from the earlier board)

201: (12/30/04-1/1/05) Demoralized and ostracized. Molly's book available? A subpoena for Lightning Source? The Consumer Protection Division. Taxes and royalties. Some poetry.

202: (1/1/05-1/1/05) Who is the PA shill? Welcoming PA authors. More poetry. A challenge for HB. InfoCenter spouting the same tired line. Wrangling with Writing. Carl Ross.

203: (1/2/05-1/2/05) Wrangling with Writing. Who are the PA editors? Reporters. The Guestbook Slimer. High prices at Amazon.FR

204: (1/2/05-1/3/05) HB on the upcoming news stories. The Frederick News. Poetry book. Ann seeks PA authors for a new project.

205: (1/3/05-1/4/05) What's a reasonable advance for a first novel?

206: (1/4/05-1/4/05) Tired of fighting. Need for recognition or just naive? A PA author speaks. Triage. More "Carl Ross." Why it's called "vanity publishing."

207: (1/4/05-1/4/05) PA's top sellers' year-end stats. Bashing HB.

208: (1/4/05-1/4/05) An author released against her will. The year-end stats.

209: (1/4/05-1/4/05) A PA author arrives. More on advances. What Ingram numbers mean.

210: (1/4/05-1/5/05) Author banned. Get your tee shirt. Testimony from a Deering author. Ann and Victoria's history with PA.

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