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:welcome: Before you proceed, please read the following:

How Real Publishing Works


Everything you wanted to know about literary agents...

Now read them again. Really. Understanding the above will keep you out of the hands of scammers and help you bypass the slush pile. The extra time spent now will save you much trouble later.

Moving on ... this particular Index is for Agents & Agencies (primarily by Agency name).

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….. I ….. J ….. K ….. L ….. M ….. N ….. O ….. P ….. Q
….. R ….. S ….. T ….. U ….. V ….. W ….. X ….. Y ….. Z

The Index to Publishers & Publishing Services is here.

The Index to Other Services & Resources is here.

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  • When asking a question, include what info you already have, especially a website, so folks can give you a quick and accurate answer.
  • Post one Agency per thread. That is, if you have questions about two agencies that don't have existing threads, create a separate thread for each agency. (N.B., if you have questions about multiple agents at the same agency, keep ‘em all to the same thread.)
  • Do not create a new thread for an agent or agency that already has one. No matter how old the thread is, just post your question to it, and it will pop to the top.
Enjoy! :Sun:



§ Green = Primarily non-print/media agency (script & screen, etc.)
☠️ Grunge = No longer in (agenting) business.
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Agents & Agencies - 1-9​

3 Seas Literary Agency (Michelle Grajkowski) Link

☠️ 8 Ball Literary Talent Agency (David Grant) Link
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Agents & Agencies - A​

AAA Books Unlimited (LaunchPad Media) (Nancy Rosenfeld) Link

Aaland Agency, The (formerly The Abacus Group Literary Agency) (Jo Ann Krueger aka Terry Dawson) Link

☠️ Aarau Literary Agency (formerly Sunflower Literary Agency) (Paul Muller) Link

☠️ Aaron Literary Agency (Tom Moore) Link

Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency, The Link

A+B Works (A plus B Works, LLC) (Amy & Brandon Jameson) Link

§ Abbot Entertainment, LLC (Spec Scout) (formerly Abbot Screenplay Management) (Tim Lambert) Link

☠️ Abigail Windsor Literary Management (Abigail Kara Windsor) Link

Abner Stein Literary Agency Link

☠️ About Words Agency (Susan Graham, Felice Gums) Link

§ Above the Line Agency (Above the Line Publishing) (Rima Greer) Link

§ Abrams Artists Agency (Steve Ross) Link

☠️ Absolute Literary Group (div. of Marsh Literary Group) (Donnie Marsh) Link

Acacia House Publishing Services Ltd. (Bill & Frances Hanna) Link

☠️ Ackerman Agency (Forrest Ackerman) Link

☠️ AC Literary (Arlene Cardoza) Link

☠️ ADA Management Group (Lauren Hammond) Link

Adams Literary (Tracey & Josh Adams) Link

☠️ Adrian Streather Link

Adventure Write Literary Management (Bill & Colleen Oefelein) Link

§ AEI Entertainment (The Story Merchant, The Writer’s Lifeline, Inc.) (Ken Atchity) Link

Aevitas Creative Management (Esmond Harmsworth, David Kuhn, Todd Shuster) Link

Agencia Andrés de Kramer Link

§ Agency for the Performing Arts (APA Agency) (Beverly Drive Press) Link

Agency (London), The (Stephen Durbridge) (div. Lemon Unna & Durbridge Ltd.) Link

☠️ Agent's Ink (formerly Agents, Inc. for Medical and Mental Health Professionals) (Syd Harriet) Link

☠️ Agenzia Letteraria Idoli D'inchiostro (Literary House) (Alexis Avi, Linda Cooper, Antonia Masi) Link

AGI Vigliano Literary, LLC (Vigliano Books) (div. Y Entertainment Group) (formerly Vigliano Associates) (David Vigliano) Link

☠️ Ag Partners, LLC (formerly Brookland Assocs.) (Andrew Silvers) Link

☠️ Aha Literary Group (Michael Barnhart) Link

Ahearn Agency, The (Pamela Ahearn) Link

☠️ A.H. Literary Agency (Alex Hernandez) Link

Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd. (Gillon Aitken, Clare Alexander) Link

AKA Literary Management (formerly AKA Literary Agency, Anita Kushen & Associates) Link

☠️ Akin & Randolph Agency (Wanda Akin, Carol Randolph) Link

§ Albert T. Longden Associates (Three Corners Entertainment, Righter’s Mill Press) Link

☠️ ALD Literary Agency (Leonid Dubizhansky) Link

Alexander Hoyt Associates Link

☠️ Alexandra Nye, Writers & Agents Link

☠️ Alicia Brooks Editorial Services Link

☠️ Alicka Pistek Literary Agency, LLC Link

☠️ Alison Bond & Associates (aka Alison M. Bond Ltd.) Link

☠️ Alison J. Picard Agency Link

Allen O’Shea Literary Agency, LLC (Marilyn Allen, Coleen O’Shea) Link

☠️ Allred and Allred Literary Agents (Robert Allred) Link

☠️ ALM Tree Agency (Amber Leone) Link

§ Alpern Group, The (Jeff Alpern) Link

☠️ Altair Literary Agency, LLC (Andrea Pedolsky) Link

☠️ AMB Literary Management (Amy Moore-Benson) Link

☠️ A. Mecke Company, Inc. (AMecke Co., Unglue.it) (Amanda Mecke) Link

☠️ Amer-Asia Books, Inc. (Global Book Rights) (Evelyn Kagey Lee) Link

A.M. Heath & Co. Ltd. Link

§ Amiee Entertainment Agency (Joyce Amiee) Link

Ampersand Agency, The (Peter Buckman) Link

AMS Literary Agency Link

Amy Rennert Agency, The Link

Anderson Literary Agency, The (Giles Anderson) Link

Anderson Literary Management, LLC (Kathleen Anderson) Link

Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. Link

Andrew Lownie Literary Agency Ltd. (Thistle Publishing) Link

Andrew Mann Literary Agency (div. of Andrew Mann Ltd.) Link

Andrew Nurnberg Associates Int’l Ltd. Link

Andy Ross Literary Agency Link

☠️ A.N. Experience in Books (Portia Cannon) Link

Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency, The Link

☠️ Angelus Associates Ltd. (Yvonne Fitzpatrick-Grimes) Link

Anne Clark Literary Agency Link

Anne Edelstein Literary Agency Link

☠️ Ann Elmo Agency, Inc. (Andree Abecassis, Lettie Lee) Link

Annette Green Authors’ Agency (The Creative Writing Consultancy) Link

Annie Bomke Literary Agency Link

Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency, Inc. Link

§ Anonymous Content (Steve Golin) Link

Antony Harwood Ltd. Link

☠️ Anthony Paluzzi Link

☠️ Anubis Literary Agency (Anubis Education) (Steve Calcutt) Link

Aponte Literary (Burns and Lea Books) (Natalie Aponte-Burns) Link

☠️ Appleseeds Management (S. James Foiles) Link

April Eberhardt Literary (div. of Libra Nova, LLC) Link

☠️ AP Watt Agency (div. of United Agents as of ‘12) Link

Aragi, Inc. (Nicole Aragi) Link

☠️ Arias Agency, The (Abelardo Arias, Richard Kendall) Link

☠️ A. Richard Barber & Associates Link

Arika Interrights Agency (Kate Thammano, Winnie Waropas) Link

☠️ Arnold Gosewich Link

Artellus Ltd. (Leslie Gardner) Link

ArtHouse Literary Agency (formerly Art + Deco Agency) (Latoya Smith, Felice Laverne) Link

