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:welcome: Before you proceed, please read the following:

How Real Publishing Works


Everything you wanted to know about literary agents...

Now read them again. Really. Understanding the above will keep you out of the hands of scammers and help you bypass the slush pile. The extra time spent now will save you much trouble later.

Moving on ... this particular Index is for Publishers & Publishing Services:

..... 1-9
..... Aa-Am ..... An-Az
..... Ba-Bl ..... Bo-Bz
..... Ca-Cl ..... Co-Cy
..... Da-Dm ..... Dn-Dz
..... Ea-El ..... Em-Ey
..... Fa-Fl ..... Fo-Fy
..... Ga-Gm ..... Go-Gy
..... Ha-Hi ..... Ho-Hy
..... Ia-Im ..... In-Iw
..... Ja-Jm ….. Jo-Ju
..... Ka-Kn ..... Ko-Ky
..... La-Ll ..... Lo-Ly
..... Ma-Ml ..... Mo-My
..... Na-Ni ..... No-Nu
..... Oa-On ..... Oo-Ow
..... Pa-Pn ..... Po-Py
..... Q
..... Ra-Rj ..... Ro-Ru
..... Sa-Sm ..... Sn-Sy
..... Ta-Tm ..... To-Tz
..... U
..... V
..... Wa-Wi ..... Wo-Wy
..... X
..... Y
..... Z

The Index to Agents & Agencies is here.

The Index to Other Services & Resources is here.

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Enjoy! :Sun:



œ Blue = Primarily online/ebook market.
¥ = Accepts short subject/fiction and/or poetry.
☠️ Grunge = Inactive/dead market (or strictly self-publishing vehicle for owner(s)).
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Publishers & Publishing Services – 1-9​

1stWorld Publishing (Sunstar Publishing Ltd.) (Rodney Charles) Link

¥ œ 18thWall Productions (James Bojaciuk, Ben Kasson) Link

☠️ 100 Books Publishing Co. (Dudley Harris) Link

☠️ 2Do Before I Die (imp. of Little, Brown & Co.) Link

☠️ 2 Moon Press LLC (Don Semora, Melinda Lundy) Link

21st Street Urban Editing & Publishing (21st Street Backroom Editing & Publishing, Pucci Publications) (Nicole Simmons) Link

¥ œ 27th Dimension Publishing (Dan Schlueter) Link

3L Publishing (Michelle Gamble) Link

4 Horsemen Publications, Inc. (Erika Lance) Link

4RV Publishing, LLC (Vivian Zabel) Link

☠️ 46South Publishing (formerly ePublishing for Success) (Peter Jenks) Link

œ 48fourteen (Juanita Samborski) Link

48hourbooks.com (James Fulton) Link

☠️ 49Publishing (Mindy Fausey) Link

5 Prince Publishing and Books, LLC (Bernadette Soehner) Link

50/50 Press (Melody Press, September Sky Press) (Megan Cassidy, Stephen Hall) Link

5310 Publishing (Eric & Alex Williams) Link

☠️ 982 press (Sherry Johnson) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Aa-Am​

A & M Publishing (Viper Press, WJM Books) (Steve Alten) Link

AAPC Publishing, Inc. (formerly Autism Asperger Publishing Company) (Keith Myles) Link

☠️ Aardwolf Press (Dan Barlow) Link

A-Argus Better Book Publishers, LLC (A Better Be Write Publisher, A Book 4 You Book Publishers) (div. Argus Enterprise Int’l, Inc.) (William J. Connor, Jr.) Link

☠️ Aasra Publishing (Kalwant Sandhu, Pam Conlon-Sandhu) Link

☠️ Abandoned Novel (div. of Teton River Productions) (Kyle Jones, Scott Placek) Link

☠️ Abandoned Towers Magazine (K.E. Abel) Link

Abba Father Media, Inc. (Jason Ravizza) Link

Abbott Press (div. of Author Solutions) Link

ABC-CLIO (Greenwood Press, Praeger, et al.) Link

ABDO Publishing Company (Joseph Abdo) Link

Abela Publishing (div. of Abela Business Consulting Ltd.) (John Halsted) Link

☠️ Aberdeen Bay (div. of Champion Writers, Inc.) (Andy Zhang) Link

☠️ Aberrant Dreams (HD Image, Slip of the Pen) (Joe Dickerson) Link

Abingdon Press (div. of The United Methodist Publishing House) Link

Abrams (Amulet Books, et al.) (div. of La Martiniere Groupe) Link

☠️ Absent Willow Publishing LLC (The Absent Willow Review) (Bob Griffin, Rick DeCost) Link

Absolute Press (div. of Bloomsbury as of ’11) Link

¥ œ About Face Media, LLC (AFM Romance, PWP Romance) (formerly Passionate Writer Publishing) (Omegia Keeys) Link

¥ œ Abyss & Apex Publishing (Abyss & Apex Magazine of Speculative Fiction) (Carol Burrell) Link

Acadian House Publishing (Trent Angers) Link

☠️ A Cappela Publishing, Inc. (Advocate House, eLitAgent) (Patrika Vaughn) Link

Accent Press Ltd. (Xcite Books, Octavo Publishing) (Hazel Cushion) Link

☠️ Accomplice Press, LLC (Karen Jones, Marlene Liotti, D.J. Alling) Link

Accurance (Publish Wholesale) (Jon Fitch) Link

Ace/Roc Science Fiction and Fantasy (div. of Penguin) Link

Acorn Independent Press Ltd. (Ali & Leila Dewgi) Link

Acorn Publishing, LLC (Holly Kammier, Jessica Therrien) Link

☠️ Action Publishing, LLC (Michael Metzler) Link

☠️ AcuteByDesign (Michel Marion) Link

ACW Press (div. of American Christian Writers) (Reg Forder) Link

Adams Media Corp. (Crimson Romance, Polka Dot Press, et al.) (div. of Simon & Schuster as of '16) Link

☠️ Ad Lib Books, LLC (Alan Jones) Link

Adrian Milan Publishing Link

☠️ ADRPages.com (div. of Wharton King, LLC) (Fey Ugokwe) Link

Advantage Books, Inc. (Mike Janiczek) Link

Advantage Media Group (Adam Witty) Link

Adventure Books of Seattle (Escape Velocity Magazine) (Robert Blevins, Gayla Prociv) Link

☠️ AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. (Raymond Vogel, Christine Heisler) Link

Aethon Books, LLC (Rhett Bruno, Steve Beaulieu) Link

☠️ A Fly in Amber Magazine (David & Shelly Jackson) Link

☠️ Afterbirth Books (Gina Ranalli) Link

☠️ After Dark Press (Nia Foxx) Link

☠️ Ageless Press (Iris Forrest) Link

Agio Publishing House (Bruce & Marsha Batchelor) Link

¥ AGNI Magazine (div. of Boston University) Link

Agora Publishing Consortium (Agora Books, Agora Media) (H. Raymond Samuels II) Link

☠️ AG Press, LLC (The Dark Realm Magazine) (Cheryl Pillsbury) Link

¥ Akashic Books (Noir Anthologies, Hotel St. George Press) (Johnny Temple) Link

☠️ AKW Books (div. of Kalar/Wade Media, LLC) (Allan Kalar, Sara Dean Link

Alabaster Book Publishing (David Shaffer, Dixie “Land” Jakubsen) Link

¥ Alban Lake Publishing (Illumen, Bloodbond) (Tyree Campbell) Link

Albert Whitman & Co. (John Quattrocchi, Pat McPartland) Link

Alcove Press (div. Crooked Lane Books) Link

☠️ Alexis Press (C. Lee Nunn) Link

¥ œ Alfie Dog Fiction (Rosemary Kind, Christopher Platt) Link

¥ Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (div. Penny Publications/Dell Magazines) Link

Algora Publishing (Claudiu Secara) Link

☠️ Alinar Publishing, LLP (Maria Morpeth, Felicity Heaton) Link

¥ Aliterate (div. of Genre Ltd.) (Brenden Hickey, Joshua Pevner) Link

☠️ All Authors Publishing House (div. of All Authors Publications & Promotions) (Yasmin Correa) Link

☠️ All Classic Books (C. Lee Nunn) Link

Allegiant Publishing Group, Inc. (Snow Leopard Publishing, Wizards Keep Publishing, et al.) (Marc Estes, Christian Lee) Link

¥ œ Allegory Magazine (formerly Peridot Books) (Ty Drago) Link

☠️ Alleviate Publications (Alleviate Awards) (Draya Mooney, Emma McCarthy) Link

☠️ Alliance Publishing Group, Inc. (Kevin Trudeau) Link

Alloy Entertainment (formerly 17th St. Productions) (div. Warner Bros as of ’12) (Leslie Morgenstein) Link

All That Matters Books (div. of John Murray Learning/Hodder & Stoughton Educational Ltd.) Link

¥ All Things That Matter Press (Debra & Philip Harris) Link

Allworth Press (div. of Skyhorse Publishing as of ‘11) (Tad Crawford) Link

☠️ AllYourEbooks.com (Stacy Santiago) Link

☠️ Alphar Publishing (Anthony Chayton, Thomas Moore) Link

Alpine Publications, Inc. (Betty Jo McKinney) Link

¥ œ Altair Australia Pty. Ltd. (Altair Australia Books, Altair Australia Lit. Agency) (Robert Stephenson) Link

¥ Alternating Current Press (Leah Angstman) Link

Alternative Book Press, LLC (Nelson Lowhim) Link

Altin Bilek Yayinlari (div. Buyuk Kitaplar Yayincilik) (Ilker Balkin) Link

☠️ Alyson Books (div. of Regent Entertainment Media, Inc. as of ‘08) Link

Amazon Publishing (AmazonCrossing, AmazonEncore, Montlake Romance, et al.) Link

☠️ Amazon Shorts Link

Ambassador International (Ink Swift) (formerly Ambassador-Emerald Int’l) (div. Emerald House Group) (Samuel Lowry) Link

Amber Books Publishing (Colossus Books, Quality Press) (div. of Amber Communications Group) (Tony Rose) Link

œ Amber House Books (Teresa Medeiros) Link

Amberjack Publishing (Little Adventures) (Jason Burenheide, Dayna Anderson) Link

Amberley Publishing (Alan Sutton) Link

☠️ Amber Quill Press, LLC (Amber Allure, Amber Heat) (Jeanette Abbott, Karen Story Dearborn, Trace Zaber, et al.) Link

☠️ American Book Publishing Group (aka ABPG) (American Classic Books, Bedside Books, Millennial Mind Publishing, et al.) (C. Lee Nunn) Link

¥ American Dissident, The (G. Tod Slone) Link

American History Press (Flying Camp Press, Upper Canada Press) (David Kane) Link

☠️ American International Press (Brett Terrill) Link

☠️ American Literary Press (ALP-PDQ, Five Star Special Editions, Heritage Special Edition, Noble House, Quest, Shooting Star) (James V. Frey, Donna Wessel) Link

¥ American Short Fiction, Inc. (Isaac & Adeena Reitberger, Rebecca Markovitz, Sarah Bilston) Link

☠️ America Star Books (ASB Promotions, Independence Books, Paperback Services) (formerly PublishAmerica, AmErica House, Erica House, et al.) (Willem Meiners, Larry Clopper III, Miranda Prather) Link

☠️ Amira Press (Yvette Lynn) Link

☠️ Amira Rock Publishing (Tessa LaRock) Link

☠️ Amourose Press (Wendy Woods) Link

☠️ Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam (div. of Penguin Group) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – An-Az​

☠️ Anachron Press (Colin Barnes) Link

œ Anaiah Press, LLC (Rose Eden Plantz, Noreen Walker) Link

¥ Analog Science Fiction and Fact (div. of Dell/Penny Publications) Link

¥ Anaphora Literary Press (Anna Faktorovich) Link

☠️ An Author’s Dream Publisher, LLC (Odelia Doria) Link

Anchor Group Publishing (Lil Anchors, Rising Tides, et al.) (Stacey Rourke, Elizabeth Kirke) Link

☠️ Andborough Publishing, LLC (New Gaia Press, Pranava Books) (Robert & Pamela Yaborough) Link

☠️ Andersen Desktop Publishing, LLC (Alan Lance Andersen) Link

Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC (div. of A.M. Universal) (Jim Andrews, John McMeel) Link

Angel City Press (Paddy Calistro, Edith Head) Link

☠️ Angelica Magazine (Lynette Fuller) Link

☠️ Angelic Knight Press (div. of Ragnarok Publications as of ’14) Link

☠️ Angone House of Publishing, The (Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba) Link

Angry Robot Books (Exhibit A, Strange Chemistry) (div. Watkins Media Ltd. ’14) (Marc Gascoigne) Link

¥ œ Animal Fair Magazine (div. Animal Fair Media, Inc.) (Wendy Diamond) Link

Anness Publishing Ltd. (Book Trade Services Ltd. (formerly Bookmart Ltd., Lorenz Books, et al.) (Paul Anness, Joanna Lorenz) Link

Annorlunda Books (div. of Annorlunda Enterprises, Inc.) (Melanie Nelson) Link

☠️ Anomalos Publishing, LLC (Tom Horn) Link

Ant Colony Press (Jordan Belcher) Link

☠️ Anthologies, Inc. (Jennifer Ivy) Link

☠️ AnthologyBuilder (Nancy Fulda) Link

œ Antimony and Elder Lace Press (Laura Seeber) Link

¥ AntiqueWeek (div. of MidCountry Media, Inc.) Link

¥ Anvil Press (subTerrain Magazine) (Brian Kaufman) Link

œ aois21 Media, LLC (ePress21) (formerly aois21 publishing, LLC) (Keith Shovlin) Link

A Passionately Fair Publisher (Passion for Poetry Publishing, The Writers and Poetry Alliance) (Patricia Farnsworth-Simpson) Link

Aperture Press (Steve Wagner, Sharon Wells Wagner) Link

¥ Apex Publications (Apex Book Company, Apex Magazine) (Jason Sizemore) Link

¥ Apocalypse Ink Productions (Jennifer Brozek, Jeffrey Meaders) Link

☠️ Apocalypse Press (Tony Newton) Link

¥ Apocryphile Press, The (John Mabry) Link

☠️ Apod, LLC (Michael Apodaca) Link

☠️ Apogee Publishing (Bill Frederick) Link

☠️ Apollo House Press (Rod Baker) Link

Apprentice House Press (div. of Loyola University) Link

¥ April Gloaming Publishing (Waxing & Waning) (Lance Umenhofer) Link

Aqueduct Press (L. Timmel Duchamp) Link

☠️ Aquarius Publications (Babel’s Gate, Aqua Digital) (formerly Talisman Publishing) (Richard Egan, Michael Morris) Link

☠️ Aqueous Books (Danse Macabre, Watchtower, Waxwing) (Cynthia Reeser Constantino) Link

¥ Aquillrelle (Sonja Smolec, Yossi Faybish) Link

☠️ Arbor Books, Inc. (Ghostwriting & Publishing) (formerly Floating Gallery) (Joel Hochman, Larry Leichman) Link

Arbordale Publishing, LLC (formerly Sylvan Dell Publishing) (Lee & Donna German) Link

Arcade Publishing (div. of Skyhorse Publishing as of ‘10) Link

Arcadia Publishing (The History Press, Vertel Publishing) Link

ArcheBooks Publishing (Robert Gelinas) Link

Arc Manor, LLC (Phoenix Pick, Rider, et al.) (Shahid & Catherine Mahmud) Link

☠️ Arctic Wolf Publishing (Doug Paul) Link

Arima Publishing (Abramis Academic Publishing) (div. of 5th Enigma Ltd.) (Richard & Sarah Franklin) Link

Ark House (Author Now) (div. of Initiate Media) Link

☠️ Aris Books (Lloyd Harris) Link

Arkham House Publishers, Inc. (August Derleth, Donald Wandrei) Link

ArtAscent Art & Literary Journal (div. of Skybase Publishing, Inc.) (Tanja Groos) Link