☠️ Arthur Fleming Associates Link

☠️ Arthur B. Greene & Co. Link

☠️ Artists & Artisans, Inc. (Adam Chromy) Link

☠️ Ashley Glenn Link

☠️ Ashley Grayson Literary Agency (Agency Editions) (Carolyn Grayson) Link

ASH Literary (Alice Sutherland-Hawes) Link

Asli Karasuil Literary Agency (Asli Karasuil Telif Haklari Ajansi) Link

☠️ Aspirations Literary Agency (Sheryl Renee Chester) Link

☠️ Atomic Hollywood (George “Buck” Fowler, Ed Hansen) Link

☠️ Audrey R. Wolf, Literary Agency (New Publishing Partners) Link

August Agency, The (August Words Publishing) (Christina “Cricket” Freeman) Link

Australian Literary Management (Lyn Tranter) Link

☠️ Authentic Creations (Mary Lee, Cheryl & Ronald Laitsch) Link

☠️ Author Literary Agents (John Havergal) Link

Author Rights Agency Ltd. (Betimes Books) (Svetlana Pironko) Link

☠️ Authors & Artists (Al Lowman) Link

☠️ Authors' Clearinghouse, The (Jane Johnson, Kathy Thompson) Link

☠️ Avenue A Literary, LLC (Jennifer Cayea) Link

Axelrod Agency, The (Steven Axelrod) Link

☠️ Ayanna Behin Literary Link

Ayesha Pande Literary (formerly Collins Literary Agency) Link

Azantian Literary Agency (Jennifer Azantian) Link
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Agents & Agencies - B​

☠️ Baker's Mark Literary Agency (Bernadette Baker, Gretchen Stelter) Link

Baldi Agency (Malaga Baldi) Link

Barbara Bauer Literary Agency (Literary Management Professionals) (BBLA, Inc.) Link

Barbara Bova Literary Agency, LLC (Ben & Ken Bova) Link

Barbara Braun Associates, Inc. Link

Barbara Casey Literary Agency (Publishers Update) Link

§ Barbara Hogenson Agency, The Link

Barbara Markowitz Literary Agency Link

☠️ Barbara Rifkind Literary Agency Link

Barbara J. Zitwer Literary Agency Link

☠️ Barer Literary, LLC (Julie Barer) Link

☠️ Barnard Agency, The (Wendy Barnard) Link

Barone Literary Agency, The (Denise Barone, Esq.) Link

Baror International, Inc. (Danny Baror, Heather Baror-Shapiro) Link

☠️ Barrett Books (Audra Barrett) Link

☠️ Barrie Van Dyck Agency, Inc. Link

☠️ Barron’s Literary Management (J. Adele Barron-Brooks) Link

Barry Goldblatt Literary, LLC Link

☠️ Barry-Swayne Literary Agency, The (Susan Barry, Lisa Swayne) Link

☠️ Bart Andrew & Associates, Inc. Link

☠️ Bawn Literary Agency (a.k.a. BAWN Publishers, Inc., Literary Agency) (Willie & Beverly Nason) Link

☠️ Beinstock, LLC (formerly N.S. Beinstock, Inc.) (div. of UTA as of ’14) (Richard Leibner) Link

Belcastro Agency (Sharon Belcastro) Link

☠️ Belfrey Literary Agency, The (Belfry Media) (Mary Louise Schwartz) Link

Bell Lomax Moreton Agency Ltd. (Eddie & June Bell, Pat Lomax, Paul Moreton) Link

☠️ Benedict & Associates (aka B.A. Literary Agency, Richard Castro Lit. Agency) (Phil Benedict aka Phil Raia aka Richard Castro) Link

☠️ Bennett & West Literary Agency (Lois Bennett, Joan West) Link

☠️ Benrey + Benrey, LLC (Benrey Literary, Greenbrier Book Company) (Janet & Ron Benrey) Link

Bent Literary Agency, The (Jenny Bent) Link

☠️ Berenice Hoffman Literary Agency Link

☠️ Best Solution Author Agency (Dan Grogan, Karri Hiland) Link

☠️ Bethel Agency, The (Lewis R. Chambers) Link

Beth Vesel Literary Agency, The Link

Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises Link

Betsy Nolan Literary Agency, The (div. of The Nolan/Lehr Group, Inc.) (Carla Glasser) Link

Beverley Slopen Literary Agency (Bev Editions) Link

☠️ BigScore Productions, Inc. (Starburst Publishers) (David Robie, Sharon Hanby-Robie) Link

☠️ Bill Phillips & Associates Link

Bindery Agency, The (formerly Alexander Field Literary Agency) Link

Birch Literary Agency (Cindy Bullard) Link

B.J. Robbins Literary Agency Link

☠️ BK Nelson, Inc. (aka The BK Nelson Literary Agency and Lecture Bureau) (Bonita Nelson) Link

Black Hawk Literary Agency (Black Hawk Enterprises, LLC, Unicorn for Writers) (Jan L. Kardys) Link

Blair Partnership, The (Neil Blair) Link

§ Blair Silver & Co., LLC Link

Blake Friedmann (Julian Friedmann) Link

☠️ Blanche C. Gregory, Inc. Link

Bleecker Street Associates, Inc. (Agnes Birnbaum) Link

☠️ Bliss Literary Agency International, Inc. (Jenoyne Adams) Link

☠️ Bloominghouse Literary (C.S. McCulloh) Link

Blue Heron Literary (Amy Levenson) Link

Blue Ridge Literary Agency (Sleuth Editing) (Dawn Dowdle) Link

☠️ Blumer Literary Agency, Inc., The (Olivia & William Blumer) Link

Blythe Daniel Agency, The Link

☠️ Bobbe Seigel Literary Agency Link

Bob Mecoy Literary Agency (formerly Creative Book Services) Link1 Link2

☠️ Bob Robison & Associates (Robert Robison) Link

Bond Literary Agency (Sandra Bond) Link

☠️ Bond Literary Agents & Specialized Services (Frances Bond Literary Services) (Jean Gaiser) Link

☠️ Bonnie Black Talent Agency Link

Book Bureau Literary Agency, The (Geraldine “Ger” Nichol) Link

Bookcase Literary Agency (Flavia Viotti, Meire Dias) Link

Book Cents Literary Agency, LLC (Christine Witthohn) Link

☠️ Book Deals, Inc. (Caroline Carney) Link

BookEnds, LLC (Beyond the Page Publishing) (Jessica Faust) Link

Booker Albert Agency, The (Brittany Booker Carter, Jordy Albert) Link

Book Group, The (Julie Barer, Faye Bender, et al.) Link

Books & Such Literary Management (Janet Grant) Link

☠️ BooksDreamer Literary Agency (Matteo Zapparelli, Elisa Squinzani, Mariachiara Cabrini) Link

BookStop Literary Agency, LLC (Kendra Marcus) Link

☠️ Bookworm Literary Group, The (Phyllis Jager) Link

Book Wyrm Literary Agency (Sandy Lu) Link

Bradford Literary Agency (Laura Bradford) Link

☠️ Braggs Literary Group (Jeremy Braggs) Link

☠️ Brandon & Associates Literary Agents (B&A Publishers) (John King, Jenni Stace) Link

☠️ Brands-to-Books, Inc. (Robert Allen, Kathleen Spinelli) Link

Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc. (Carl Brandt, Gail Hochman) Link

Brandt New Agency (Carina Brandt) Link

Bresnick Weil Literary Agency, LLC (div. of Paul Bresnick Literary Agency) Link

☠️ B.R. Fleury Agency (Blanche Fleury) Link

☠️ Brick House Literary Agents (Sally Wofford-Girand) Link

Bright Agency, The (Bright Literary Agency) (div. of Bright Group International Ltd.) (Vicki Willden-Lebrecht) Link

☠️ Bright Lights Associates (Suzanne Hoos) Link

☠️ Broadland Literary (Lisa Jane Weller) Link

☠️ Brock Gannon Literary Agency (Louise Peters) Link

Brower Literary & Management (Kimberly Brower) Link

Browne & Miller Literary Associates, LLC (Danielle Egan-Miller) Link

☠️ Brown Ink Books, LLC (Brown Publishing) (Aisha Johnson) Link

☠️ Bryan Drew Ltd. Link

Bukowski Agency, The (Denise Bukowski) Link

☠️ Bunch Literary Agency (Mads Bunch) Link
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Agents & Agencies - C​

☠️ California Literary Services (formerly West Coast Literary) (Richard VanDerBeets, James Haversham) Link

☠️ Calliope Content Development (Sara Wolski) Link

☠️ Cambridge Literary Associates (Ralph & Mike Valentino) Link

§ Cameron’s Management (aka The Cameron Cresswell Agency) (Jane Cameron) Link

☠️ Candice Fuhrman Literary Agency Link

C&W Agency (formerly Conville & Walsh Ltd.) (div. Curtis & Brown as of ’15) (Claire Conville) Link

☠️ Cantrell-Colas, Inc. (Maryanne Colas-Thibouville) Link

§ Capital Talent Agency, LLC (Roger Yoerges) Link

☠️ CardenWright Literary Agency (Genevieve & Philippe Carden, Rachel Wright) Link

Carnicelli Literary Management (Matthew Carnicelli) Link

☠️ Carole Abel Literary Agency Link

Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Link

Carol Mann Agency Link

☠️ Carol Susan Roth Literary & Creative (aka Author’s Best) Link

Carolyn Jenks Agency Link

Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency Ltd. Link

☠️ Carroll Grace Literary Agency (Patricia Jozwiakowski, Sonuia “Sunny” Mays) Link

☠️ Cascade Literary Agency (Jewelann Cone) Link

Caskie Mushens Agency (Robert Caskie, Juliet Mushens) Link

☠️ Castiglia Literary Agency (Julie Castiglia) Link

Catbird Productions (Kirsten Hall) Link

Chalberg & Sussman (Terra Chalberg, Rachel Sussman) Link

☠️ Chambers Literary & Film Agency (div. of Chambers Solicitors aka Chambers Mediators Int’l) (Leina Yadev) Link

☠️ Chamein Canton Agency (aka Canton Smith Agency) (Eric Smith) Link

Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency, The Link

Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency Link

Chase Literary Agency (Farley Chase) Link

§ Chasin Agency, The (Tom Chasin) Link

Cheney Agency, The (formerly Elyse Cheney Literary Associates) Link

Cherry Weiner Literary Agency Link

☠️ Cheryl McCarthy Literary Agency Link

☠️ Cheryl T. Pillsbury Link

Choate Agency, The (Michael Choate) Link

☠️ Chris Fortunato Literary Agency (Wayland Square Editions) Link

☠️ Christina Ward Literary Agency Link

Christopher Little Literary Agency, The Link

Chudney Agency, The (Steven Chudney) Link

§ Cine/Lit Representation (Anne Cottle, Mary Alice Kier) Link

☠️ Circle Literary Agency, The (Sam Vargo) Link

☠️ CK Webber Associates (Carlie Webber) Link

Claire Gerus Literary Agency Link

☠️ Clarence-Christian Agency, The (B. Christian) Link

☠️ Clark Management Co., Inc. (Vicki Clark) Link

☠️ Clark, Mendelson, and Scott (aka Franklin-Madison L.A.) (formerly Capital L.A., Washington L.A., et al.) (Samuel Asinugo) Link

☠️ Clear Sailing Creatives (Clear Mountain Creatives) (Beth Fleisher) Link

☠️ Cohen Agency, The (Roberta Cohen) Link

Colchie Agency, The (Thomas & Elaine Colchie) Link

Collage Literary (Allined Books) (div. of Hawkins + Company) (Laurie Hawkins) Link

☠️ Collier Associates (Dianna Collier-Warner) Link

☠️ Colosseum Management (Casper Lundbak, Maria Simonsen) Link

§ Compass Talent, LLC (Heather Schroder) Link

☠️ Communications Management Associates (aka CMA, CMALA) (formerly Part-Time Productions) (Tom Lee) Link

☠️ Connor Literary Agency (Marlene Connor Lynch, Deborah Connor Coker) Link

☠️ Connie Clausen Associates Link

CookeMcDermid Lit. Mgmt. (Cooke Int’l) (formerly The Cooke Agency) (Dean Cooke, Sally Harding) Link1 Link2

Coombs Moylett McClean Literary Agency (The Fiction Editors) (formerly Coombs Moylett L.A.) (Lisa Moylett, Jamie McClean) Link

Cornerstone Literary, Inc. (Helen Breitwieser) Link

☠️ Corning Agency, The (Alix Taylor) Link

Copps Literary Services, LLC (Elizabeth Copps) Link

Corvisiero Literary Agency (Literary Powerhouse Consulting (LitPow Portal)) (Marisa Corvisiero) Link

Cowles Agency, The (formerly The Cowles-Ryan L.A.) (Katherine Cowles) Link

☠️ Craig Nelson Company, The Link

Craig Wiley Agency, The Link

☠️ Crane Literary Agency Link

§ Creative Artists Agency, LLC (aka CAA) (Mollie Glick, et al.) Link

☠️ Creative Artists Agency, The (Demetria Brandon aka Raven Dupre aka Chandra Bullock) Link

Creative Authors Ltd. (Isabel Atherton) Link

☠️ Creative Culture, The (Mary Ann Naples, Debra Goldstein) Link

Creative Media Agency, Inc. (Paige Wheeler) Link

☠️ Creative Script Services (Kathryn Knowlton) Link

Creative Trust, Inc. (formerly Helmers Literary Services) (Kathryn Helmers) Link

Credo Communications, LLC (Credo House Publishers) (Tim Beals) Link

Crichton & Associates, Inc. (Sha-Shana N.L. Crichton) Link

☠️ Croce Agency, The (Nicholas Croce) Link

☠️ Cross Wind Agency (Anita Melograna) Link

CSG Literary Partners, LLC (MDM Management, LLC) (Steven Harris, Michele Martin) Link