Arthur A. Levine Books (div. of Scholastic) Link

Art Over Chaos Publishing (formerly Creative Aces Publishing) (Tiffany Rose) Link

☠️ Arvo Basim Yayin Ltd. (Volkan Dogan) Link

Arx Publishing, LLC (Evolution Publishing) (Claudio Salvucci, Tony Schiavo) Link

Asabi Publishing (Elite Publishing Group (formerly Solomon Publishing Group)) (div. Three West Enterprise, Inc.) (Tressa Sanders) Link

ASA Publishing Corporation (formerly ASA Publishing Company) (Steven Hill) Link

Ashland Creek Press (Midge Raymond, John Yonker) Link

¥ Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (div. Dell Magazines/Penny Publications. LLC) Link

œ ASJ Publishing (Chris & Anna Jackson) Link

☠️ Aspen Mountain Press (Sandra Hicks) Link

☠️ Aspirations Media, Inc. (Lee Corrie, Harold Lee) Link

☠️ Assent Publishing, LLC (Ardent Books, Farther Books, et al.) (Leslie Denton) Link

☠️ Asteria Books Publishing House (Laurelei Black) Link

¥ Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press (Wood Nymph Press) (Roger Beasley, Sherry Hughes Beasley) Link

☠️ Astra Publications (nth Dimension, Atomic Chipmunk, Desert Rose Fiction, et al.) (Alex Korovessis) Link

☠️ Asylett Press, Inc. (Sandra Dugas) Link

☠️ ATA Tailgating Magazine Link

☠️ Athenaeum Press Ltd. (Anna Rennie) Link

Atlantic Books (Corvus) Link

☠️ Atlantic National Books (C. Lee Nunn) Link

Atlantic Publishing Group (formerly Atlantic Publishing Co.) (Douglas Brown) Link

☠️ Atlas Variety Publishing, LLC (Christopher & Elaine Rigoli) Link

¥ atmosphere press (Nick Courtright) Link

Atria Publishing Group (Beyond Words, Strebor Books, et al.) (div. of Simon & Schuster) (Judith Curr) Link

☠️ Attaway Publishing Group (div. Joint Literacy Media Distributing Alliance) (A. Dibell) Link

☠️ Atticus Books (Atticus Review) (Dan Cafaro) Link

Audible, Inc. (Audible Originals) (div. Amazon) Link

¥ Aurelia Leo (Helios Quarterly, Selene Quarterly) (formerly Radiant Crown Publishing) (Olivia Raymond aka Elizabeth Smith) Link

☠️ Auriga Press (Aiden Rogers) Link

Auspicious Apparatus Press (Todd Barselow) Link

Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. (formerly Austin & Macauley Publishers) (Mohammed Bu-Malik, Bedar Bu-Azal) Link

AuthorHouse (formerly 1stBooks Library) (AuthorTree, Wordclay, et al.) (div. of Author Solutions) Link

☠️ Author Identity Publishing (Kevin & Claudia Fabiano) Link

Author Reputation Press, LLC (Michael Kravitz) Link

Authoright (Clink Street Publishing) (Gareth Howard-Sibson, Haley Radford) Link

Authors 4 Authors Publishing (Brandi Spencer, Renae Gigon, Rebecca Mikkelson) Link

AuthorsHeadway, LLC (Leticia Isidro-Clancy) Link

☠️ Authors Ink Books (LaurieAnne Cruea-Blosser) Link

☠️ Authors’ Niche (Read Me Books) (Lorane Chandler) Link

☠️ Authors OnLine Ltd. (Richard Fitt) Link

œ Authors Publish (Jacob & Caitlin Jans) Link

Autonomedia (Lewanne Jones) Link

☠️ Avalon Books (div. of Thomas Bouregy & Co.) (Ellen Bouregy Mickelson) Link

☠️ Avalon Innovations (Lance Williams) Link

Avant Garde Publishing (Lisa Harris) Link

☠️ Avari Press (Anthony Verrecchia) Link

Aventine Press (Keith Pearson) Link

Avid Readers Publishing Group (Eric Patterson) Link

œ AVP Publishing (Jason Hutchinson) Link

Awe-Struck Publishing (div. of Mundania as of ‘09) Link

☠️ Axess Printing Solutions (formerly Print Pro Solutions) (Edward & Andrea Busse) Link

Azbooka (div. of Atticus Publishing group, LLC (Maxim Kryutchenko) Link

☠️ Aziza Publishing, LLC (Rochelle Levy) Link

Azoth Khem Publishing (Kasey Hill, Nancy & Bethlyn Chandler) Link

Az Publishing Services, LLC (Patti “PJ” Hultstrand) Link

Azure Spider Publications (Victoria Osborne) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Ba-Bl​

Babel Corp. (Babel Press USA, Books & Rights Marketplace) (Tomoki Hotta) Link

☠️ Backlit Fiction, LLC (Panio Gianopoulos) Link

☠️ Bad Dream Entertainment (Brett Reistroffer) Link

Bad Moon Books (Roy Robbins) Link

Bad Press Ink Ltd. (Mark & Pat Blayney) Link

Baen Books Link

Baker Publishing Group (Baker Books, Bethany House, Revel) Link

☠️ Balanced Rock Press (Enbrightened eBooks) (Laura Denktash) Link

Ballantine Books (div. of Random House) Link

☠️ Ballot Press (Karen Velie, Dennis Pfister) Link

Bancroft Press (Bruce Bortz) Link

☠️ Banda Press Int’l, Inc. (One Flight Fiction) (Daniel & Amber Skoubye) Link

☠️ Bandersnatch Books (Scott Colbert, Rich Ristow) Link

B&H Publishing Group (formerly Broadman & Holman) (div. of LifeWay Christian Resources) Link

☠️ BannedFiction Press (div. Verdens Press, LLC) (Todd & Mark Cave) Link

Baobab Press (div. Baobab Books, Inc.) (Christine Kelly) Link

☠️ Barbarian Books (Conda Douglas, Kathy McIntosh) Link

☠️ Barclay Books, LLC (Becki & Brantly McNeel) Link

☠️ Barclay Bryan Press (Cristina Bryan) Link

¥ œ Bards and Sages Publishing (Bards and Sages Quarterly) (Julie Ann Dawson) Link

Barefoot Books, Inc. (Nancy Traversy, Tessa Strickland) Link

☠️ Barking Rain Press (div. of BRP Publishing group) (Karen Hansen, Sherri Gormley, Ti Locke) Link

œ Baronet Press (Casey McKay) Link

Barricade Books, Inc. (Lyle & Carole Stuart) Link

Barringer Publishing (Jeff Schlesinger) Link

☠️ Basket Case Publishing (Rick Anthony) Link

☠️ Bastards and Whores Magazine (Joe & Josh Scott, Amanda Sorell) Link

☠️ Bathory Gate Press (Margo Bond Collins) Link

☠️ Baycrest Books (Nadine Meeker) Link

☠️ Bayou Brew Publishing (Monique O’Connor James) Link

œ Beachwalk Press, Inc. (Pamela Tyner) Link

Beacon Press (div. of Unitarian Universalist Association) Link

Beacon Publishing Group, Inc. (formerly Beacon Publishing, Inc.) (Beacon Audiobooks) Link

☠️ Beau Coup Publishing (Sable Hunter) Link

Beaufort Books (Moyer Bell, Papier Mache) (Eric Kampmann) Link

☠️ Beautiful Books Ltd. (Burning House, Bloody Books) (Simon Petherick) Link

☠️ Beautiful Trouble Publishing, LLC (Jeanie Johnson, Jayha Leigh) Link

œ Beau to Beau Publishing (Love Lit Press) (B.K. Wright) Link

Beaver's Pond Press (Lily Coyle) Link

¥ Bedazzled Ink Publishing, LLC (Mindancer Press, Dragonfeather Books, et al.) (Claudia Wilde, C.A. Casey) Link

Behler Publications (Lynn Price) Link

☠️ Belfire Press (Jodi Lee) Link

Belfra Publishers for Success BV (div. of Imaco NV) Link

¥ Belladonna Publishing (Liv Lingborn, Camilla Bruce) Link

BelleBooks, Inc. (Bell Bridge Books) (Debra Dixon, Deborah Smith, et al.) Link

BenBella Books, Inc. (Smart Pop Books) (Glenn Yeffeth) Link

¥ œ Beneath Ceaseless Skies Magazine (div. of Firkin Press) (Scott Andrews) Link

Bennett & Hastings Publishing (Celeste Bennett, George Hastings) Link

Bentham Science Publishers Ltd. (Eureka Select, Bentham Open) (Atta-ur-Rahman, Jalil-ur-Rahman) Link

☠️ Bent Masses (Jessie White) Link

☠️ Be Passion Now Magazine (div. of People Aware) (Chenoa Smith) Link

Berkley/NAL (formerly New American Library) (div. of Berkley Publishing Group as of ‘15) Link

☠️ Better Day Publishing, LLC (Naresha Perry) Link

¥ Between the Lines Publishing (Tammy & Cherie Macenka) Link

¥ œ Bewildering Stories Magazine (div. of Bewildering Press) (Jerry Wright, Don Webb) Link

☠️ BeWrite Books (BeWrite.net, Limitrophe Publishing) (Neil Marr) Link

BHC Press (Blue Harvest Creative) (Vern & Joni Firestone) Link

Bibliomotion (div. of Routledge/Taylor & Francis as of ’16) Link

☠️ Big Bang Press (Morgan Leigh Davies) Link

¥ Big Bend Productions, LLC (Marfa House, Lost Mine Films) (Margaret Allison Bruning Espinosa, Delfin Espinosa) Link

☠️ Big Dif Books (Tom Watson) Link

¥ œ Big World Network (Jim McGovern) Link

œ Bitingduck Press, LLC (Boson Books) (Jay Nadeau, Chris Lindensmith) Link

¥ Bizarro Pulp Press (div. of JournalStone as of ‘14) Link

Black & White Publishing (Itchy Coo, Broons Books, Ink Rood) (Campbell Brown, Alison McBride) Link

Black Balloon Publishing, LLC (div. of Catapult) (Elizabeth Koch, Andy Hunter) Link

Black Beauty Presents, LLC (Deidre LeShay) Link

Black Bed Sheet Books (Blue Bed Sheet Books) (Nicholas Grabowsky) Link

Black Card Books (Publish A Book And Grow Rich) (Gerry Robert) Link

☠️ Black Coffey Publishing Ltd. (Paul Coffey) Link

☠️ Black Gate Magazine (div. New Epoch Press) (John O’Neill) Link

¥ Black Hare Press (Ben Thomas, Dean Kershaw) Link

Black Inc. (Nero, Redback, et al.) (Morris “Morry” Schartz) Link

œ Black Lab Press (Lilly Mirren) Link

Black Lake Publishing (John Louviere)[/color] Link

☠️ Black Lantern Publishing (Rebecca Huggins) Link

☠️ Black Leaf Publishing (Blue Cloud Publications, Boudoir Press) (Jean Charity) Link

Black Library (formerly BL Publishing) (div. of Games Workshop Ltd.) Link

Black Lyon Publishing, LLC (The Baker County Press) (Kerry McQuisten) Link

☠️ Black Matrix Publishing, LLC (Encounters Magazine) (Guy & Kim Kenyon) Link

☠️ Black Moon Books (Thomas Carpenter, Rachel Daugherty Carpenter) Link

¥ Black Mountain Press, The (div. Flood Gallery Fine Arts Center) (Jack Moe) Link

Black Opal Press, LLC (Black Opal Books) (div. of Amethyst Dragon Publishing, Inc.) (Daniel Kempton, Daniel Stewart) Link

☠️ Black Pearl Books, Inc. (Felicia Hurst) Link

Black Rose Writing (DigiTerra Publishing, Bookend Design, La Casita Grande Editions) (Reagan Rothe) Link

Black Spot Books (Lindy Ryan) Link

Blackstone Publishing (div. Blackstone Audio, Inc.) (Craig & Michelle Black) Link

¥ œ Black Velvet Seductions (Laurie Sanders) Link

☠️ Blade Publishing Ltd. (Abby Carmichael) Link

BlaqRayn Publishing Plus (Puttin’ U On Promotions, B&R Consulting, et al.) (div. of BlaqRayn Media Group) (Kim Morrow-Stephens) Link

Blank Slate Press (div. of Amphorae Publishing group as of ’15) (Kristina Blank McKansi) Link

¥ œ Blaster Books (Jouth Magazine) (Kevin Waldroup) Link

☠️ Blazing Star Press (Kate McMurry, Marie August) Link

☠️ Blaze Publishing, LLC (Krystal Dehaba) Link

☠️ Bleak House Books (Benjamin LeRoy) Link

Blind Eye Books (One Block Empire) (Dawn & Nicole Kimberling) Link

Blink YA Books (div. HarperCollins Focus) Link

BLISS Books (Portals Publishing, GingerSnap Press) (div. Denouement L.A.) (Evelyn Rainey) Link

¥ œ BLKDOG Publishing Link

¥ Blood Bound Books (Marc Ciccarone, Joe Spagnola) Link

Bloodhound Books (Bombshell Books) (Fred Freeman, Betsy Reavley) Link

☠️ Bloodletting Press (Arcane Wisdom Press) (Larry Roberts) Link

¥ Blood Puddles (Jen Snow) Link

Bloomberg Press (div. of John Wiley & Sons of as ‘10) Link

☠️ Blooming Tree Press (Tire Swing Books) (Miriam Hees) Link

Blooming Twig Books (Kent Gustavson) Link

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc (Absolute Press, Spark, et al.) Link

☠️ Blue-Collar Books (J.B.) Link

☠️ Blue Deck Press (div. of The Stanford Acquisition Group Ltd.) (Amy Russell) Link

Blue Deco Publishing (Colleen Nye-Shunk) Link

☠️ Blue Feather Books Ltd. (formerly Limitless D2D aka Dare to Dream Publishing) (Samantha Ruskin, Joyce Colmar) Link

☠️ Blue Leaf Publications (Dehanna Bailee) Link

¥ œ Blue Moon Publishers (Heidi Sander) Link

☠️ Blue Moose Press (Ethan & Christine Rose) Link

Blue Mountain Arts (div. Blue Mountain Holdings, LLC) (Stephen Schutz & Susan Polis Schutz) Link

☠️ Blue Mountain Publishing (Glen Barnhardt) Link

Blue Mustang Press (Tony & Karen Savageau) Link

☠️ Blue Phoenix Publishing, Inc. (Todd Tecca) Link

☠️ Blue Room Publishing (Nathan Van Dyken) Link

¥ Blue Tulip Publishing (Blooming Tulip, Blushing Tulip, et al.) (Nathan Van Dyken) Link

BluewaterPress, LLC (Joe & Ardis Clark) Link

œ Bluewood Publishing Ltd. (Paulette Rae, David Bowman) Link

☠️ Blu Phi’er Publishing, LLC (Michael Bernoudy Jr.) Link

Blurb (Eileen Gittins) Link

¥ œ Blushing Books Publications (formerly ABCD Webmasters) (Bethany’s Corner, Her Woodshed, Wicked Velvet, et al.) (div. of ABCD Graphics & Design) (Anne Briggs) Link

BLVNP Inc. (Garik Tate, Genevieve Olaso, Le-An Lailacaba) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Bo-By​

Board and Bench Publishing (formerly Wine Appreciation Guild) (Bryan Imelli) Link

Bobolink Media Inc. (Bobolink Books for Children) (Michael Kinney) Link

☠️ Bodin Publishing, Inc. (Bodin Media) (Barbara Bodin) Link

¥ œ Body Parts Magazine (Kirsten Imani Kasal, Jesse Caverly) Link

Bold Strokes Books (Len Barot) Link

¥ œ Bolero Books, LLC (Roger Albertson) Link

☠️ Bolton Press Atlanta (Iris Mitchell Bolton) Link

œ Bombadil Publishing R&D Ltd. (Galadriel Publishing, MageQuill) (Niklas Jarvstrat & Marianne Rugard-Jarvstrat) Link