☠️ CS International Literary Agency (Cynthia Neesemann) Link

Culinary Entertainment Agency, The (formerly The Culinary Cooperative, Psaltis Literary) (Michael Psaltis) Link

Cullen Stanley International Agency, Inc. (Stephanie Koven) Link

Curtis Brown Australia Pty. Ltd. Link

Curtis Brown Group Ltd. (UK) (Curtis Brown Creative) Link

Curtis Brown Ltd. (US) Link

Cynthia Manson Literary Agency Link

☠️ Cynthia Vann Literary Services (formerly Cynthia Vann L.A.) Link

☠️ CYNTOMedia Corp. (CYNTOM Cinema Productions) (formerly The Lee Shore Company Ltd.) (Cynthia Sterling) Link

☠️ Cypher Agency, The (James R. Cypher) Link
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Agents & Agencies - D​

D4EO Literary Agency (formerly D4EO Literary Partners) (Robert Diforio) Link

☠️ Damaris Rowland Agency, The Link

Dana Newman Literary, LLC Link

☠️ Daniel Bial Agency (Daniel Bial Editing) Link

Daniel Literary Group (Greg Daniel) Link

☠️ Daniels Books, LLC (Leslie Daniels) Link

☠️ Dan Peragine Agency Link

Darhansoff & Verrill (formerly Darhansoff Verrill Feldman) (Liz Darhansoff, Chuck Verrill) Link

§ Darley Anderson Literary, TV & Film Agency (Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency) Link

Davey Literary & Media (Tricia & Beth Davey) Link

David Black Literary Agency, The Link

David Godwin Associates Ltd. (aka DGA Ltd.) (Heather Godwin) Link

§ David Higham Associates Link

☠️ David Rompf Literary Agency Link

☠️ Davis|Wager Literary Agency (Timothy Wager) Link

D.C. Jacobson & Associates, LLC (Don Jacobson) Link

Deborah Harris Agency, The Link

☠️ Debra Fishpaw Literary Agency Link

§ Dee Mura Literary (Dee Mura Enterprises, Inc.) Link

DeFiore and Company (formerly DeFiore and Company Author Services) (Brian DeFiore) Link

☠️ Delphinius Talent Management (Nick Gulascy, Jr., Cynthia Roberts (formerly Brohas-Gulascy)) Link

Denise Shannon Literary Agency Link

☠️ Desert Rose Agency (Leanne Murphy) Link

D.H.H. Literary Agency (David Headley) Link

☠️ DHS Literary, Inc. (David Hale Smith) Link

Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency (Ella Diamond Kahn, Bryony Woods) Link

Diana Finch Literary Agency Link

☠️ Distal Group Mindstreaming Technologies (Anne M. Volmering) Link

Diverse Books Literary (Cherrita Lee) Link

☠️ Dixie, The Literary Agency (Ron Autrey) Link

Doe Coover Agency, The Link

Dominick Abel Literary Agency Link

☠️ Donadio & Olsen, Inc. (Candida Donadio, Neil Olsen) Link

Donaghy Literary Group (Stacey Donaghy) Link

Donald Maass Literary Agency Link

§ Don Buchwald & Associates, Inc. Link

Don Congdon Associates, Inc. (Michael Congdon) Link

☠️ Don Gastwirth & Associates Link

☠️ Dorian Literary Agency (Dorothy “Dot” Lumley) Link

Dorie Simmonds Agency Ltd. Link

☠️ Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, The (aka The DSM Agency) Link

Doug Grad Literary Agency, Inc. Link

☠️ Doyen Literary Services, Inc. (Barbara “BJ” Doyen) Link

☠️ Dreisbach Literary Management (Verna Dreisbach) Link

☠️ Drew Nelson Book Agency Link

☠️ Drew S. Maser and Associates, Literary Agents Link

☠️ DRS Agency, The (David R. Shepherd) Link

§ du Jour Films & Entertainment, Inc. (div. of Gypsy Productions) (Robert L. Miller) Link

Duncan McAra Literary Agency Link

Dunham Literary, Inc. (Rhoda Weyr Agency) (Jennie Dunham) Link

Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency (Henry Dunow, Jennifer Carlson, Betsy Lerner) Link

Dupree Miller & Associates (Savio Republic) (Jan Miller) Link

☠️ Durant Literary Agency (Tiffany Durant) Link

☠️ Durkin Entertainment Group (formerly WriterzWorld Network, Durkin Artists Agency) (Debbie Durkin, Sara Gilmore) Link

Dystel, Goderich & Bourret, LLC (formerly Dystel & Goderich Lit. Mgmt.) (Jane Dystel, Miriam Goderich, Michael Bourret) Link
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Agents & Agencies - E​

☠️ Eames Literary Services, LLC (John Eames) Link

☠️ Earth Angels Literary Management (aka EarthAngels, Earthlight) (Attica Peece) Link

☠️ Easley Literary Agency, LLC (Kiesha Easley) Link

East/West Literary Agency (Deborah Warren) Link

Eaton Literary Agency, Inc. (Ralph Eaton, Larry Parr) Link

Ebeling & Associates (The Ebeling Agency) (Michael Ebeling) Link

☠️ EBP Literary Agency, LLC (Emma Penick) Link

§ Eddie Kritzer Productions Link

Eddison Pearson Ltd. (Clare Pearson) Link

Eden Street, LLC (Liza Pulitzer-Voges) Link

Edite Kroll Literary Agency Link

☠️ Ed Victor Ltd. (Bedford Square Books) Link

☠️ Edward Armstrong Literary Agency Link

☠️ Edward Cecil Literary Agency, The (Daisy Frost) Link

☠️ Edythea Ginis Selman Literary Agency (Edy Selman) Link

Einstein Literary Management (formerly Einstein Thompson Agency) (Susanna Einstein) Link

☠️ Elaine Davie Literary Agency Link

☠️ Elaine P. English, PLLC Link

☠️ Elaine Koster Literary Agency, LLC Link

☠️ Elaine Markson Literary Agency (formerly Markson & Thoma L.A.) Link

Elise Dillsworth Agency Link

☠️ Elite Finesse Literary Agency (aka The Elite Finesse Literary Publishing Agency) (formerly Finesse Literary Agency) (Karen Carr aka K.E. Carr) Link

☠️ Elite Online Literary Agency (Daniel Kane) Link

☠️ Elizabeth Cavanaugh Link

☠️ Elizabeth Goodman Link

Elizabeth Kaplan Literary Agency, The Link

☠️ Ellen F. Denison, Literary Agent Link

Emerald City Literary Agency (Mandy Hubbard) Link

☠️ Emerald Literary Agency (Debra Rodman) Link

☠️ Emil Cioran Literary Agency Link

☠️ Emilie Stewart Literary Agency Link

Emma Sweeny Agency (div. of Folio as of '20) Link

Empire Literary, LLC (Andrea Barzvi) Link

☠️ Endeavor Agency, The (Richard Abate) Link

☠️ Epstein Literary Agency, The (EpsteinWords) (Kate Epstein) Link

Erin Murphy Literary Agency Link

☠️ Errata Literary, Inc. (formerly Errate Press Ltd.) (Donald & Elisabeth Swaim) Link

☠️ Estephan Talent Agency (Joseph Estephan) Link

Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency, The (Worldbuilders Press, et al.) Link

☠️ Euro 1 Motion Picture & Literary Agency (aka Euro Literary Agency) (Dzejn “Jane” Vujic) Link

Evan Marshall Agency, The (The Marshall Plan) (Martha Jewett) Link

§ Evatopia Entertainment (Evatopia Academy, Evatopia Press) (Margery Walshaw) Link

Eve White: Literary Agent Link

Eyebait Management (Jane Putch) Link
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Agents & Agencies - F​

Fairbank Literary Representation (Sorche Fairbank) Link

Faith Childs Literary Agency Link

Falkin Literary (Mark Falkin) Link

☠️ Fallon Literary Agency (Eileen Fallon) Link

☠️ Fann Literary and Art Agent (Frankie Ann White) Link

☠️ Farber Literary Agency (Ann, Donald & Seth Farber) Link

☠️ Farris Literary Agency, Inc. (Mike Farris, Suasn Morgan Farris) Link

☠️ Faye Bender Literary Agency Link

Feldstein Agency, The (Susan & Paul Feldstein) Link

Felicia Eth Literary Representation Link

☠️ Fenton Entertainment Group, Inc. (Robert L. Fenton) Link

☠️ Ferguson Literary Agency, The (Cheryl Ferguson) Link

Fielding Agency, The (Whitney Lee) Link

☠️ Fifi Oscard Agency, Inc. (Peter Sawyer, Carolyn French) Link

☠️ Film Literary Group (Gray Fox Films) (formerly Beverly Hills Lit. Consultants, Inc., Gray/Goodman, Inc.) (Stephan Gray) Link

☠️ Finchley Road Literary (Rebecca Gradinger) Link

Fine Literary Management (Susan Finesman) Link

FinePrint Literary Management (Peter Rubie) Link

☠️ Firebrand Literary (Story Complex, Firebrand Publishing) (Nadia Cornier, Cristi Marchetti) Link

Fischer-Harbage Agency, The (Ryan & Laura Fischer-Harbage) Link

Flannery Literary (Jennifer Flannery) Link

Fleck Agency, The (formerly Professional Media Services) (Robert Fleck) Link

Fletcher & Company (formerly Fletcher & Parry) (Christy Fletcher) Link

☠️ Flora Roberts, Inc. Link

☠️ Florida Literary Agency, The (Kevin DiTanna) Link

☠️ Fogelman Literary Agency, The (Evan Fogelman) Link

FOG Literary Agency (Sue Flammang) Link

Folio Literary Management, LLC (Folio Jr.) (Scott Hoffman, Jeff Kleinman) Link

☠️ Font Literary Agency (Aine McCarthy aka Orna Ross) Link

☠️ Forte Associates (Jeanne Forte Dube) Link

☠️ Foster Literary Agency (Tina Foster) Link

Foundry Literary + Media (Peter McGuigan, Yfat Reiss Gendell) Link

☠️ Fountain Literary (Jennifer de la Fuente) Link

☠️ Fox Chase Agency (A. L. & Jo C. Hart) Link

Fox Literary Agency (Diana Fox) Link

☠️ Fox Mason Ltd. (Ben Mason) Link

FRA (formerly Futerman, Rose & Associates) (Guy Rose) Link

Frances Collin (formerly Marie Rodell Frances Collin Literary Agency) Link

Frances Goldin Literary Agency, Inc. (Ellen Geiger, Sam Stoloff) Link

Fraser-Bub Literary, LLC (MacKenzie Fraser-Bub) Link

Fraser Ross Associates (Lindsey Fraser, Kathryn Ross) Link

Fredrica S. Friedman & Co., Inc. ("Freddie" Friedman) Link

Fresh Books, Inc. (Matt Wagner) Link

Friedrich Agency, The (Molly Friedrich) Link

☠️ FrontMatter & Associates (John Banks) Link

Full Circle Literary, LLC (Stefanie von Borstel, Lilly Ghahremani) Link

☠️ Furniss Lawton (div. of James Grant Group) (Eugenie Furniss, Rowan Lawton) Link

Fuse Literary (Short Fuse Publishing) (formerly Foreword Literary) (Laurie McLean, Gordon Warnock) Link
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Agents & Agencies - G​

G Agency, LLC (Jeff Gerecke) Link

§ Gallagher Literary (Gallagher Talent) (div. of Gallagher Entertainment) (Rob Gallagher) Link

Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency (formerly Nancy Gallt Literary Agency) (Marietta Zacker) Link

Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management (formerly Gandolfo Helin Lit. Mgmt.) (Italia Gandolfo, Calvin Helin, Renee Fountain) Link

Garamond Agency, The (Lisa Adams, David Miller) Link

§ Gary-Paul Agency, The (Garret Maynard) Link

☠️ Gary S. Wohl Literary Agency Link

Gateway Literary, LLC (BlueStocking Editorial) (Terri Baranowski) Link

Gelfman Schneider Literary Agents (Jane Gelfman, Deborah Schnieder) Link

☠️ Gerard McCauley Agency Link

Gernert Company, The (David Gernert) Link

§ Gersh Agency, The (Bob & David Gersh) Link

Ghosh Literary (Anna Ghosh) Link

Gilbert Literary Agency (div. of Hawkspurr Productions) (Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert) Link

Gina Maccoby Literary Agency Link

☠️ Gislason Agency, The (Blue Diamond Enterprises, Blue Raven Press) (Barbara Gislason) Link

Glass Literary Management (Alex Glass) Link

Glasstown Entertainment (The Studio) (formerly Paper Lantern Lit) (Lexa Hillyer, Lauren Oliver, Laura Parker) Link

☠️ Glenn Sobel Management Link

§ Global Lion Intellectual Pty. Mgmt. (21st Century Lion Books) (formerly PMA Literary & Film Management, Millennium Lion, Inc.) (Peter Miller) Link

☠️ Global Literary Management, LLC (Didier Imbot, Stephanie Abou, et al.) Link

☠️ Global Talent Representatives, Inc. (G.T.R., Inc.) (formerly National Writers' Lit. Agency) (Andrew J. Whelchel III) Link