☠️ Bon Chance Press, LLC (Christina Morgan, Alisha Vincent) Link

Boneman Books, LLC (formerly Green Button, Inc.) (Robert Kernag, Stephen Talacka) Link

☠️ Bones and Caskets Press (Jude “J.P.” Edwards) Link

☠️ Bonne Chance Press (Deena Walker Williams) Link

Bonnier Books (Bonnier Publishing (UK/USA), Bonnier Zaffre) Link

☠️ BookaBook Ltd. (Arthur de Bussy, Andre Bottse) Link

BookBaby (div. of Audio & Video Labs, Inc.) (Brian Feisen) Link

☠️ BookFish Books, LLC (Tammy McKee) Link

Book Folks, The (Eric Empson) Link

☠️ book4mobiles.com (bookpublishing4mobiles.com) (Steven Milner) Link

œ BookFuel (FundMyBook, WaveCloud) (Bill Van Orsdel, Jay Johnson) Link

☠️ BookGarage (Massimo Marino, Christian Lonnquist, Reto Steffen) Link

Book Guild, The (formerly Book Guild Publishing Ltd.) (div. of Troubador as of ’15) Link

☠️ Bookhome Publishing (Panda Publishing) (Scott Gregory, Shirley Siluk Gregory) Link

Book in a Box (Tucker Max, Zach Obront) Link

BookLand Press, Inc. (Canadian Aid Charity) (Robert Morgan) Link

Bookline & Thinker Ltd. (Hookline Books) (Yvonne Barlow) Link

BookLocker (Richard & Angela Hoy) Link

BookLogix (Apex Book Manufacturing, Lanier Press, Mountain Arbor Press, et al.) (Ahmad Meradji, Akash Mangru) Link

☠️ Book Marketing Solutions, LLC (Austin Hamilton, Harvest Day Books, Holy Cow Publishing) (Tom White) Link

œ Bookouture (div. of Hachette UK as of '17) (Oliver Rhodes) Link

☠️ BookPros (Bridgeway Books, Ovation Books, Synergy Books) (div. of MSB Media Group) (Michael Odom, Steven Joiner, Brian Devany) Link

œ Books For A Buck (Rob Peece) Link

☠️ Books For Pleasure (Gil & Judy Agis) Link

¥ œ Book Smugglers Publishing (Ana Grilo, Thea James) Link

Bookstand Publishing (formerly eBookstand) (Andy Baldwin) Link

¥ œ Books to Go Now, LLC (Jennifer Conner) Link

☠️ BooksToListenTo.com (div. House of Solomon Ltd.) (David Kessler) Link

☠️ Books Unbound E-Publishing Co. (Leigh Walker, Leslie Cholowsky) Link

☠️ BookSurge (On-Demand Publishing, LLC) (Mitchell Davis, Monty Kohli) Link

œ Books We Love Ltd. (Judith Pittman, Brian Roberts) Link

☠️ Books With Benefits Press (Amber Gibbs, April Oglesbee) Link

☠️ Booktango (div. of Author Solutions) Link

☠️ Booktrope (formerly Libertary) (Edge, Forsaken, Updrift, et al.) (Ken Shear, Katherine Sears, Andy Roberts) Link

Bookwhip Link

☠️ BookWrite International Foundation (Karl Borg) Link

☠️ Borders Small Press (formerly Publish For Less Co. aka PFL Publishing Co.) (Solly Border) Link

œ Boroughs Publishing Group (Michelle Klayman) Link

¥ Bottom Dog Press, Inc. (Bird Dog Publishing) (Larry Smith) Link

☠️ Bound to Brew (Ethan Jamison, Chris Clardy) Link

Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Co. (BQB Publishing, WriteLife Publishing) (Terri Leidich) Link

☠️ Bouncing Ball Books (Denek & Becky Salichova) Link

Bower House (Intrigue Press, Johnson Books, et al.) Link

☠️ BowTie Press (Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, Horse Illustrated, et al.) Link

☠️ Boxfire Press (Justin McLachlan) Link

Boyds Mills Press (Calkins Creek, Front Street Books, WordSong, et al.) Link

BPS Books (div. Bastian Publishing Services Ltd.) (Donald Bastian) Link

☠️ Bracket Books Publishing (Sam Majors) Link

☠️ Bradley Publishing (Zeb Bradley) Link

Brain Lag Publishing (Catherine Fitzsimmons) Link

¥ Brain Mill Press (Liminal Comics) (Ruthie Knox, Mary Ann Rivers) Link

Bramble Company, The (Bramble Books, TribeWaters) (Larry Bramble) Link

Branden Books (formerly Brandon Press, Bruce Humphries, The Four Seas) (Adolph Caso) Link

Brandylane Publishers, Inc. (Belle Isle Books, Pleasant Living Books) (Robert Pruett) Link

Brash Books (Lee Goldberg, Joel Goldman) Link

☠️ Brayer Publishing, LLC (Dianne Gallagher) Link

Breakaway Books (Garth Battista) Link

Breaking Rules Publishing (Christopher Clawson-Rules) Link

☠️ Breathless Press (Lycaon Press) (Justyn Perry) Link

Breezeway Books (formerly Llumina Press (Metier Books) (div. Aeon Publishing, Inc.) (Deborah Greenspan, Cassandra Skevis) Link

☠️ Briarwood Publications + Sassy Cat Books, Inc. (Oscar Turner & Barbara Fleenor Turner) Link

Brick Cave Books (div. of Brick Cave Media) (Bob Nelson) Link

☠️ Brickstone Publishing (Lori Verni-Fogarsi) Link

¥ Bridge House Publishing, LLP (Red Telephone) (Gill James) Link

☠️ Brighter Books Publishing House (Angela Souza Jurgensen) Link

Brighton Publishing, LLC (Landmark Literary Agency) (Donald & Kathie McGuire) Link

Bright Sky Press (Radiant Star) (div. of Rule 2 Books, LLC) (Lucy Herring Chambers) Link

Brill | Rodopi (formerly Editions Rodopi) (div. of Brill as of ’14) Link

Bronzeville Books (Danny Gardner) Link

☠️ Brown Barn Books (div. of Pictures of Record, Inc.) (Nancy Hammerslough) Link

Brown Books Publishing Group (Christian Press, Rado’s Press, et al.) (Milli Brown) Link

☠️ Brown Recluse Books, LLC (Fiddleback Press, Solitary Muse) (Terra Little) Link

☠️ Brundage Publishing (Frank Resseguie) Link

☠️ Brutarian Magazine (Dominick Salemi) Link

☠️ Bryant Park Press Corp. (Block Island Books) (Susan Hynes) Link

Bryce Cullen Publishing (Goodman Beck Publishing) (David Gettis) Link

¥ BSC Publishing Corp. (The Dark Sire, Ascension) (Bre Stephens) Link

☠️ Bucks County Publishing (Bruce Sarte) Link

☠️ Bumblebee Publishers (div. of Ethos Embassy) (Seema Yadau) Link

¥ Bundoran Press Publishing House (Hayden Trenholm) Link

Burchette & Ferguson, LLC (Tyler Ferguson) Link

Burford Books (Peter Burford) Link

☠️ Burning Effigy Press (Monica Kuebler) Link

¥ œ Burning Willow Press (Edd & Kindra Sowder) Link

Burnstown Publishing House (formerly General Store Publishing House) (Tim Gordon) Link

œ Burping Frog Publishing, Inc. (div. of The Red Press) (Jack Allen) Link

Bush Publishing & Associates (Margo Holladay-Bush) Link

¥ Bust Magazine (Debbie Stoller, Laurie Henzel) Link

☠️ Buzz Books USA (div. of Athena Institute, LLC) (Malena Lott) Link

Buzzy Multimedia Publishing (Buzzy Mag) (Joy Poger, June Willams) Link

By Light Unseen Media (Inanna Arthen) Link

☠️ ByLine Magazine (Robbi Hess) Link

By Your Side Self-Publishing (Dana Delamar, Kristine Cayne) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Ca-Cl​

Cabal Group Ltd. (Bookshaker, Influence Publishing, Rethink Press Ltd., et al.) (Joe & Julie Gregory, Deborah Jenkins, et al.) Link

☠️ Cabinet des Fées (Scheherezade’s Bequest) (div. of Papaveria Press) (Helen Pilinovsky, Erzebet Barthold) Link

☠️ Cacoethes Publishing House, LLC (Jamaal & Jawanna Denise Mosley) Link

Cactus Moon Publications, LLC (Moonlily Press, Saturn's Moon Press, Kal-Ba Publishing) (Lily & Robert Woodmansee) Link

☠️ Cader Publishing Ltd. (Iliad Press, Verses Magazine) (Robert & Sharon Derderian) Link

☠️ Calderwood Books (Joy Calderwood) Link

œ Caliburn Press, LLC (Spero Publishing, Melliferia Press, et al.) (Alan & Bekki Leddon) Link

California Coldblood Books (div. of Rare Bird) (Robert Peterson) Link

☠️ California Times Publishing (Write Clic) (Jeff Napolitano) Link

☠️ Callio Press Ltd., The (CallioCrest, CallioOrum, CallioPan, et al.) (formerly Discovered Authors Ltd., Undiscovered Authors Ltd., BookForce Ltd.) (Graham Miller) Link

Calumet Editions (Wisdom Editions) (Ian Graham Leask, Gary Lindberg) Link

Cambria Press, Inc. (Teneo Press, The Cambria Institute) (Paul Richardson, Toni Tan) Link

CamCat Publishing, LLC (CamCat Books) (Sue Arroyo) Link

☠️ Camelzback Publishing (John Ryan) Link

Camino Books, Inc. (Edward Jutkowitz) Link

☠️ Campfire Press (Brad Sexton) Link

Canaan-Star Publishing (Cambridge Onoh) Link

☠️ C. Anderson Publishing (Caleb Anderson) Link

¥ Candlemark & Gleam (Athena Andreadis) Link

C&R Press (New Dirty, Illumis Books) (Andrew Sullivan, John Gosslee) Link

☠️ Canonbridge LLC (SC Press, Ben Toby Books, et al.) (Maggie Stewart-Grant) Link

☠️ Cantarabooks, LLC (Cantaraville) (Cantara Christopher) Link

Canterbury House Publishing Ltd. (Wendy Dingwall) Link

☠️ Capri Publishing (Bridgett Rabatin) Link

Capstone (Stone Arch Books, CompassPoint Books, et al.) Link

Capstone Global Library Ltd. (Raintree, Curious Fox) Link

☠️ Captive Unicorn Publications (Liberator Erotic Library) (Sia St. Martin) Link

¥ œ Carbon Culture Review (Jessica Housand-Weaver) Link

☠️ Career Success, Inc. (Lance Picha) Link

☠️ Cargo Cult Press (Six Little Friends) (Brian Cartwright) Link

œ Carina Press (div. of Harlequin) Link

☠️ Carmel Judaica (Israel Carmel) Link

¥ œ Carnation Books (Lee Douglass) Link

☠️ Carnifex Press (Armand Rosamila) Link

☠️ Carnot USA Books, Inc. (div. of Editions Carnot) Link

Carolrhoda Books (Carolrhoda Lab) (div. of Lerner Publishing Group) Link

☠️ Carousel Press (Gene Meyers, Carole Terwilliger Meyers) Link

☠️ Carpe Articulum Literary Review (Perpetuity Magazine) (Hadassah Broscova) Link

¥ œ Carve Magazine, LLC (Limpede Ink) (Matthew Limpede) Link

CaryPress Int’l (Peaceful Planet Press) (Durdana Yousuf-Starns, Margaret Bassett, et al.) Link

Casperian Books, LLC (Lily Richards) Link

œ Castalia House (Theodore Beale) Link

☠️ CAstle BOOk Marketing Enterprise (Caboome) (Normand Chartier) Link

Castrum Press (div. of PP Corcoran Ltd. Co.) (Paul Corcoran) Link

¥ Cat & Mouse Press (Rehoboth Beach Reads) (Nancy Sakaduski) Link

Catapult (Black Balloon, et al.) (Elizabeth Koch, Andy Hunter) Link

☠️ Catcher Ltd. (Pulse Books) (formerly Dreamcatcher Publishing Ltd.) (Julia Waring Heron) Link

Cave Hollow Press (Gail Crump, Rose Marie Kinder) Link

¥ CavanKerry Press Ltd. (Laurel Books) (Joan Cusack Handler) Link

☠️ Cavern Publishing Group (Cavern Press, Surreal Books, Surreal Magazine) (Tammy Perron) Link

☠️ CCZ Publishing Co. (Audenreed Press, Biddle Publishing Co.) (Charles Migeot) Link

Cedar Fort, Inc. (Sweetwater Books, Plain Sight Publishing, et al.) (Bruce Mortimer, Lee Nelson) Link

☠️ Cedar Grove Press (David & Jonathan Bennett) Link

☠️ Cedar Hill Press (Trina Bernard) Link

Cedar Tree Books Ltd. (Nicholas Cerichio) Link

Cengage Gale (formerly Thomson Gale) (Contemporary Authors) Link

☠️ Center One Publishing, LLC (Center One Books) (Justin Dine, Rebekah McClew Dine) Link

Centipede Press (Jerad Walters) Link

☠️ Centrinian Publishing Ltd. (Sheldon & Sheneise Stone) Link

☠️ Centum Press (div. of Allegiant Publishing Group, Inc.) (Marc Estes, Christian Lee) Link

☠️ Cerebro Press, LLC (Janel Easterling Schalk) Link

☠️ Chainbooks (Greg Humphrey) Link

☠️ Chalet Publishers, LLC (Joy Collins, Joyce Norman) Link

¥ Chalice Media Ltd. (Chalice Books, Aisle Magazine) (Laura Harris) Link

☠️ Chamberton Publishing (T.K. Richardson) Link

☠️ Chameleon Publishing, Inc. (Chameleon Media) (Amy Sterling Casil) Link

œ Champagne Book Group (Carnal Passions, Burst Books, EZP Publishing) (Cassie Knight) Link

¥ œ Changeling Press, LLC (Bill & Margaret Riley) Link

Changemakers Publishing & Writing (The Publishing Connection) (Gini Graham Scott) Link

Charisma Media (Charisma House, Creation House, et al.) (formerly Strang Book Group / Strang Communications) (Steve & Joy Strang) Link

Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc. (Imagine Publishing, Mackinac Island Press) (Brent & Robert Farmer) Link

☠️ Charles Pinot, Inc. (Local Einsteins Books, Savory Books, Second Opinion Books) (div. Aspatore Ventures (formerly Verb Ventures)) (Jonathan Aspatore) Link

Charles Press, Publishers, The (Lauren Meltzer) Link

œ Charles River Press, Inc. (Wee Creek Press) (div. Mind World Entertainment as of ’15) (Jonathan, Steven & Thomas Womack, et al.) Link

☠️ Charles Towne Publishing (Michael Murphy) Link

☠️ Chart House Press, LLC (Writeabook.us) (Jeff Hastings) Link

☠️ Chateau Publishing House, Inc. (Norman Shabel) Link

☠️ Chestnut Publishing Group, Inc. (Lynx Publishing, Patnor Books, et al.) (Stanley Starkman) Link

☠️ Chevalier Editions (Shane Jackson, Quinn Tyler) Link

Chicago Review Press (Lawrence Hill Books, Ball Publishing) (Curt & Linda Matthews) Link

Chicken House Publishing Ltd. (Barry Cunningham, Rachel Hickman) Link

Chicken Scratch Books (div. Chicken Scratch, LLC) (Kiri Jorgenson) Link

¥ Children’s Brains are Yummy Books (div. CBAY Productions, LLC) (Madeline Smoot) Link