☠️ G. Michael Short Link

Gold Dust Literary Agency (LiVatia “Gwyn” Jordan) Link

Goldfarb & Associates (Ronald Goldfarb) Link

Golden West Literary Agency (Vicki Piekarski) Link

Golden Wheat Literary (Jessica Schmeidler) Link

GO Literary (Amaryah Orenstein) Link

Good Literary Agency, The (Mikesh Shuklay, Julia Kingsford) Link

☠️ Goodman Associates (Arnold Goodman, Elise Simon Goodman) Link

§ Gotham Group, The (Ellen Goldsmith-Vein) Link

Gotham Literary Agency Ltd. (Nathalie Scott) Link

☠️ Grace Morgan Literary Agency Link

☠️ Grant Agency, The (Steve Grant) Link

☠️ Graybill & English, LLC (Nina Graybill, Elaine English) Link

Grayhaus Literary Agency (Scott Eagan) Link

Grayhawk Agency, The (Gray Tan) Link

Great Dog Literary (Liz Nealon) Link

☠️ Great Titles, Inc. (Tina Tsallas) Link

Greene & Heaton Ltd. (Elaine Greene, Carol Heaton) Link

Greenhouse Literary Agency, The (Sarah Davies) Link

☠️ Gregory & Company Authors' Agents (Jane Gregory) Link

☠️ Gregory Literary Agency, LLC (Steven Gregory) Link

☠️ Greystone Literary Agency (Michael Mancilla) Link

Grosvenor Literary Agency, The (Deborah Grosvenor) Link

Gudrun Hebel, agentur literur Link

☠️ Guma Agency, The (Matthew Guma) Link

☠️ Gunn Global Media (Gunn Media Enterprises) (Ali Gunn) Link

☠️ GuruGirls (Lisa Grant) Link

☠️ Gwendolyn Heasley Literary Agency Link
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Agents & Agencies - H​

☠️ Halston Freeman Literary Agency (Betty Halston, Molly Freeman) Link

☠️ Halyard Literary Agency (Alaina Grayson) Link

Hanbury Agency, The (Margaret Hanbury) Link

Handspun Literary Agency, Inc. (Courtney Miller-Callihan) Link

☠️ Hannah Rogers Link

Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency (Carrie Hannigan, Jesseca Salky, Josh Getzler) Link

☠️ Harold Matson Company (Jonathan Matson) Link

☠️ Harold Ober Associates, Inc. (Craig Tenney) Link

☠️ Harold Schmidt Literary Agency Link

☠️ Harris Literary Agency (Barbara J. Harris) Link

☠️ Harris, Harris & Donahue Ltd. (Alan & Trevor Harris, Susan Donahue) Link

Hartline Literary Agency (Joyce Hart) Link

☠️ Hart Literary Management (Susan Hart) Link

Harvey Klinger, Inc. Link

Headwater Literary Management (Erik Hane, Laura Zats) Link

☠️ Heacock Hill Literary Agency (Catt LeBaigue, Peter Danison aka Tom Dark) Link

☠️ Heacock Literary Agency (James Heacock & Rosalie Heacock Thompson) Link

☠️ Helen Brann Agency Link

Helen Heller Agency, The (Sarah Heller) Link

☠️ Helen F. Pratt, Inc. Link

Hen&Ink Literary Studio (Erzsi Deak) Link

§ Henry Morrison, Inc. Link

Herman Agency, Inc. (Ronnie Ann Herman) Link

☠️ Hermes the Literary Agency (Susan Wells) Link

Hershman Rights Management (Sarah Hershman) Link

hhb agency ltd. (Heather Holden-Brown) Link

High Spot Literary (Vicki Marsdon, Nadine Rubin Nathan) Link

☠️ Hill & Hill Literary Agency (Christopher Hill) Link

Hill Nadell Literary Agency (formerly Frederick Hill/Bonnie Nadell L. A., Frederick Hill Assocs.) Link

Holloway Literary Agency (Nikki Terpilowski) Link

Holroyde Cartey Ltd. (Penny Holroyde, Claire Cartey) Link

☠️ Hoover, Sanders Literary Agency (Douglas Hoover, Cheryl Sanders) Link

Hopkins Literary Associates (Pamela Hopkins) Link

Hornfischer Literary Management, L.P. (Jim Hornfischer) Link

§ Hotchkiss, Daily & Associates, Inc. (formerly Hotchkiss and Assocs.) (Jody Hotchkiss) Link

☠️ Houle Agency, The (Christina Houle) Link

Howard Morhaim Literary Agency Link

Howland Literary, LLC (Carrie Howland) Link

☠️ Hughes Capital Entertainment (Patrick Hughes) Link

☠️ Hummingbird Literary (Children’s Book Academy) (Mira Reisberg) Link

☠️ Hyatt Literary Agency (Linda Hyatt) Link

☠️ Hy Cohen Literary Agency Ltd. Link
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Agents & Agencies - I​

ICM Partners (formerly International Creative Management) Link

ICM/Sagalyn (formerly Sagalyn Literary Agency) (Raphael Sagalyn) Link

☠️ IMG Literary (div. of IMG World) (Lisa Queen) Link

☠️ IMG Management (div. of IMG Music Productions, Inc.) (Tyra Buburuz) Link

☠️ Immersion Management (John Salcido, Andy Pelletier) Link

☠️ Imprint Agency, Inc. (Stephany Evans) Link

Independent Literary (formerly Dinsdale Imber) (Robert Dinsdale) Link

Indent Literary Agency (Andrea Montejo) Link

☠️ Inga Hessel Literary Agency Link

☠️ Inklings Literary Agency, LLC (Michelle Johnson) Link

☠️ inko, Inc. (Sue Yuen) Link

InkWell Management, LLC (formerly Carlisle & Co.) (Michael Carlisle, Richard Pine, Kimberly Witherspoon) Link

Innisfree Literary (Margaret O’Connor) Link

Inscriptions Literary Agency (Inscriptions Books) (Andrea Comparto) Link

Inspira Group, The (Darin Jewell) Link

☠️ Integrity Artists Management (Tom Townsend) Link

☠️ International Independent Literary Agents Association (IILAA) Link

☠️ International Literary Arts, LLC (Pamela Brodowsky) Link

International Transactions, Inc. (Yucca Publishing) (Peter & Sandra Riva) Link

Irene Goodman Literary Agency Link

☠️ Irene Skolnick Literary Agency Link

§ Irene Webb Productions (formerly Irene Webb Literary) Link

Isabel White Link
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Agents & Agencies - J​

☠️ J.A. Weber Literaturagentur GmbH (Julie Weber) Link

JABberwocky Literary Agency (Joshua Blimes) Link

§ Jack Scagnetti Talent & Literary Agency (Craig Scagnetti) Link

§ Jago Ciro Entertainment (Kimberly Jago, Fabio Ciro) Link

☠️ James Charlton Associates Link

☠️ James B. Finn Literary Agency Link

James Fitzgerald Agency Link

James Frenkel & Associates (Joan Vinge) Link

☠️ James Literary Agency, Inc. (Jonathan James) Link

☠️ James Peter Associates, Inc. (Bert Holtje) Link

Janczuk Literary Agency (Weronika Janczuk) Link

☠️ Jan Dennis Literary Services (formerly The Jan P. Dennis Lit. Agency) Link

☠️ Jane Chelius Literary Agency Link

☠️ Jane Dowary Agency (Julia Sarah Levin) Link

Jane Rotrosen Agency, LLC (Jane Rotrosen Berkey) Link

☠️ Janet Kay & Associates (JanGeo Ink Publishing Company, Helping Hand Literary Service, Harrison & Company Literary) (Janet Kay, George Titsworth, Sonny Harrison) Link1 Link2

Janis A. Donnaud & Associates, Inc. Link

Janklow & Nesbit Associates (Morton Janklow, Lynn Nesbitt) Link

Jason Yarn Literary Agency Link

☠️ JCA Literary Agency (Tom & Melanie Cushman) Link

J. de S. Associates, Inc. (Jacques de Spoelberch) Link

Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, The Link

Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency Link

Jeff Herman Agency, The (Micro Publishing Media) (Jeff & Deborah Herman) Link

☠️ Jeffrey Simmons Literary Agency Link

Jellinek & Murray Literary Agency (Jellinek & Murray Publishing) (Roger Jellinek, Eden-Lee Murray) Link

☠️ Jenée Arthur Agency (formerly Rellihan Satterlee) Link

Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, The Link

☠️ Jennifer Etherton Literary Services Link

Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency (formerly Lyons & Pande International) Link

Jenny Brown Associates Link

Jenny Meyer Literary Agency Link

JET Literary Associates, Inc. (Disc-Us Books) (Jim Trupin, Elizabeth Trupin-Pulli) Link

☠️ JetReid Literary Agency (Janet Reid) Link

Jia-Xi Books Co. Ltd. (Hsin-Hua Liu) Link

Jill Grinberg Literary Management Link

Jill Grosjean Literary Agency Link

Jim Donovan Literary Link

☠️ J. Joyce Agency, The (Waltner & Associates, Tri-Pod Entertainment Publishing) (Jennifer Philips-Joyce) Link

☠️ JLA Literary Agency (Jay Lace) Link

Joan Brandt Agency, The Link

☠️ Joanna Lewis Cole Link

☠️ Jodie Rhodes Literary Agency (New Talent Press) Link

Jody Rein Books, Inc. (Author Planet Press, BookProposalPro) Link

Joelle Delbourgo Associates, Inc. (JDA Publishing Services) Link

☠️ John Boswell Associates (John Boswell Management, Inc.) Link

John Hawkins & Associates, Inc. Link

John Jarrold Link

Johnson & Alcock Ltd. (John Johnson, Michael Alcock) Link

☠️ Johnson Literary Agency (Johnson Books & Media) (formerly Caren Johnson L.A.) (Caren Johnson Estesen) Link

☠️ Johnson-Warren Literary Agency (formerly James Warren L.A.) (Billie Johnson) Link

☠️ John A. Ware Literary Agency Link

☠️ John White Literary Agency Link

John W. Wright Literary Agency (aka John Wright Literary Assocs.) Link

Jonathan Clowes Ltd. (Valerie Ann Evans) Link

☠️ Jonathan Dolger Agency, The Link

Jonathan Pegg Literary Agency Link

☠️ Jones Hutton Literary Associates (Hutton [Electronic] Publishing) (formerly Hutton & Hutton Agency) (Caroline DuBois Hutton) Link

§ Jon Klane Company, The (formerly The Jon Klane Agency) Link

☠️ Joseph S. Ajlouny Literary Agency Link

Joseph Ryan Link

Jo Unwin Literary Agency Link

Joy Harris Literary Agency, The Link

Judith Ehrlich Literary Management Link

Judith Riven Literary Agent Link

Jud Laghi Agency, The (Megawatt Press) Link

Julia Livshin Link

Julia Lord Literary Management (div. of Lymehouse Productions, Inc.) Link

Julie A. Hill & Associates, LLC (formerly Hill Media & Literary Agency) Link

☠️ Julie McIntyre Link

☠️ Justak Literary Services, Inc. (Marta Justak) Link
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Agents & Agencies - K​

Kane Literary Agency (Three Hares Publishing) (formerly The Standen L.A.) (Yasmin Standen) Link

Karen Gantz Literary Management (formerly Karen Gantz Zahler Lit. Mgmt.) Link

Karpfinger Agency, The (Barney Karpfinger) Link

Kate Hordern Literary Agency Link

Kate Nash Literary Agency Link

☠️ Katherine Adams Agency Link

☠️ Kathi J. Paton Literary Agency Link

Kathryn Green Literary Agency, LLC Link

Kaye & Mills, LLP (Jessica Kaye, Kevin Mills) Link

Kayi Literary Agency (formerly NUCCiHAN KESiM Literary Agency) (Dilek, Fusun & Murat Kayi) Link

☠️ Keating Literary, LLC (Trena Keating) Link

☠️ Keen Literary (formerly EBM Literary) (Emily Booth Masters, Julie Schoerke, Susan Abel) Link

Keller Media, Inc. (formerly ForthWrite Literary Agency & Speakers Bureau) (Wendy Keller) Link

§ Ken Sherman & Associates Link

Kepner Agency, The (Chris Kepner) Link

☠️ Key Literary Agency (Royal Trinity Press) (Kimberly Key) Link

Ki Agency (Meg Davis) Link

☠️ Kidde, Hoyt & Picard Literary Agency (Katharine “Kay” Kidde, Alison Picard) Link

☠️ Kilburn Literary Agency (formerly Ashgrove House Publishing, Beacon Virtual Services, et al.) (Reggie Sharp Byram aka James Lansbury, et al.) Link

Kimberley Cameron & Associates (formerly Reece Halsey North Literary Agency) (Reputation Books) Link

Kingsford Campbell Ltd. (Julia Kingsford, Charles Campbell) Link

☠️ Kira Muratova Link

Kirchoff Wohlberg, Inc. (Morris Kirchoff, Helen Wohlberg) Link

☠️ Kirkland Media Management, LLC (Jessie Kirkland) Link

☠️ Kirsten Manges Literary Agency Link

☠️ Kirsten Neuhaus Literary Agency Link

Kitchen, Lind & Associates (Kitchen Sink Books) (formerly Kitchen & Hansen Agency) (Denis Kitchen, John Lind) Link

☠️ Knapp Talent & Literary, LLC (Richard Knapp) Link

Kneerim & Williams (formerly Kneerim, Williams & Bloom) (Jill Kneerim, Ike Williams) Link

Knight Agency, The (TKA Distribution) (Deidre Knight) Link

§ Knight Hall Agency Ltd. (Charlotte Knight) Link

☠️ Kraas Literary Agency (Irene & Ashley Kraas) Link

☠️ Krista Goering Literary Agency, The Link

§ Kristine Krupp Talent Agency Link

KT Literary, LLC (Kate Testerman) Link

KT Public Relations & Literary Services (Kae & Jon Tienstra) Link

☠️ Kuhn Projects, LLC (David Kuhn) Link
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Agents & Agencies - L​

☠️ LACA NOLA Talent Group (Melissa Caudle) Link

Ladderbird (Beth Marshea) Link

LA Literary agency, The (LA Book Doctor) (formerly Maureen Lasher Agency) (Eric & Maureen Lasher) Link

Langtons International Agency (Book Marketing Int’l, Editorial Experts 4 U, Langtons Editorial Consultancy) (Linda Langton) Link

Lark Group, The (Abby Saul) Link

☠️ Larsen Pomada Literary Agents (Michael Larsen, Elizabeth Pomada) Link

LatschLit, Inc. (LatschLit Literary Agency & Translations) (Oliver & Paula Latsch) Link