œ Chipmunka Publishing (The Chipmunka Foundation) (Jason Pegler) Link

☠️ Chippewa Publishing, LLC (Lady Aibell Press) (Rebecca Pack) Link

☠️ Chivalry Bookshelf, The (Brian Price) Link

¥ ChiZine Publications (ChiTeen, Kelp Queen Press, et al.) (Brett Savory, Sandra Kasturi) Link

Choc Lit Limited (Paul & Lynn Vernham) Link

Chooseco, LLC (Raymond “R.A.” Montgomery) Link

Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. (Christopher Rutherford) Link

☠️ Christina Escamilla Publishing (Revolving Door Press) Link

Christopher Matthews Publishing (Soul Fire Press) (Jeremy Soldevilla) Link

Chronicle Books Link

☠️ Chupa Cabra House (Timm Tayshun) Link

☠️ Churn Publishing (Alan Grimsley) Link

☠️ Chymeric ePublishing (J.M.) Link

¥ Cider Press Review (Caron Andregg, Robert Wayne) Link

¥ œ Circlet Press (Cecilia Tan) Link

☠️ Citizen Culture Magazine (div. of Feit Publishing Ventures) (Jonathan Feit) Link

City Fiction Ltd. (Tony Drury) Link

¥ City Lights Publishers (Lawrence Ferlinghetti) Link

☠️ City Limits Publishing (Robert Martin, Janet McMahan) Link

¥ œ City Owl Press (Yelena Casale, Tina Moss) Link

Cladach Publishing (Larry & Catherine Lawton) Link

Claren Books (Bill Adler, Jr.) Link

¥ œ Clarkesworld Magazine (div. of Wyrm Publishing) (Neil Clarke) Link

☠️ Clark-Nova Books (Troy Cunningham) Link

Clash Books (div. of Clash Media) (Jayme Karales) Link

Clayborn Press, LLC (Jonathan Clayborn) Link

Clay Stafford Books (div. of American Blackguard, Inc.) Link

œ Clean Reads (formerly Astraea Press, LLC) (Stephanie Griffin Taylor) Link

Clean Teen Publishing (Crimson Tree Publishing) (Rebecca Gober, Marya Heiman Heidel, Courtney Nuckels, et al.) Link

¥ Cleis Press (Tempted Romance, Viva Editions, et al.) (div. of Start Publishing as of ‘14) Link

☠️ Cliffhanger Books (Kevin Hosey) Link

☠️ Cliffhanger Press, LLC (T.J. Loveless, Robin Alexander) Link

☠️ Clonepod (Forrest & Abby Kim, Zach Friedman) Link

☠️ Cloonfad Press (Jack Sharkey) Link

œ Club Lighthouse Publishing (Terrie Balmer) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Co-Cy​

☠️ Coastal Publishing International, LLC (Dawn Snyder) Link

œ Cobblestone Press, LLC (Deanna Lee, Sable Grey) Link

☠️ Code Publishing (Amelior Books, Lobrau Books, Renascent Magazine, et al.) (Joe & Eric Morse) Link

☠️ Coffee and Cream Publishing (Elizabeth Lee) Link

☠️ Coffee Mug Books (div. of J&D Publishing and Agency) (Jeremy Marack, Desirae Hennington) Link

☠️ Coffee Shack Publishing (Elizabeth Cristofolini) Link

CoffeeTown Enterprises (CoffeeTown Press, Camel Press, Fanny Press) (div. of Epicenter Press, Inc as of ’18) Link

☠️ Cogito Media Group (Cogitomedias, Transit Publishing) (Pierre Turgeon) Link

☠️ Cogwheel Press (div. Shift House Media) (Desiree Finkbeiner) Link

¥ Cohesion Press (Geoff Brown) Link

☠️ Cold Moon Press (Book Mark It Promotions) (Katie Hartlove) Link

☠️ Coliloquy (Lisa Rutherford, Waynn Lue) Link

☠️ Collection Publishing (div. of Tampa Marketing Co.) (Bill Sharpe) Link

☠️ Collier’s Magazine (John Elduff) Link

☠️ Colt Press, Inc. (Rob, Robert, & Kristen Poulin) Link

¥ Comet Press (SeX Files) (Cheryl Mullenax) Link

☠️ Comfort Publishing Services, LLC (formerly Comfort Publishing, Inc.) (Pam Tolen, Jason Huddle) Link

¥ œ Coming Together Anthology (Alessia Brio) Link

¥ Common Deer Press (Ellie Sipila) Link

☠️ Community Press (Deana Riddle) Link

Completely Novel (Oliver "Oli" Brooks) Link

☠️ ComStar Media, LLC (ComStar Games, Port Nova Media, et al.) (William Andersen) Link

Concord Free Press (Concord ePress) (Stona & Ann Fitch) Link

Conlan Press (Connor Cochran) Link

Conrad Press, The (Canterbury Literary Agency) (James Essinger) Link

☠️ Contemporary Press (Jay Brida, Jeffery Dinsmore) Link

Cook Communication, Inc. (AuthorMark, AuthorMe, ReserveBooks, et al.) (Bruce Cook) Link

Cook Publishing, LLC (Chatelain Press, Ops Check Books) (Russell & Stephanie Cook) Link

☠️ Cooks Source Magazine (Judith Griggs) Link

☠️ Cool Beans Publishing & Editing, LLC (Adriana D’Apolito, Jamie Alluisi) Link

¥ CoolDudes Publishing Pty Ltd. (Louis Harris) Link

☠️ Cool Gus Publishing (formerly Who Dares Wins Publishing) (Bob Mayer) Link

☠️ Cool Well Press, Inc. (Beth Ann Rydan, Bryan Arcangeli) Link

☠️ Coosa Publishing Co. (Chris Elrod) Link

☠️ Copaiba Press (Copaiba Literary Review) (Jillisa Milner, Kindra McDonald) Link

☠️ Copper Key Media, LLC (K.M. Scott) Link

¥ Copper Pen Press (La Llorona Road) (Ron Hervey) Link

Copytech (UK) Ltd. (Printondemand-worldwide, FastPrint Publishing) (Andy Cork) Link

Coral Press (Robert Dunn) Link

☠️ Cordelia Press, LLC (Mark Bishop & Jolan Warren Bishop) Link

☠️ Cork Hill Press (div. of Image Access, Inc.) (Michael Spratt, Randal Bowman) Link

Cormorant Books (Dancing Cat Books) Link

Corona Books UK (Curlicue Books) (Lewis Williams) Link

Counterpoint, LLC (Shoemaker & Hoard, Sierra Club Books, Soft Skull Press) (div. of Catapult as of ’16) Link1 Link2

Counterpoise Press (Hannah Parker) Link

¥ CounterPunch Magazine (Jeffery St. Clair, Alexander Cockburn) Link

Countryman Press, The (div. of W.W. Norton & Co., Inc.) Link

☠️ Coventry Press Ltd. (Marianne Morea) Link

¥ Cozy Cat Press (Patricia Rockwell) Link

☠️ C.P. Anthologies (div. of Hance, LLC) (Matthew Hance) Link

☠️ CPN Publishers (Cecil Clarke, Carlene Beckford Clarke) Link

¥ œ Cracked (div. of Scripps Media, Inc. as of '16) Link

☠️ Craft Magazine Ltd. (formerly All Craft Media, KAL Media, et al.) (Richard Rycroft, Kerrie Rycroft Allman, Wayne Allman) Link

Cranthorpe Millner Publishers Ltd. (David Hahn, Kirsty Smellie) Link

Crazy Ink Publishing (Erin Lee George) Link

Create My Books (Shop My Books) (formerly UniBook) (div. of Peleman Industries dba Unibind, Inc.) Link

CreateSpace (div. of Amazon) Link

☠️ Creative Arts Company, The (Vandermast Publications, The Literary Creations) (Margarita Arabyan aka Gari Saroyan) Link

☠️ Creative Book Publishers (Malcolm & Juliana Paice) Link

☠️ Creative Book Publishing (Creative Publishers, Killik Press, Tuckamore Books) (div. Breakwater Books Ltd. as of ’17) Link

¥ Creative Guy Publishing (Blood & Tacos, Liaison Press, Tales of Moreauvia) (Pete Allen) Link

Creative-Inspirations Publishing (Across Genres Publishing House, SRL Press, et al.) (formerly KTF Press) (Tammy Jernigan) Link

¥ Creative James Media (Jean Lowd) Link

¥ Creative Nonfiction (In Fact Books) (Lee Gutkind) Link

¥ Creative Talents Unleashed (div. of CTU Publishing Group) (Raja Williams) Link

Creators Publishing (div. of Creators Syndicate, Inc.) (Richard Newcombe) Link

☠️ Crescent Moon Press (Stephanie Murray, Marlene Castricato) Link

☠️ Crew Publishing (Lee & Terrie Westman) Link

¥ Cricket Media (Cicada Magazine, et al.) (formerly Cricket Magazine Group) Link

Crickhollow Books (Blue Horse Books, Crispin Books) (div. of Great Lakes Literary) (Philip Martin) Link

☠️ Crime and Again Press (Henry Mazel) Link

¥ œ Crimson Dragon Publishing (div. of Bear Creek Enterprises) (Ward, Dawn & Sarah Clark) Link

¥ œ Crimson Frost Books (Midnight Frost Books) (div. of First Book Group) (Patricia Bates) Link

Crimson Sparrow (formerly Marfa House) (div. Academic Warriors) (Allison Bruning) Link

œ Crooked Cat Publishing Ltd. (Crooked Love Cats, et al.) (Laurence & Stephanie Patterson) Link

☠️ Crooked Hat Publishing Ltd. (Matt Webb) Link

Crooked Lane Books (div. of The Quick Brown Fox & Co., LLC) (Matt Martz, Dan Weiss) Link

¥ œ Crossed Genres Publications (Bart Leib, Kay Holt) Link

CrossLink Publishing (New Harbor Press) (Rick Bates) Link

œ Crossroad Press (Macabre Ink, Gordian Knot Books, et al.) (David Niall Wilson) Link

¥ Crowded Quarantine Publications Ltd. (Crowded Crackpot) (Adam & Zoe Millard) Link

Crown Publishing Group, The (Ten Speed Press, et al.) (div. of Random House) Link

¥ Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing (Hot Ink Press, Steamworks Ink, et al.) (Sarah Davis Brandon) Link

œ Crux Publishing Ltd. (David Bailey, Chirstopher Lascelles) Link

☠️ Crystal Dreams Press (formerly Crystal Dreams Publishing) (div. Multi-Media Publications, Inc. ‘07) (Sarah Schwersenska) Link

¥ Crystal Lake Publishing (Joe Mynhardt) Link

Cuil Press (Michon Neal) Link

Cumberland House Publishing (div. of Sourcebooks as of mid-‘09) Link

Curbside Splendor Publishing (Dark House Press) (Victor Giron) Link

¥ Curiatis Books (William King) Link

¥ œ Curiosity Quills Press (Eugene Teplitsky, Lisa Gus) Link

¥ Custom Book Publications (Custom Literary Agency, Kindi Corner, Noveletta) (John Robertson, James “Jamie” Lau) Link

¥ Cutting Block Books (formerly Cutting Block Press) (div. of Farolight Publishing as of ‘14) Link

☠️ Cyber-Pulp Press (Our House Press) (formerly Cyber-Pulp Houston/USA ePublishing) (Bob Gunner) Link

¥ CyberWit (Taj Mahal Review) (Karunesh Kumar Agarwal, Santosh Kumar) Link

☠️ Cyberwizard Publications (Altered Dimensions Press, Ancient Tomes Press, et al.) (Kelly Christiansen) Link

Cynren Press (Cennan Books) (Holly Monteith) Link

CyPress Publications (Leland Raymond) Link

☠️ Cy Publishing (CP Literary, American Fiction, Modern Republic, et al.) (formerly Cyber Publishing) (John Ramirez) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Da-Dm​

☠️ Dagan Books Ltd. (Lakeside Circus) (Carrie Cuinn) Link

Dahlia Publishing Ltd. (Farhana Shaikh) Link

☠️ Dailey Swan Publishing, Inc. (Casey Swanson) Link

¥ œ Daily Science Fiction (Michele-Lee Barasso, Jonathan Laden) Link

Dalkey Archive Press (John O'Brien) Link

Dalmatian Press (Piggy Toes Press, Sonrisas, Spirit Press) (div. of Bendon, Inc. as of ’13) Link

☠️ Dalton Publishing (Wiggy Press) (Deltina Hay) Link

œ Damnation Books, LLC (div. of Caliburn Press as of ’15) Link

Dancing Lemur Press, LLC (Freedom Fox Press) (Lesley Wolfe) Link

¥ Dancing Star Press (Jennifer Crispin) Link

Dancing with Bear Publishing (Marie McGaha) Link

Dandelion Books, LLC (Carol Adler) Link

☠️ D&J Book Packaging & Media (Laurie Dolphin, Jessica Dorfman Jones) Link

Dangerous Little Books Ltd. (div. of Rethink Press Ltd.) (Joe Gregory, Lucy McCarraher) Link

Daniel & Daniel Publishers, Inc. (John Daniel & Co., Fithian Press, Perseverance Press) Link

¥ DAOwen Publications (Love Knot Books, Tumbleweed Books, et al.) (Douglas Owen) Link

¥ Dark Arts Books (John Everson, Bill Breedlove) Link

☠️ Dark Chapter Press Ltd. (Rob McEwan) Link

☠️ Dark Coast Press (Aaron Talwar, Jarret Middleton) Link

☠️ Dark Continents Publishing, Inc. (David Youngquist, Serenity Banks, et al.) Link

¥ Dark Discoveries Magazine (div. of JournalStone Publishing as of ‘12) Link

Dark Dragon Publishing (Fern Gould) Link

☠️ Dark Eden Press (Debra Durham) Link

☠️ Darkened Doorways Publications (FPL On Line) (David Boyer aka David Byron, et al.) Link

☠️ Darker Times Publishing (formerly Darker Times Fiction) (Jessica Coleman) Link

☠️ Dark Fiction Spotlight, The (Stephen Roberts) Link

☠️ DarkFuse Publications (formerly Delirium Books) (Shane Staley) Link

Dark Hall Press (div. of New Street Communications, LLC) (Edward & William Renehan) Link

☠️ Dark Highlands, LLC (Brad Ellis) Link

¥ Darkhorse Books (Andrew MacRae) Link

Dark Horse Comics (M Press, et al.) (Mike Richardson) Link

¥ Dark Horse Magazine (div. Hobb's End Books/Press Inc.) (Wayne Kyle Spitzer) Link

☠️ Dark Mirror Publishing (Tricia Moerlein) Link

Dark Moon Press (Eric Vernor) Link

¥ Dark Oak Press and Media (div. of Kerlack Enterprises, Inc.) (Allan Gilbreath, Charles Dinkins) Link

☠️ Dark Quest, LLC (Palomino Press, Sparkito Press, et al.) (Neil Levin) Link

¥ Dark Regions Press (Chris Morey) Link

¥ Darkwater Syndicate, Inc. (Antonio Simon, Jr.) Link

☠️ Daverana Enterprises (Flashing Swords Magazine) (Janrae Frank) Link

David R. Godine, Publisher (Black Sparrow Books, Pocket Paragons, et al.) Link

¥ DAW Books (div. of Penguin) Link

Dawn Publications (Glenn Hovemann, Muffy Weaver) Link

☠️ Day Owl Press Corp. (Rough House) (Chey Barnes, Andre Pierre, Jr.) Link

DC Comics, Inc. (div. of DC Entertainment) Link

☠️ DDH E-pub (div. of DDH Co. Ltd./DDH, LLC) (Fujen “James” Hsueh, Roger Hsu) Link

☠️ Dead End Street, LLC (formerly Dead End Street Publications) (John Rutledge, Mary Rutledge-Harrison) Link

Dead Ink Books (div. of Cinder House Publishing Ltd.) (Nathan Connolly) Link

¥ œ Decadent Publishing (Lisa Olmstead, Heather Bennett) Link

☠️ December House Ltd. (Simon & Henrietta Smethurst-McIntyre) Link

Deeds Publishing (Robert Babcock) Link

Deep Desires Press (Cameron James) Link

¥ œ Deep Magic (Brandon Taylor, Jeff Wheeler, Jeremy Whitted) Link

Deep River Books (Musterion Press, Partnership Publishers, Trusted Books, et al.) (formerly VMI Publishers) (Bill Carmichael) Link

☠️ DeepSix Publishers (Betareader Journal, BookUsher) (Jeffrey Oshins) Link

Deer Hawk Publications (Aurelia Sands Wilson) Link

Defiance Press & Publishing (David Roberts) Link

☠️ DellArte Press (formerly Harlequin Horizons) (div. of Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.) Link

☠️ Delta Publishing Link

DemiDec (div. of DemiDec Resources) (Dan Berdichevsky) Link

De Montfort Literature (div. De Montfort Capital Ltd.) (Jonathan De Montfort) Link

☠️ Denlinger's Publishers Ltd. (Daytona Press) (William Denlinger) Link

☠️ De Novo Publishing, LLC (David Ballentine, Marcus Harris) Link

☠️ Descant Publishing (Peter Orullian) Link

Deseret Book Company (Shadow Mountain Publishing) Link

œ Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. (Gail Delaney, Jenifer Ranieri) Link

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc. (Don Nori) Link

Destiny Whispers Publishing, LLC (Destiny Rose Editorial Services) (Leslie Stuart) Link

DeWard Publishing Company Ltd. (Daniel De Garmo, Nathan Ward) Link

☠️ Diabolic Muse (Mark Murdoch) Link

☠️ Diabolic Publications, LLC (Scarlet Norton-Duperre) Link

☠️ Diamond Eyes Publishing (Jessica Adriel) Link

☠️ Diamond Heart Press, LLC (Tomiko Mitchell, Kyana Mayfield) Link

☠️ Diggory Press Ltd./Inc. (Exposure Publishing, Kingdom Come Publishing) (div. of Meadow Books) (Rosalind Franklin) Link

Digi-Tall Media (Story-E-Books, Poetry Highway, et al.) (formerly Entry Way Publishing & Marketing) (Victoria Freudiger) Link

☠️ Digital Publishing Expert (Marlene Diaz) Link

¥ œ Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. (Digital Science Fiction, et al.) (Michael Willis) Link

☠️ Diminished Media Group (Tim Ambrose, Randy Streu) Link

œ Dingbat Publishing (J. Gunnar Grey) Link

☠️ DIP Publishing House (DIP Press) (div. of ProxVoice Publishing) (Argus Milton) Link

☠️ Direidi Publishing (Tony Cratz) Link

œ DiskUs Publishing (Marilyn Nesbitt) Link

☠️ Distant Shore Publishing (div. Glowing Eye Games Ltd.) (Mark Klocek) Link

☠️ Distinguished Press (div. of The Writing Network) (Catrina Taylor) Link

œ Diveo Media (Altai Zeinalov) Link

œ Diversion Publishing Corp. (Diversion Books, EverAfter Romance, Radius Book Group) (Scott Waxman) Link

☠️ Diversion Press (Yellow Snow Press) (Antonio & Amy Thompson) Link

¥ Divertir Publishing, LLC (Kenneth Tupper) Link

☠️ DLSIJ Press (Sidney Jameson) Link

☠️ dMon Publishing, LLC (Janie Monares) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Dn-Dz​

☠️ DNA Press, LLC (AceN Press, Nartea Publishing) (Alexandru Norten, Alexander Kuklin) Link

☠️ DNA Publications, Inc. (Absolute Magnitude, et al.) (Warren Lapine) Link

Doce Blant Publishing (Marti Melville) Link

¥ Dock Street Press (The Victoria Rose) (Dane Bahr) Link

☠️ Doctor Fantastique Books (Show of Wonders Magazine) (Matthew Delman) Link

DoctorZed Publishing Pty. Ltd. (The Writers' Surgeon) (Scott Zarcinas) Link

☠️ Dog-Eared Press, The (Trevor Sawler, Dennis Deroches) Link

Dog Ear Publishing, LLC (Miles Nelson, Ray Robinson, Alan Harris) Link

¥ Dog Horn Publishing (Fruit Bruise Press, Polluto) (Adam Lowe) Link

☠️ Dogma Publications (Mark Lane) Link

☠️ Domhan Books (Shamrock, Thistle, et al.) (formerly Net Novels) (Siobhan McNally) Link

☠️ Donegal Bay Publishing Co. | Inc. (L.D. & Susan Ryan) Link

¥ DonnaInk Publications, LLC (The Book Nook, Sans Sanity) (Donna Quesinberry) Link

☠️ Dorchester Publishing (Leisure Books, Love Spell) Link

Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. (Whitmore Publishing, Red Lead Press, RoseDog Books, et al.) (Gordon Dorrance) Link

œ Double Dragon Publishing, Inc. (Blood Moon, Dragon Dance, et al.) (Deron Douglas) Link

☠️ Double Edge Press (formerly Cutting Edge Lit. Svcs.) (div. Hummingbird World Media) (Rebecca Melvin) Link

☠️ Double Star Press (Adventures of Sword & Sorcery Magazine) (Camila Lin) Link

Down & Out Books (ABC Group Documentation, Shotgun Honey, et al.) (Eric & Christine Campbell) Link

¥ Down East Enterprise, Inc. (Countrysport Press, Down East Books, Down East Magazine) (Bob Fernald) Link

Down the Shore Publishing Corp. (Ray Fisk) Link

☠️ D-Publishing (div. of Dymocks) Link

Dragonblade Publishing (Kathryn Le Veque) Link

DragonEye Publishing (ISOTUT Books) (formerly In Search of the Universal Truth Publisher) (Michael Kiser) Link

☠️ Dragonfairy Press, LLC (Alicia Brewster) Link

☠️ Dragon International Independent Arts, LLP (Diiarts) (Jason Horger, Sarah “SJ” Heckscher-Marquis) Link

Dragon Moon Press (Gwen Gades) Link

☠️ Dragonpublishing.net (Brian Smith, Shelley Baar) Link

¥ Dragon Scale Publishing (Sam Ferguson) Link

¥ Dragon Soul Press (Jade Feldman) Link

☠️ Dragon's Rocketship Publishing, The (Nikki & Mandi Yager) Link

Dragonwell Publishing (Dawei Dong) Link

☠️ Draumr Publishing (Robert & Rida Allen) Link

☠️ Dream Access Books (Paul Gillebaard) Link

☠️ Dream Big Publishing (Lindsey Owens) Link

☠️ Dream Books, LLC (Jacob Morris) Link

Dreaming Big Publications (Kristi King-Morgan) Link

¥ Dreaming Robot Press (Sean & Corie Weaver) Link

☠️ Dream of Things (Mike O'Mary) Link

☠️ Dream People, The (D. Harlan Wilson) Link

☠️ Dreams of Decadence Magazine (div. of Tir Na Nog Press, Inc.) (Warren Lapine) Link

¥ œ Dreamspinner Press (Harmony Ink Press, DSP Publications) (Elizabeth North, Lynn West, et al.) Link

☠️ Dreams Publishing Co. (Antoinette “Toni” Child) Link

☠️ Dreams Reach Productions (Sean Leary) Link

☠️ Drollerie Press (Kettlestitch, Quadrivium, et al.) (Deena Fisher) Link

☠️ D3 Press (Susan Price) Link

Duckworth Books Ltd. (Farrago, School of Life) Link

¥ œ Duende (div. of Goddard College) Link

Dufour Editions, Inc. (Paul Dufour) Link

Duncurra, LLC (Susan Cusack aka Ceci Giltenan) Link

Duke University Press Link

Dusty Saddle Publishing (div. DS Productions) (formerly Rattlesnake Ridge Publishing) (Nick Wale) Link

☠️ DWJ Books, LLC (formerly Book Builders, LLC) (Darrell Kozlowski, Lauren Fedorko) Link

☠️ D.W. Neal Publishing LLC (Making Love Stories, Romancezine) (Dale Neal) Link

☠️ Dynasty Publishing, Inc. (Andrew & Theresa Byas, et al.) Link

☠️ Dystopia Press (Mark Long) Link

Dzanc Books (Keyhole Press, The Collagist, et al.) (Steven Gillis, Dan Wickett) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Ea-El​

☠️ Eagle's View Press, LLC (Robert Lipscomb) Link

☠️ Earthbound Fiction (Dark Stars, Sparks) (Danielle Dawson) Link

☠️ Earth's End Book Publishing Consortium (Arbuckle Free Press, Odell-Truman Book Publishers, The Book Fixers, et al.) (Wilbert Quick) Link

☠️ East 64 Publishing (Jason & J.D. Faulkenburg) Link

Ebb Tide Press (Casper Valentine) Link

☠️ EbookoMatic (div. of Schneiderman & Assocs., LLC) (Steven Schneiderman) Link

E-BookTime, LLC (Eugene Steele, Mickeal Farris) Link

Eborn Books, LLC (Shady Hill Press) (Bret Eborn) Link

œ Ecanus Publishing (Ecanus Aura, Ecanus Imprint Ltd.) (Darren Humby) Link

☠️ Echelon Press, LLC (Explorations, Quake) (Karen Syed) Link

ECKO House Publishing (ISBN4authors) (formerly Aardvark Global Publishing) (Nanice Ellis) Link

Eclectic Bard Books (Andrea Kaye, Savannah Verte) Link

☠️ Eclipse Magazine (div. of Random Publishing, LLC) (Jimmy Porch) Link

☠️ Econohost Publishing (Richard Young) Link

¥ EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing, Inc. (Absolute XPress, Tesseract Books Ltd.) (div. of Hades Publications, Inc.) Link

Editorial Seleer (Seleer Press) Link

☠️ Edward Gray Publications Link

Edwin Mellen Press, The Link

☠️ eFiction Publishing, LLC (Storyteller (formerly Nebula Rift, New Realm, et al.)) (Doug Lance) Link

☠️ Eggplant Literary Productions (Raechel Henderson) Link

Egmont Publishing International Link

Eifrig Publishing, LLC (Penny Smith Eifrig) Link

☠️ Eirelander Publishing (Bahn Sidhe, U-Lit, Wicked Lass Press) (div. Erielander Group Media Publications) (Lee Morris, Buffi BeCraft) Link

☠️ Elder & Leemaur Publishers (Business Cents, Innovation Magazine, et al.) Link

¥ Elder Signs Press (ESP Books, Dimensions Books, Dark Wisdom Magazine, et al.) (William Jones) Link

☠️ Eldritch Press (Michael Randolph) Link

eLectio Publishing (Jesse Greever, Christopher Dixon) Link

☠️ Electric eBook Publishing (TreeSide Press) (Terry Williams) Link

☠️ Electric Forest Publishing, LLC (DarkHart Press, The Derwent Press, Raven’s Wing Books) (div. of Grey Gate Media as of 1/13) Link

☠️ Electron Press, Inc. (Philip Harris) Link

☠️ Elephantine Publishing, LLC (Amanda Aksel, Heather Hildenbrand) Link

Elephant Rock Books (div. of Elephant Rock Productions) (Jotham Burrello) Link

¥ Elephant's Bookshelf Press, LLC (Matt Sinclair) Link

☠️ E-Lit Books (div. of Literary Counsel) (Frances Black, Debra Caruso) Link

Ellechor Publishing House (E2Books & Co., EverFaith Press, et al.) (div. Ellechor Media & Assocs., LLC) (Rochelle Carter, Andrea Hall) Link

☠️ Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc. (Tina Engler) Link

Ellysian Press (Maer Wilson, Jen Ryan) Link

¥ Elm Books (Gen-E) (Leila Monaghan) Link

Elm Grove Publishing (Mick & Diane Prodger) Link

☠️ Elotos Press Group (div. of Elotos Pty Ltd. (Bingxing Hu) Link

œ Eltanin Publishing (Mystic Publishing) (Cashingtherine Ryan, Joseph Nusbaum) Link


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Publishers & Publishing Services – Em-Ey​

Embers Press Link

☠️ Emma Stern Publishing (Nigel Pearson, Martin Safra, William Landes) Link

☠️ Empire Publishing (div. of Dare Empire eMedia Productions) (Justin James) Link

☠️ Empire Publishing Service + Players Press, Inc. (Gaslight Publications, Empire Books, et al.) (Joseph Witt) Link

EMSA Publishing (Elise Abram) Link

Encircle Publications (Eddie Vincent, Cynthia Brackett-Vincent) Link

Enclave Publishing (formerly Marcher Lord Press) (div. of Gilead Publishing as of '16) (Steve Laube) Link

☠️ EnCompass Editions (Ocean Cooperative Publishing, The Business of Words) (Robert Buckland) Link

ENC Press (Emperor’s New Clothes Press, New Standards Publishing Group) (Olga Gardner Glavin) Link

œ Endeavour Media Ltd. (formerly Endeavour Press Ltd.) (Albion Press, Venture Press, et al.) (Matthew Lynn) Link

Endurance Press (Robert Sweesy) Link

Engage Books (AD Classic, BC Classic, SF Classic) (Alexis Roumanis) Link

Engine Books (Lacewing Books) (Victoria Barrett) Link

☠️ Enigma Books (Robert Miller) Link

☠️ Enigmatic Ink (formerly Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink) (Wayne Groen) Link

☠️ eNovel, LLC (The Amazing Instant Novelist) (Jack Singer) Link

☠️ E-Novel Shop (Larry Larson) Link

¥ Enslow Publishing, LLC (Chasing Roses, Speeding Star, et al.) (formerly Enslow Publishers, Inc.) (Mark & Brian Enslow) Link

☠️ Enspiren Press (Suzanne James) Link

¥ œ Enspire Publishing (formerly Fantastic Fiction Publishing) (ForbiddenFiction, OtherWorldsFitction, et al.) (Dawn “D.M.” Atkins) Link

œ Entangled Publishing LLC (div. of Savvy Media Services) (Liz Pelletier, Heather Howland, Stacey Abrams, et al.) Link

☠️ Entertwine Publishing (Angie Merriam) Link

Entrada Publishing (Rachel Smith) Link

☠️ Entranced Publishing, LLC (Ashley M. Christman) Link

☠️ Environmentalist Magazine, The (div. of Martin Sustainable Books) (Martin Musetsky) Link

☠️ Epaphax Publishing, Inc. (Epaphax Books) (Juan Perez) Link

☠️ Ephemera Bound Publishing (div. of Equilibri-Yum, Inc.) (Derek & Deanna Dahlsad) Link

☠️ Epic Publishing Co., Inc. (Robert Leeds, Peggy Baran Leeds) Link

☠️ ePress Online, Inc. (div. of Writopia) (Margaret Carr) Link

Equinox Publishing Ltd. (Janet Joyce) Link

Eraserhead Press (Deadite Press, Fungasm Press, et al.) (Rose O’Keefe) Link

Erewhon Books (Liz Gorinsky) Link

☠️ Erotic Challenge, The (The Submissive Challenge) (div. of Milovana, LLC) Link

esKape ePress, LLC (Kimberly Bowman) Link

☠️ Espresso Fiction (Espresso Lane) (Jill Brennan) Link

œ Eternal Press (div. of Caliburn Press, LLC as of ’15) Link

☠️ Ether Books Ltd. (Maureen Scott, Michael Jones) Link

¥ œ Etopia Press (Deadly Desires, Raw Silk, et al.) (Annie Melton) Link

œ eTreasures Publishing, LLC (Martha Eskuchen) Link

European Geeks Publishing (Eleventh Hour Literary Press) (Elisha Neubauer) Link

Event Horizon Publishing Group (DarkStar Books, Event Horizon Ebooks, et al.) (formerly Britton & Knowles Publishing Group) (Tom Knowles) Link

¥ œ Evernight Publishing (Stacey Adderley Espino) Link

Evershade Publishing, LLC (Margo Bond Collins) Link

¥ œ Every Writer Resource (Richard Edwards) Link

☠️ Evil Girlfriend Media, LLC (Katie Cord) Link

Evil Jester Press (div. of Hidden Thoughts Press) (Charles Day) Link

œ Evolved Publishing, LLC (Lane Diamond) Link

☠️ Evolutionary Publishing (LadyBee Publishing) (Penny Adams) Link

☠️ Evolution Magazine (div. Evolve Media Group, Inc.) (Darnell Davis) Link

¥ œ eXcessica (Fido Publishing) (Selena Kitt) Link

☠️ Exile Publishing (Patrick McCleary) Link

☠️ Exit 219 Publishing (Matthew Cronan) Link

¥ œ Expanded Horizons (D. Ash) Link

¥ œ eXtasy Books, Inc. (Tina Haveman) Link

☠️ Extreme Southeast Georgia Magazine Link

EyeScream Media (USA), Inc. (Ebonie “Elise” May) Link

Eye Scry Publications (Gay Romance Press, Quantum Shaman) (Della Van Hise, Wendy Rathbone) Link

Eyestorm Media (Eye Books, Lightning Books) (Dan Hiscocks) Link


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Publishers & Publishing Services – Fa-Fl​

☠️ Fable Press (Matthew Plourde, Michael Boucher) Link

☠️ FaePublishing (Theresa Miles) Link

Fairlight Books (Louise Boland) Link

☠️ FaithWalk Publishing (div. of CSS Publishing Co. as of ’08) (Dirk Wierenga) Link

Familius, LLC (Christopher Robbins) Link

Fantagraphics Books (Gary Groth, Mike Catron) Link

¥ Fantasist Enterprises (William Horner) Link

Fantasical Press (Cristina Rayne) Link

¥ Fantastic Books Publishing (Daniel Grubb) Link

☠️ Fantastic Frontiers Magazine (Stranger Worlds) (Amber Knutson) Link

☠️ Fantasy Island Book Publishing (J. Darrol Hall) Link

¥ œ Fantasy Scroll Press, LLC (Fantasy Scroll Mag) (Iulian Ionescu) Link

☠️ Fantasy Works Publishing, LLC (Jennifer Felts aka Jen Leigh) Link

¥ Farolight Publishing (Cutting Block Books) (Patrick Beltran) Link

☠️ Farrah Gray Publishing (div. of Health Communications Inc. (HCI Books)) Link

Farrar, Straus & Giroux (FSG Originals, et al.) (div. of Macmillan) Link

FastPencil (Steve Wilson) Link

☠️ Fated Desires Publishing, LLC (Amanda “Lia” Davis, Carrie Silverstein) Link

¥ FATE Magazine (Curtis Fuller, Raymond Palmer) Link

☠️ Fat Fox Books Ltd. (Holly Millbank) Link

☠️ Fear or Fright Publishing (Jason Davis) Link

Felony & Mayhem Press (Maggie Topkis, Kizmin Reeves) Link

Feral House (Process Media) (Adam Parfrey) Link

☠️ Fey Publishing (Kristen Duvall) Link

¥ Fiction Desk, The (Robert Redman) Link

œ Fiction Works, The (Ray Hoy) Link

Fideli Publishing, Inc. (Celerus Books, Cronos Press) (Robin Surface, Darren Shell) Link

☠️ Fiery Seas Publishing, LLC (Misty Williams) Link

Fig Tree Books (Fredric Price) Link

Filles Vertes Publishing, LLC (Myra Fiacco) Link

¥ Final Sword Productions (Under the Moon) (Daniel Palter) Link

Findaway Voices (div. of Findaway World, LLC) (Mitch Knoll) Link

☠️ Fine Line Publishing Co., Inc. (Julianna Smith) Link

Fingerpress Ltd. (Inkflash) (Matthew & Michelle Stephens) Link

¥ Finishing Line Press (Leah & Kevin Maines) Link

¥ Firbolg Publishing (Alex Scully) Link

☠️ Fire & Ice Publishing Enterprise (Susie Stevens) Link

Fireborn Publishing, LLC (Dawn & Brittaney Leeper) Link

Firebrand Publishing (Gregory & Amy Cancryn) Link

☠️ Firedrakes Weyr Publishing, LLC (Peggy Roberts) Link

¥ Firefly & Wisp Publishing (Midnight Books) (Danielle Lee Zwissler) Link

œ Firefly Hill Press (Ink Monster Books) (Danielle Modafferi) Link

Firefly Press Ltd. (Penny & Janet Thomas, et al.) Link

☠️ FireGoat Publishing, LLC (FireGoat Books) (Gaia Tsarjova) Link

☠️ Firelight Publishing, Inc. (Karla Davenport) Link

¥ Fire Quill Publishing (Carlyle Labuschage, Erika Bester) Link

Fireship Press (Cortero) (Tom & Mary Lou Grundner) Link

¥ œ Fireside Fiction Company (Fireside Magazine) (Brian White) Link

Fireside Publications (Lois Bennett, Joan West) Link

☠️ First Chapter Magazine (Carol Hoeing) Link

First Choice Books (Patrick O’Connor, Melanie Perkins) Link

œ First Edition Design Publishing, Inc. (Deborah Gordon, Justin & Jessica Renfrow) Link

☠️ First Edition Publishing Ltd. (First Edition Magazine) (Jeremy Webb, Jocelyn Wauchope) Link

☠️ First One Digital Publishing (div. of Blackwave Digital) (Karen Hunter) Link

First Realm Publishing (Roxane Kerr) Link

Fitzhenry & Whiteside Ltd. (Fifth House Publishers, Red Deer Press, et al.) (Hollister & Sharon Fitzhenry) Link

☠️ Five Leaf Clover Publishing (Marc Michaels) Link

Five Rivers Publishing (Lorina Stephens) Link

Five Star Publishing (FS Mysteries, Frontier Fiction, et al.) (div. of Cengage-Gale) Link

☠️ Flame Books Ltd. (Matthew Ward, Keith Wood) Link

☠️ Flame Lily Books Ltd. (Timothy Pagden) Link

Flame of the Forest Publishing Pte. Ltd. (Angsana Books, Bamboo Books, Chiku Books) (Alex Chacko) Link

¥ Flame Tree Publishing Ltd. (Flame Tree 451, Flame Tree Press) (Nick Wells) Link

Flashlight Press (Harry Mauer) Link

Fledgling Press Ltd. (Zander Wedderbrun) Link

☠️ Floreat Books Ltd. (Giles Travers) Link

☠️ Flyingbooks, Inc. (Flying Books, Eboo) (Hana Nagel, Shira Abel) Link

☠️ Flying Pen Press, LLC (Game Day) (David Rozansky) Link

☠️ Flylit Press (div. of Paper Piano, LLC) (Greg Podunovich) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Fo-Fy​

☠️ For Beginners Publishing, LLC (Camden Hendrichs, Dean & Kevin Talbot, et al.) Link

☠️ Forbidden Lust (Kayci Morgan) Link

☠️ Forbidden Publications (Rene Walden-Wilson) Link

Foremost Press (Robert & Mary Holzrichter) Link

¥ œ Foreshadow (Emily X.R. Pan, Nova Ren Suma) Link

¥ œ Forever Magazine (div. of Wyrm Publishing) (Neil Clarke) Link

☠️ Forever More Publishing (Marisa Cheenry) Link

☠️ Forever Romance Publishing Group (Jase) Link

☠️ Forgotten Worlds Magazine (John Cooper) Link

Forward Poetry (Poetry Rivals, Need 2 Know Books, et al.) (formerly Anchor Books, Poetry Now, Triumph House, et al.) (div. Bonacia Ltd.) (Ian Walton) Link

Foster Embry Publishing, LLC (Rachael Tamayo) Link

Foundations, LLC (Foundations Books) (Steve Soderquist, Laura Ranger) Link

¥ Founders House Publishing, LLC (Mythic Magazine) (Amanda & Mary Jane Kilgore) Link

☠️ FountainPenn House of Publishing (FountainPenn Enterprises, FountainPenn Ink, Mustardseed, et al.) (Roberto Lee Davis, Danielle-Kim Davis) Link

☠️ Fox & Raven Publishing (Marius du Plessis) Link

☠️ Fractured Fiction Publishing (Cecilia Ryan) Link

☠️ Francis Press, The (Talton Ray) Link

Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc. (Donald Lessne) Link

¥ œ Freedom Fiction (Happy Men Magazine) (Ujjwal Dey) Link

¥ Freedom Forge Press, LLC (Eric Egger) Link

Freedom of Speech Publishing, Inc. (Girard Sagmiller, Patrick Klungle) Link

☠️ FreeStyle Publishing (Joseph & Edward Latta) Link

Fremantle Press (Ian Lilburne) Link

¥ Fresh Ink Group, The (Ann Stewart) Link

¥ œ Fresh.Ink (div. of Fresh.Ink Software, LLC) (Matt Brindley) Link

FreshVoice (Fresh Colour, Fresh Spirit, Story Inc., et al.) (formerly Indie Ink Publishing) (Suzanne Paschall) Link

☠️ Freundlich Books (Lawrence Freundlich) Link

☠️ Freya Publications (Toni James, Charlotte Finch) Link

☠️ Friction Publishing (Story Inside) (Krista Tibbs) Link

☠️ Friday Project, The (div. of HarperCollins as of 5/08) (Scott Pack) Link

FriesenPress, Inc. (div. Friesens Corp.) (Will Reiher) Link

¥ œ Frontier Tales (div. Pen-L Publishing) (Duke & Kimberly Pennell) Link

☠️ Front Porch Romance (div. of D&D Publishing) (Madison Connors) Link

☠️ Front Porch Syndicate, The (Andy Nash) Link

Full Fathom Five (Full Fathom Digital) (James Frey) Link

☠️ FurNation Magazine (div. of FurNation Multimedia) Link

Future Horizons, Inc. (R. Wayne Gilpin) Link

Future House Publishing, LLC (Myriad Publishing) (Adam Sidwell) Link

FutureWord Publishing, LLC (Cheryl Haynes) Link

Fuze Publishing, LLC (Karetta Hubbard, Molly Best Tinsley) Link

Fyre and Brimstone Publishing (Tiffany Heiser) Link

☠️ FyreSyde Publishing. LLC (Blaise Ramsey Senkal & John Senkal) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Ga-Gm​

¥ Galaktika Magazine (div. of Metropolis Media) (Istvan Burger) Link

Gallery Books (Pocket Books, Threshold Editions, et al.) (div. of Simon & Schuster) Link

☠️ Gallery Seven Books (Harpreet Ferren) Link

¥ Galley Beggar Press (Henry Layte, Eloise Millar, Sam Jordison) Link

☠️ Gallows Press (Black Ink Horror) (formerly Sideshow Press) (Tom & Billie Moran) Link

¥ Gannett (Florida Today, Space Coast Parent Magazine, et al.) Link

☠️ Gardenia Press (Robert & Elizabeth Collins) Link

¥ Gargoyle Publications (Axel Matfin) Link

Garrett County Press, LLC (George Darby) Link

¥ Gatehouse Press (Lighthouse) (Tom Corbett) Link

Gatekeeper Press (Rob Price) Link

Gator House Publishing (Gator Tales) (Robert Wilkins) Link

¥ Gauthier Publications, Inc. (Frog Legs Ink, Hungry Goat Press, DragonFish Comics) (Daniel & Elizabeth Gauthier) Link

Gemelli Press, LLC (Green Darner Press) (Kari Hock) Link

¥ œ Gemini Magazine (David Bright) Link

GemmaMedia, LLC (Gemma Open Door, Gemma PreMedia) (div. Gemma Open Door for Literacy, Inc.) (Patricia O’Hare) Link

☠️ Genesis Press, Inc. (Indigo, Obsidian, Sage Books, et al.) (Wilbur Colom, Dorothy Winston-Colom) Link

¥ Genius Book Publishing (Page Bruner Press, Genius Book Services) (Steven Booth) Link

☠️ GenreVerse Books (Wuxia Fiction Anthology) (John Dishon) Link

☠️ Gentry Publishing (Amanda Harris) Link

GenZ Publishing (Morissa Schwartz) Link

GGP Publishing, Inc. (Generosa Protano) Link

☠️ Ghost Pines Publishing, LLC (Steven Buck, Terresa York) Link

☠️ Ghost Road Press (Matthew Davis, Sonya Unrein) Link

¥ œ Ghostwoods Books (Tim Dedopulos) Link

☠️ Ghostwriter Publications (Neil Jackson) Link

☠️ Giant Squid Books (Rachel Miller, Anna McCormally) Link

☠️ Ginger Top Publishers (Claire Jolley) Link

¥ œ Ginosko Literary Journal (Robert Cesaretti) Link

¥ Girls’ Life Magazine (Karen Bokram) Link

Glass House Press (Alacan Publishing) (Carrie White-Parish) Link

¥ Glass Mountain Journal (Shards) (div. of University of Houston) Link

☠️ Glenbridge Publishing Ltd. (James & Mary Keene) Link

¥ Glimmer Train Press, Inc. (Susan Burmeister-Brown, Linda Swanson-Davies) Link

Global Authors Publishers Link

☠️ Global Partnership, LLC (Little Seed Publishing, New Caledonian Press) (Robert Valentine, Vicki Jo Stevens-Valentine) Link

Global PSD (Printing, Sourcing & Development Ltd.) (Steve Goff) Link

Globe Pequot (Lyons Press, Falcon Publishing) (div. of Rowman & Littlefield as of ’14) Link

☠️ GMI Publishing, LLC (William Parrish) Link

☠️ GMR Prism (Maggie Stewart-Grant) Link


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Publishers & Publishing Services – Go-Gy​

☠️ God Allows U Turns (Allison Bottke) Link

☠️ Godsize Stories from Around the World (Carl Blunt) Link

Golden Bell Entertainment (Bells Books, Polar Press, et al.) (Marc Goldner, Robert Gross, Rachel Korsen) Link

Golden Brick Road Publishing House (Ky-Lee Hanson) Link

☠️ Golden Visions Magazine (Christine Golden) Link

Goldminds Publishing, LLC (Brenda Bradshaw, Ryan Crawford) Link

Good Books (div. of Skyhorse as of ‘14) Link

☠️ Good Mourning Publishing (Good Mourning Media) (Megan Hansen) Link

☠️ Gore Stories (Scott Wellings) Link

Gorham Printing (Kurt & Norman Gorham) Link

¥ œ Gothic.net Link

☠️ Grace Notes Publishing (Notes Magazine) (div. of The Grace Notes Foundation) (Harmoni McGlothlin) Link

¥ Grand Mal Press (div. of Grand Oak Books) (Stephen Pastore) Link

Gray Dog Press (Russel Davis) Link

Gray Gecko Press (Jason Aydelotte) Link

¥ Graywolf Press (Fiona McCrae) Link

☠️ Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine (GUD Publishing, Inc.) (Sue Miller, Kaolin Fire, et al.) Link

¥ Great Old Ones Publishing (Philip Perron, Douglas Poirier) Link

Great Plains Publications Ltd. (Enfield & Wizenty, Yellow Dog) (Gregg Shilliday) Link

¥ Great Void Books, The (Aditya Deshmukh) Link

☠️ Green Ivy Publishers, Inc. (Green Ivy Books) (Robert Gray) Link

☠️ Green Lady Press Link

Greenleaf Book Group, LLC (Clint Greenleaf) Link

☠️ GreenLight Books & Publishing, LLC (Juan Chisholm) Link

☠️ Green Shore Publishing (div. Castello Book Group) (Adam Salviani) Link

Greyden Press, LLC (Jeffery Relick) Link

☠️ Grey Gate Media, LLC (formerly Briona Glen Publishing) Link

¥ œ Greyhart Press (Tim Taylor) Link

¥ Grey Matter Press (Anthony Rivera) Link

¥ Grey Wolfe Publishing (Write Duck Press) (Earl Wolfe) Link

Griffyn Ink Corp. (Elizabeth "Eli" Jackson) Link

☠️ Grit City Publications (Ron Gavalik) Link

Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd. (Graham Taylor, Kim Cross, Jason Kosbab) Link

Grupo Editorial Nostra (Nostra Ediciones, Panorama Editorial) (formerly Grupo Editorial Panorama) Link

☠️ Grove Creek Publishing, LLC (Joseph Mardesich) Link

☠️ Grumpy Dragon, The (Ray Henry, Spring Lea Henry) Link

¥ Gryphon Publications (Gryphon Books, Hardboiled Magazine) (Gary Lovisi) Link

Gryphonwood Press (David Wood) Link

☠️ GSN Publications (Georgia Sports Network) (Forace Watts, Bernard King) Link

œ Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. (Academic Wings, Angel to Angel, et al.) (Lynda Burch) Link

☠️ Guerrilla Independent (Leonard Montagnana aka Leroy Woof) Link

Guide Book Publishing (Bob Vogt) Link

Guideposts, Inc. (Guideposts Books, Summerside Press) (Norman Peale, Ruth Strafford Peale) Link

☠️ Guiltless Pleasure Publishing (Tal Valante) Link

Gurt Dog Press (Nem Rowan) Link

☠️ GW Publications (formerly Parkbench Publications) (Gary Watton aka Ron Gattway, et al.) Link

¥ œ Gypsy Shadow Publishing (Fireflies, Shadow Dance, et al.) (Denise Bartlett, Charlotte Holley) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Ha-Hi​

¥ Hadley Rille Books (Eric Reynolds) Link

☠️ Halcyon Press Ltd. (Kingsley Literary Services) (Harold & David Raley) Link

œ Hallmark Publishing (div. of Crown Media) Link

☠️ Hallowed Ink Press (div. of Bokheim, Inc.) (Emma Michaels, Amber Garcia, et al.) Link

Halo Publishing International (Lisa Umina) Link

Hamilton Books (University Press of America) (div. of Rowman & Littlefield) Link

Hancock Press (Wayne Hancock) Link

☠️ Happy Tails Books (Kyla Duffy) Link

Happy Self Publishing (Jyotsna Ramachandran) Link

☠️ Harbor House Books (Bat Wing Press, Savannah River Press, et al.) (Randall Floyd) Link

☠️ Harbor Lights Press (Irish Lighthouse Press) (E. Ted Gladue) Link

Hard Case Crime (Charles Ardai, Max Phillips) Link

☠️ Hard Shell Word Factory (div. of Mundania as of ’09) (Teri Lea Chandler, Mary Wolf) Link

Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. (Harlequin Blaze, Harlequin Presents, et al.) (div. of HarperCollins as of ’14) Link

Harlequin Enterprises Pty. Ltd. (aka Harlequin Enterprises Australia) (Escape Publishing, Mills & Boon, et al.) Link

Harper Collins Christian Publishers (Elm Hill) Link

HarperCollins Publishers (Avon, Harper Voyager (formerly Eos Books), et al.) Link

HarperCollins Publishers Australia Link

HarperCollins 360 (Harper360) (div. HarperCollins UK) Link

œ Hartwood Publishing (formerly Taliesin Publishing) (div. The Hartwood Publishing Group) (Georgia Woods) Link

¥ Harvard Square Editions (Charles Degelman, Beverly Jurenko) Link

☠️ Hatala Geroproducts (Mark Hatala) Link

Hatchette Book Group (Grand Central Publishing; Little, Brown & Co; Orbit, et al.) Link

¥ Haunted Waters Press (From the Depths Journal) (Savannah Spidalieri, Susan Warren Utley) Link

☠️ Haven Books (Dania Shawwa Abuali) Link

Havenhurst Media (Havenhurst Books, Tradecraft Books) (Christopher Freeman, Steve Rohr) Link

☠️ Haven Publishing House & Entertainment (Emanuel Camacho) Link

☠️ Hawk Publishing Group (William Bernhardt) Link

Hay House Publishing (Balboa Press) (Louise Hay) Link

☠️ Hazardous Press (Robert Helmbrecht) Link

Headline Books, Inc. (Headline Kids, Publisher Page) (formerly Cheat River Publications) (Robert & Catherine Teets) Link

Headline Publishing Group (Little Black Dress, Tinder Press) Link

Head of Zeus (Apollo, Aria) (Anthony Cheetham) Link

☠️ Hearts Desire Press (Sutton Fox) Link

☠️ Hekate Press (Delilah Stephans, Antonia Tiranth) Link

☠️ Heliand Publishing Corp. (Christopher Anderson) Link

☠️ Heliographica Press (Jason LeWinter, Melton Cartes) Link

☠️ Helix Magazine (William Sanders) Link

☠️ Hellfire Publishing, Inc. (Dawn & Eugene Binkley) Link

☠️ Helm Books, LLC (Jennifer Knight, Felice Cohen) Link

☠️ Helm Publishing (Dianne Helm) Link

Henery Press, LLC (Kendel Flaum Lynn) Link

HenschelHAUS Publishing, Inc. (Goblin Fern, MavenMark Books, Three Tower Press) (Kira Henschel) Link

Heritage Books, Inc. (Eagle Editions, Fireside Fiction, Willow Bend Books) (Craig Scott) Link

☠️ Heroes and Heartbreakers (div. of Macmillan/St. Martins) (Heather Waters) Link

Heyday (BayTree Books, Great Valley Books, Inlandia) (Malcolm Margolin) Link

¥ High Hill Press (Brian & Louella Turner) Link

¥ Highland Press Publishing (Regency Royale, Chattan, Tea Time, et al.) (Leanne Burroughs) Link

High Rock Press (formerly BlackWyrm Publishing) (Jason Walters) Link

Hillcrest Media Group, Inc. (Bascom Hill Books, Langdon Street Press, Publish Green, et al.) (Mark Levine) Link

Hilliard & Harris (Fenton Press) (Shawn & Stephanie Reilly) Link

☠️ Hirst Publishing (100 Publishing) (Tim Hirst) Link

History Press, The (U.S.) (div. of Arcadia as of ’14) Link

☠️ His Work Christian Publishing (CTC Press) (Angela Perez) Link


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Publishers & Publishing Services – Ho-Hy​

☠️ Hobbes End Publishing, LLC (Jason Gillespie, Jairus Reddy, Jordan Benoit) Link

¥ œ Hocus Pocus & Co. (Jolene Haley) Link

Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. (Hodderscape, Saltyard, Sceptre, et al.) Link

Hohm Press (Kalindi Press) (Dasya Zuccarello) Link

¥ œ Holdfast Magazine (Laurel Sills, Lucy Smee) Link

Holiday House, Inc. (John Briggs) Link

Holland House Books (Caerus Press, Grey Cells Press, Lost World Press) (Robert Peett) Link

Holon Publishing, LLC (Collective Press) (Jeremy Gotwals) Link

Holy Fire Publishing (Ed Hensel) Link

¥ Hopewell Publications, LLC (Best New Writing, The Eric Hoffer Award, The US Review of Books) (Egress Martin) Link

☠️ Horny Devil Publishing (Pearl Gonzalez) Link

Horrific Tales Publishing (Gemstone Romance) (Graeme Reynolds) Link

¥ Horrified Press (Erebus Press, Rogue Planet, Silent Fray, et al.) (Nathan Rowark) Link

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Clarion Books, HMH Books, et al.) (formerly Houghton Mifflin Co.) Link

☠️ Hourglass Books (Gina Frangello) Link

¥ œ House of Erotica (div. of Andrews UK Ltd.) Link

¥ House of Zolo Link

☠️ Housewife Mafia Magazine (Heather Maier) Link

☠️ Howl at the Moon Magazine (Robert St. Clair) Link

☠️ Hub Books Publishing (HubBooks Literary Services) (Sylvia Hubbard) Link

☠️ Hub Magazine (div. of Right Hand Publishing) (Lee Harris) Link

☠️ Hudson Audio Publishing (Adam Hudson) Link

☠️ Hummingbird House Press (Nancy Eden Siegel) Link

☠️ Hundreds of Heads Books, LLC (West Hills Press) (Yadin Kaufman, Mark Bernstein) Link

¥ Hustler (div. of Larry Flint Publications) Link

¥ Hydra House (Tod McCoy) Link

Hydra Productions (Eric & Raven Heidrich) Link

¥ Hydra Publications (Enigma House Press, Stardust Romance, Twin Sisters Press) (Tony Acree) Link

☠️ Hyperink (Kevin Gao, Matt Lee) Link

☠️ Hyperion Press Ltd. (Marvis Tutiah, Arlene Osen Link

☠️ Hyper Publishing Company (Michael Duckett) Link

☠️ Hyperpulp (Alex Mandarino) Link


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Publishers & Publishing Services – Ia-Im​

ibidem Press (ibidem-Verlag) (Edition Noema) (Jessica Haunschild, Christian Schon) Link

☠️ iBooks (Byron Preiss) Link

☠️ Iconic Publishing, LLC (Jonquil Press, Red Lizard Press) (Jano Donnachaidh) Link

☠️ IC Romance Link

¥ IFWG Publishing, LLC (True Voice Magazine, SQ Magazine) (div. of Int'l Fantasy Writers Guild) (Gerry Huntman, Randy Knowlton) Link

Ig Publishing (Elizabeth Clementson, Robert Lasner) Link

Iguana Books (div. of Colborne Communications) (Greg Ioannou) Link

Ilura Press (Etchings) (Christopher Lappas, Sabina Hopfer) Link

☠️ Imagined Interprises, Inc. (Ink & Quill Publishers) (Brian & Joy Stalians) Link

œ ImaJinn Books (div. of BelleBooks as of ‘13) Link

¥ Immanion Press (Megalithica Books) (Storm Constantine) Link

☠️ Immortal Ink Publishing, LLC (div. QBW Services, LLC) (Shana Raywood aka Rebecca Hamilton, Rudolph Krall) Link

¥ Immortal Works (Jason King) Link

☠️ iModel Magazine (Marshall Smith, Jr.) Link

¥ Impspired (Steve Cawte) Link

Improper Books (Benjamin Read, Laura Trinder, Chris Wildgoose) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – In-Iw​

Incentive Publications (div. of World Book) Link

¥ IN Community Magazines (formerly Dollard Publishing Corp.) (Wayne Dollard) Link

Incorgnito Publishing Press (Corgi Bits, Topos Books) (div. Market Management Group, LLC) (Michael Conant) Link

☠️ Independent Ink Magazine (div. of MoBot Publishing) (Andrew Holt) Link

Independent Publisher Services, LLC (Your First Review) (div. of Bar Code Graphics, Inc.) (Robert, Andrew & Jonathan Verb) Link

Indian University Press (div. of Bacone College) (Russell Lawson) Link

¥ Indie Artist Press (Romania Books, Motel Ten, et al.) (Marjorie “Tilly” Jones, Carrie King, David Taylor) Link

¥ Indie Authors Press (Jorge & Eduardo Salgado-Reyes, Miriam Reyes Pena) Link

Indie Novella Ltd. (Damien Mosley) Link

☠️ Indigo Mosaic (Catherine May) Link

Indigo River Publishing (Indigo Kids) (Jason Corwell) Link

¥ Indigo Sea Press (Abyss Books, Deep Indigo, Saber Books, et al.) (formerly Second Wind Publishing) (Mike Simpson) Link

☠️ Industry Publishers Link

☠️ InfectiveINk (formerly NaughtyGirlX) (C.T. Thomas) Link

Infinite Ideas Ltd. (Infinite Authors, WordGen) (Richard Burton, David Grant) Link

Infinity Publishing (div. of New Harbour Partners as of ’10) Link

☠️ inGroup Press (Symbiont Books) (Anthony DiFiore) Link

¥ Ink & Locket Press (M. Amelia Eikli, Antonica Jones) Link

☠️ Ink & Paper Group, LLC (Bowler Hat Comics, Chain Reaction Press, et al.) (Linda Meyer, Bo Johnson, et al.) Link

¥ Ink Brush Press (Four Genres Press) (Carroll Wilson, Jerry Craven) Link

Inked Entertainment Ltd. (David & Deborah Purse) Link

☠️ Inkliss Books (Blaney Group Corp.) (Justin Blaney) Link

Inkshares (Thaddeus Woodman, Adam Gomolin, et al.) Link

Ink Smith Publishing (Native Ink Press) (Ashley Howie) Link

œ Inkspell Publishing, LLC (Shilpa Mudiganti) Link

œ Inkubator Books (Brian Lynch, Garret Ryan) Link

Inkwater Press (div. of First Books) (Jeremy Solomon) Link

☠️ Inkwell Publishing Link

☠️ Inkwell Publishing Solutions Link

¥ Inner Child Press (div. of Inner Child Enterprises) (William Peters) Link

☠️ InnerVision Books (Donna Hill, Pittershawn Palmer) Link

Innovo Publishing, LLC (Bart Dahmer) Link

¥ Innsmouth Free Press (Innsmouth Magazine) (Silvia Moreno-Garcia) Link

¥ œ Insatiable Press Ltd. (Michael Desrosiers, Bob Podrasky) Link

☠️ Insight Publishing (ISN Works) (div. of The Innovators Group, Inc.) (David Wright) Link

Insomniac Press (Mike O’Connor) Link

¥ Insomnia Publishing (Elizabeth Harvey-Prybylski, Richard Belanger) Link

Inspired Quill (Sarah-Jayne Slack) Link

InstantPublisher (div. of Fundcraft Publishing Co.) Link

Insurgent Publishing, LLC (Tom Morkes) Link

Interactive Publications Pty Ltd. (Interactive Press, Glass House Books, et al.) (David Reiter) Link

¥ œ InterGalactic Medicine Show Magazine (div. of Hatrack River Enterprise) (Orson Scott Card) Link

☠️ Intermedia Publishing Group (Larry Davis, Terry Whalin) Link

☠️ International Book Management Corp. (8th Crow Books, Broadmoor Books, Cambrian House, et al.) (formerly SterlingHouse Publishers, Inc.) (Cynthia Lee Shore-Sterling) Link

¥ œ International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology (Rishi Asthana) Link

☠️ International Speculative Fiction (Roberto Mendes) Link

☠️ Int’l Yacht Vacations & Charters Magazine (div. of Kircaali Media) (Fuat Kircalli) Link

Interstellar Flight Press (Holly Lyn Walrath) Link

☠️ In The Snake Magazine (Marc & Morgane McAllister) Link

In This Together Media (Carey Albertine, Saira Rao) Link

☠️ Intrepid Traveler, The (Kelly Monaghan) Link

Intrigue Publishing, LLC (Austin & Denise Camacho) Link

☠️ Intuition Press, Inc. (Monica Martino) Link

☠️ Inventive Press Link

☠️ Invisible College Press, The (Christopher Dominic Peloso) Link

☠️ iomam (Project OM) (Richard Ticman) Link

☠️ Iota Publishing (Terry Cooper) Link

☠️ Irish’s Story Playhouse (Irish Monahan) Link

☠️ Iris Print (Kellie Lynch) Link

☠️ Iron Cauldron Books (Beth Brown) Link

Isabella Media, Inc. (Stephen Guidetti) Link

☠️ Istoria Books (Libby Sternberg) Link

Ithaca Press (div. of Authors & Artists Publishers of New York, Inc.) (Joan Mayor) Link

i2i Publishing (Lionel Ross) Link

☠️ Itoh Press LLC (Carol Itoh) Link

☠️ It’s ME! Ink Press (Mari Sloan, Alvin Kaleski) Link

iUniverse (Writers Club Press) (div. of Author Solutions as of ‘07) Link

☠️ Iveagh Lodge Press (Jack Keogh) Link

☠️ Ivy House Publishing Group (div. of Pentland Press, Inc.) (Janet Evans, Richard Kay) Link

☠️ I Wanna Read More (formerly Readersnook) (Kathryn Lake) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Ja-Jm​

Jack's House Publishing (Marie Force) Link

¥ Jackson Publishing (Hollywood Weekly Magazine) (Prather Jackson) Link

JAC Publishing & Promotions (Joe Charest, JulleAnn Charest Govang) Link

☠️ Jaded Silence Press (Pauline Ramsey, Michael Robinson) Link

☠️ James A. Rock & Co., Publishers (Rock Publishing, Sense of Wonder Press, et al.) Link

☠️ James Russell Publishing Link

¥ œ Jamrock Magazine (div. of Linkup Media Group) Link

Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. (Little Creek Books, Mountain Girl Press, et al.) (Janie Jessee) Link

Janus Publishing Co. Ltd. (Empiricus Books) (div. of Cambridge Media Group as of ‘13) Link

Jason Aronsen Publishers, Inc. (div. of Rowman & Littlefield) Link

☠️ Jed Samuel Books Link

☠️ Jefferson Press (David Magee) Link

Jenkins Group, Inc. (Independent Publisher, Printellectual) (Jerrold Jenkins) Link

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (Singing Dragon) (div. John Murray Press/Hachette UK as of ’17) Link

☠️ Jessica Lynn Original Publishing Link

JIMMY Patterson (div. of Little Brown & Co./ Hachette Book Group) Link

JK Publishing (Jana Koretko aka Jana Leigh Kudron, Leigh Brock) Link

¥ œ JMS Books, LLC (Queerteen Press) (J.M. Snyder) Link

☠️ JMW Publishing Co. (Jim Wyzard) Link


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Publishers & Publishing Services – Jo-Ju​

John Blake Publishing Ltd. (John Blake Books, Dino Books) Link

John Hunt Publishing Ltd. (Axis Mundi, O Books Soul Rocks, et al.) Link

☠️ JoJo Publishing (Publishers Consortium Pty Ltd.) (div. of Classic Author & Publishing Services) (Jo Costello, Barry Dorr) Link

Jolly Fish Press (div. North Star Editions, Inc. as of ’16) Link

☠️ JoNa Books Publishing Co. (Joe Glasgow, Marina Guba) Link

Jonathan David Publishers, Inc. (Alfred Kolatch) Link

Jongleur Music Book Publishing (Gary Revel) Link

Joshua Tree Publishing (Centaur Books, Chiral House, Heroides Publishing) (John Paul Owles) Link

☠️ Journal of Social Inquiry (Ashwin Kumar) Link

JournalStone Publishing (Hellnotes, Horrow Review, et al.) (Christopher Payne) Link

☠️ Journey Stone Creations, LLC (JSC Books, My eZ Book Club) (Patricia Stirnkorb) Link

☠️ J Publishing Company Ltd. (JPubBooks, VISNOMY) (formerly SR Literary Agency) (Smita Rajesh) Link

☠️ J. Taylor Publishing (Julie Anne Belfield, Aimee Laine, Jocelyn Adams) Link

☠️ JTW Pressco, Inc. (Donna Venzi, James White) Link

¥ œ Juicy Pink Box (div. of Single White Femme, LLC) (Virginia "Jincey" Lumpkin) Link

☠️ JukePop Serials (Jerry Fan, Mark Trinh) Link

Jummit Publishing (Sayan Chakraborty) Link

Junction Publishing (Happy Ever After Publishing) (Marcus Brown) Link

☠️ Juno Books (div. of Pocket Books/S&S) (Paula Guran) Link

☠️ Jupiter Gardens Press (Pink Petal Books) (Mary Wilson) Link

☠️ Justin, Charles & Co. (Kate’s Mystery Books) (Stephen Hull) Link

☠️ Just My Best, Inc. (aka JMB Book Publishing Co.) (Janet Sue & Megan Blue Terry) Link


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Publishers & Publishing Services – Ka-Kn​

☠️ Kaeru Digital (K Digital) (Kyle Davis) Link

☠️ Kae Wilson Publishing (Tiffany Heiser-Wilson) Link

☠️ Kalkion Magazine (Swapnil Bhartiya) Link

¥ Kandisha Press (Jill Girardi) Link

Kane / Miller Book Publishers (Usborne Books & More) (div. of EDC Publishing) Link

Kar-Ben Publishing (div. of Lerner Publishing Group) Link

¥ œ Kasma Publishing (Kasma Magazine) (Alex Korovessis) Link

☠️ Kayelle Press (Karen Lee Field Henderson) Link

☠️ Keene Publishing (Moo Press, Inc.) (Diane Tinney) Link

œ Keith Publications (D'Ink Well, Wicked Ink Press) (Mary Keith) Link

Kellan Publishing (formerly Romance Novel Publishing) (Kelli Ballard) Link

☠️ Kendall Publication (Tangelika Bolen) Link

Kennebec Publishing, LLC (Prepper Press, Steam) (Derrick Grant) Link

Kensington Gore Publishing (KGHH Publishing) (Leesa Wallace, Graeme Parker) Link

Kensington Publishing Corp. (Citadel, Pinnacle, Zebra, et al.) (Hilary Save) Link

KERNPUNKT Press (Jesi Buell) Link

☠️ Kerodina Press, LLC (formerly Capitol Publishing) (div. of Kerodina Media) (Sam & Holly Kerodin) Link

☠️ Kessinger Publishing, LLC (Roger & Joanne Kessinger) Link

☠️ Key Porter Books Ltd. (div. of Fenn Publishing) (Jordan Fenn) Link

☠️ Kid Mercury Publishing Link

Kids Active Media Ltd. (KAMedia Works Ltd., KABooks) (formerly HandE Book Publishers) (Justine Maynard, Graham Dickinson, Jackie Rann) Link

Kids Can Press (div. of Corus Entertainment) Link

☠️ Kids In Between (Marcy Clubb) Link

☠️ Killing Time Press, LLC (Donalie Beltran) Link

œ Kindle Direct Publishing (div. of Amazon) Link

¥ œ Kindle Worlds (div. of Amazon) Link

¥ œ Kind of a Hurricane Press (Pyrokinection, Jellyfish Whispers, et al.) (A.J. Hoffman, April Salzano) Link

¥ Kindred Ink Press, LLC (Karan Eleni Heitschmidt) Link

☠️ Kings Hart Books (P.U.K.L.) (div. of Publishers UK Ltd.) (Colin Shearing, Elizabeth Plant) Link

Kingston Publishing Company (C.K. Green, Michelle Areaux) Link

☠️ Kitsune Books (Anne Petty) Link

☠️ KiwE Publishing Ltd. (Neil & Patricia Holland) Link

☠️ Kiwi Publishing, Inc. (Eitan & Stacey Battat) Link

☠️ Knox Robinson Publishing (Mithras Books, Your Editor, et al.) (Dana Celest Robinson) Link
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Publishers & Publishing Services – Ko-Ky​

☠️ Kobalt Books Entertainment (Cedric Mixon) Link

☠️ Koboca Publishing (Creative Juices Publishing, Word Journeys) (Jill Silver, Kimbo “Bo” Savino) Link

Koehler Books (Battle Flag Books, Cafe con Leche, et al.) (John Koehler) Link

☠️ Koehler-Hintz & Partners Publishers, Inc. (KHP Publishers) (Black Death Books, Skullvines Press, et al.) (Karen Koehler, Scott Hintz, Jerrod Belzer) Link

Kore Press (Lisa Bowden, Karen Falkenstrom) Link

Koru House Press Ltd. (Samantha Armstrong) Link

☠️ K.Q. Publishing Link

¥ œ Kraken Press (George Cotronis) Link

☠️ KRBY Creations LLC (Kevin Burton) Link

☠️ Krullstone Publishing, LLC (Charlotte Ivey) Link

☠️ Kunati Book Publishers (Derek Armstrong) Link

Kyanite Publishing (Kyanite Glass) (Samantha Hendricks, Jessica Williams) Link


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Publishers & Publishing Services – La-Ll​

☠️ L'Abeille Publishing, Inc. (Andrea Delauren) Link

☠️ Labrador Ltd. (Labrador Publishing) (Doron Ritter) Link

☠️ LaChance Publishing, LLC (Debra LaChance, Victor Starsia) Link

Lachesis Publishing, Inc. (Sinful Moments Press) Link

¥ œ Lackington's (Ranylt Richildis) Link

☠️ Lady Leo Publishing (Sammie Ward) Link

☠️ Lady Luck Publishing (Black Horse Bookstore) (Donna Jean Lyons) Link

☠️ La Frontera Publishing, Inc. (Michael Harris) Link

☠️ Lake Fossil Press (Nicholas Pacione) Link

¥ Lakewater Press (Elderflower Press) (Kate Foster) Link

☠️ L.A. Media, LLC (Teresa Jacobs aka Teresa Wayne) Link

¥ LampLight Magazine (div. of Apokrupha) (Jacob Haddon) Link

☠️ Lancer Books (Irwin Stein, Walter Zacharius) Link

☠️ L&L Dreamspell (Linda “Linndah” Houle, Lisa Rene Smith) Link

☠️ L&R Hartley, Publishers (Lionel Hartley) Link

Lands Atlantic Publishing, LLC (Lands Discovery, Lands Pathway Press, et al.) (Lisa Paul, Shelena Shorts) Link

Lang Book Publishing Ltd. (Roger Lang, Jr., Jennifer Betham-Lang) Link

¥ œ Langley’s Lovelies (Lina Duarte) Link

Langmarc Publishing (North Sea Press, Harbor Lights 2000) (James Qualben, Lois Langemo Qualben) Link

¥ Lanico Media House (formerly Living Waters Publishing Co.) (div. of Lanico Enterprise) (Lacresha Hayes-Raino) Link

Lantern Books (LanternMedia) (div. Booklight Inc.) (Gene Gollogly, Martin Rowe) Link

☠️ Laray Carr Publications (aka LC Publications, Niche Age Media, CMCGroup, MNT Management, et al.) (Quincy Carr) Link

Larson Publications (Paul Cash) Link

☠️ Last Knight Publishing Co. (Charles Kaine) Link

☠️ Last Line, The (James Snee, Matt Adams) Link

☠️ Last Stand Productions, Inc. (Jenifer Delia-Paquette, Brad Harris) Link

☠️ Laura Hird’s Showcase Link

☠️ Laurel Lane Media, Print & Publishing (Laurel Lane Publishing) (Jason McCloy) Link

☠️ LazyDay Publishing, LLC (div. of ABCD Graphics & Design) (Mark McConnell, Staci Helling) Link

☠️ LBF Books (aka Let’s Be Frank Publishing) (div. of Lachesis Publishing as of ‘07) Link

☠️ LB’s Free Spirit Arts of Healing, LLC (formerly LB's Just Say It Publishing) (Lamar Anderson) Link

Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd. (Platinum Press, Celestial Books, et al.) (Swarup Nanda) Link

☠️ Leaf Books Ltd. (The Leaf Writers’ Magazine, Root Creations) (Kevin Davies) Link

œ Lean Publishing (Leanpub) (div. Ruboss Tech. Corp.) (Peter Armstrong, Scott Patten, Len Epp) Link

¥ Leap Books, LLC (Seek (formerly Frolic), Shine, Surge) (Shannon Delany, Judith Graves) Link

Leapfrog Press (Lisa Graziano) Link

Legend Press Ltd. (New Generation Publishing) (div. of Legend Times) (Tom Chalmers) Link

☠️ Leigh Walker Books (Adrian Bowers, Cynthia Parks) Link

Leo Publishing, LLC (Seagull Books) (Steven Lyon) Link

Les Editions Baudelaire (Sonia Vignon-Jamal) Link

☠️ Less Than Three Press, LLC (Megan & Samantha Derr, Sarah Miller) Link

¥ Lethe Press (Bear Bones Books, Icarus Magazine, et al.) (Steve Berman) Link

☠️ Leucrota Press (Danielle Kaheaku) Link

¥ Level Best Books (div. of Dames of Detection, Inc.) Link

☠️ Level 4 Press, Inc. (William Roetzheim) Link

Lexington Books (div. of Rowman & Littlefield) Link

Liberties Press (Sean O'Keeffe) Link

Liberty University Press (Liberty Mountain Publishing) Link

Library Tales Publishing, Inc. (Morgan Usher) Link

☠️ Libros International (Wild Cherry Press) (Ken Douglas aka Ken Scott) Link

Libros Libertad Publishing Ltd. (Emmanuel “Manolis” Aligizakis) Link

☠️ Life of Riley Productions (Torquil Riley-Smith, Leslie Plock) Link

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, Inc. (Jesse Krieger) Link

Lighthouse Christian Publishing (Lighthouse Publishing, Lone Oak Publishing) (Andy Overett) Link

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (Heritage Beacon, Brimstone Fiction, et al.) (Eddie Jones) Link

Light Messages Publishing, LLC (Torchflame Books) (Wally, Betty & Elizabeth Turnbull) Link

Lightning Source (IngramSpark) (div. of Ingram Content) (John Ingram, Larry Brewster) Link

¥ œ Lightspeed Magazine (John Joseph Adams) Link

Light Switch Press, LLC (A Book’s Mind) (Floyd Orfield) Link

☠️ Lillibridge Press (Ronald Blakeslee) Link

¥ Lillicat Publishers (Rogue Star Press, Alternate Universe Press) (Carrol Fix) Link

☠️ Lily Ruth Publishing (Jennifer Stone) Link

œ Limitless Publishing (Jennifer O’Neill, Jessica Gunhammer) Link

☠️ Linden Bay Romance, LLC (All Romance eBooks, Inc.) (Barbara Perfetti, Lori James, Maria Morpeth) Link

Line by Lion Publications, LLC (Three Fates Press) (Amanda Huntley, Marian Allen, T. Lee Harris) Link

Linen Press, The (Lynn Michell) Link

☠️ Link2U Publishing, Inc. (SteelLinks, LoveLinks, et al.) (Gail Harris) Link

☠️ Lionsong Publishing (Renee Scattergood) Link

œ Liquid Silver Publishing (formerly Liquid Silver Books) (div. of Ten West Publishing (formerly Atlantic Bridge Publishing)) (Mike Feury, Linda Eberharter) Link

Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC (Creek Rising Romances, Snowy Creek Romance, et al.) (div. Loucks Studios, Inc.) Link

☠️ Literary Bone, The (Lawrence Dagstine) Link

☠️ Literary Laundry, LLC (Giuilo Gratta, Jonathan Canel) Link

☠️ Literary Road (Michael & Renee Fitzgerald) Link

Literary Wanderlust, LLC (Ardent Garden, Black Bird Lane, et al.) (Susan Brooks) Link

LitFire Publishing, LLC (formerly Finer Application, LLC) Link

☠️ Little Acorn Press Ltd. (Melanie Amann) Link

¥ Little Bird Publishing House (Elixir Edits) (Katie John) Link

☠️ Little Flower Press (Nicean Magazine) (Leonardo Velez, Tiffany Burnett-Velez) Link

Little Lamb Publishing (Little Lamb Books) (Rachel Pellegrino) Link

☠️ Little Moose Press (Cedar Vista Books) (Ellen Reid) Link

☠️ Little Prince Publishing (Sybil Nelson) Link

☠️ Little Things Publishing, The (Randi Ertz) Link

Live It Publishing (Britain's Next Bestseller) (div. Live It Ventures Ltd.) (Murielle Maupoint) Link

☠️ Living Dead Press (Open Casket Press, STFU Publishing, Undead Press) (Anthony Giangregorio) Link

Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. (Midnight Ink) (Bill Krause) Link

☠️ LL Publications (Logical Lust Publications) (Jim & Zetta Brown) Link
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