LaunchBooks Literary Agency (David Fugate) Link

☠️ Laura Cecil Link

Laura Dail Literary Agency Link

Laura Gross Literary Agency Link

Laura Langlie Agency Link

☠️ Lawrence Jordan Agency (div. of Morning Star Communications, LLC) Link

☠️ Lazear Agency, The (Jonathan & Wendy Lazear) Link

☠️ L & C Literary Agency (Owen Burnham, Anne Charles) Link

☠️ Lee Allen Agency Link

Lee Sobel Literary Agency Link

Lee-Steinberg Agency (William Lee) Link

☠️ Left To Write Agency (John Hodder) Link

☠️ Lejen Literary Consultants (Lee Edward Levinson) Link

☠️ Lennie Literary Agency & Authors’ Attorney (Alana & Michael Lennie) Link

☠️ Leo Media & Entertainment Group (formerly Leo Film & Books Agency) (Alex Sperber aka Alex Sullivan) Link

☠️ Lescher & Lescher Ltd. (Susan & Robert Lescher) Link

Leshne Agency, The (Lisa Leshne) Link

☠️ Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency Link

☠️ Leslie Rivers, International (Judith Bruni) Link

☠️ Letort Literary Agents, LLC (Elizabeth Sabine, Michael Reed) Link

Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency (formerly Levine Greenberg L. A.) (Jim Levine, Daniel Greenberg, Stephanie Rostan) Link

☠️ LifeTime Media, Inc. (LTM Books) (Jacqueline Varoli Grace) Link

Limelight Celebrity Management Ltd. (formerly Limelight Management) (Fiona Lindsay) Link

☠️ Linda Allen Literary Agency Link

Linda Chester Literary Agency (aka Linda Chester and Associates) Link

Linda Konner Literary Agency Link

Linda Roghaar Literary Agency Link

Linda S. Glaz Literary Agency, The Link

Lindsay Literary Agency (Becky Bagnell) Link

☠️ Lindsey's Literary Services (Karen Lewis) Link

Linnan Literary Management (Jen Linnan) Link

☠️ Lips Unsealed Literary Agency (div. of King & Dosi Ltd.) (Kristi King, Amaris Dosi Soto) Link

☠️ Lisabeth McManus Link

☠️ Lisa Hackney (aka Melanie Mills aka Elisabeth von Hullessem, et al.) Link

Lisa Hagan Literary (Lisa Hagan Books) (formerly Paraview Literary Agency) Link

§ Lisa Richards Agency, The (Richard & Lisa Cook) Link

Lisa Royce Agency, LLC (Lisa Fleissig, Ginger Harris-Dontzin) Link

Literary Agency for Children's Books, A (Ann Tobias) Link

☠️ Literary Agency for Southern Authors (Lantz Powell) Link

Literary Artists Representatives (Madeline Perrone) Link

☠️ Literary Aspirations (J’Adore Publishing, Literary Lifestyle) (Belinda Williams) Link

☠️ Literary Associates (Henry & Ed Santsaver, Al & Kay Brown) Link

Literary Counsel (E-Lit Books) (Frances Black) Link

Literary & Creative Artists, Inc. (Muriel Nellis) Link

☠️ Literary Group International, The (aka Literary Agency East Ltd.) (Frank Weimann) Link

☠️ Literary MAGEncy (Brandon Kreines) Link

Literary Management Group, LLC (Barbour Publishing) (Bruce R. Barbour) Link

Literary Services, Inc. (John Willig) Link

☠️ Literary Solutions, Inc. (Deborah Arrowsmith) Link

☠️ Literary Works, LLC (Jacqueline Hackett) Link

☠️ Literatus Agency, The (formerly Hall and Walker Enterprises Int'l Ltd., Midwest Literary and Entertainment Mgmt. Grp.) (Vivian A. Hall) Link

§ Little Studio Films, Inc. (Alexandra Yacovlef, Alexia Melocchi) Link

☠️ LiveStock Entertainment Ltd. (formerly Green Eye Film Ltd.) (Sultan Ahmad) Link

☠️ Living Word Literary Agency (Kimberly Shumate) Link

Liza Dawson Associates (Havis Dawson) Link

☠️ LJK Literary Management, LLC (Laurence Kirshbaum) Link

LKG Agency, The (Lauren Galit) Link

Loiacono Literary Agency (Jeanie Loiacono) Link

☠️ Loose Leaf Literary Agency (Kristen Svenson, Casey Woodworth, Jeanne Laravuso) Link

Lorelli Belli Literary Agency Link

Loretta Barrett Books, Inc. (Nick Mullendore) Link

Lotts Agency, The (Chris Lotts) Link

Lotus Lane Literary (Priya Doraswamy) Link

☠️ Louise B. Ketz Agency Link

Lowenstein Associates (formerly Lowenstein-Yost, Lowenstein-Morel) (Barbara Lowenstein) Link

L. Perkins Agency (Lori Perkins) Link

Lucinda Literary (Lucinda Blumenfeld Literary Consulting) Link

§ Luedtke Agency, The (Penny Luedtke) Link

Luigi Bonomi Associates (aka LBA) (Amanda Preston) Link

☠️ Lukeman Literary Management Ltd. (Noah Lukeman) Link

☠️ Lupia Literary Agency (div. of Tri-L Corp.) (Antony E. Lupia) Link

☠️ Lupine Grove Creative (Danielle Smith) Link

☠️ Lush Literary Management (Pamela Johnson) Link

Lutyens & Rubinstein (Sarah Lutyens, Felicity Rubinstein) Link

☠️ Lynda Tolls Literary Agency (Lynda Tolls-Swartz) Link

Lynn C. Franklin Associates Ltd. (Franklin & Siegal Associates) Link

☠️ Lynne Rabinoff Associates Link

Lynn Johnston Literary Link

§ Lynn Pleshette Literary Agency Link

☠️ Lynn Seligman, Literary Agent Link

Lyons & Salky Law, LLP (formerly Lyons Literary, LLC) (Jonathan Lyons, Jesseca Salky) Link
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Agents & Agencies - M​

MacGregor & Luedeke (formerly MacGregor Literary) (Chip MacGregor, Amanda Luedeke) Link

MacKenzie Wolf (formerly Gillian MacKenzie Agency) (Kirsten Wolf) Link

§ Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency Link

☠️ Makepeace Towle Literary Agency (Makepeace Towle Assocs. Ltd.) (Edwin Hawkes, Bronagh Byrne) Link

Mansion Street Literary Management, LLC Link

☠️ Manus & Associates Literary Agency (Manus Media) (Jillian & Janet Wilkens Manus) Link

☠️ March Tenth, Inc. (Harry, Casey & Sandra Choron) Link

☠️ Marcia Amsterdam Agency Link

Marcil-O’Farrell Literary Agency (aka Denise Marcil Literary Agency) (Anne Marie O’Farrell) Link

Margret McBride Literary Agency Link

Maria Carvanis Agency Link

Marianne Gunn O’Connor Literary Agency Link

☠️ Marianne Strong Literary Agency (Marianne Strong & Associates) Link

☠️ Marie Brown Associates (Janell Walden Agyeman) Link

☠️ Marie Suzette Link

☠️ Marilyn Biderman Literary Management Link

Marit Literary Agency (StageVoices) (Bob Shuman) Link

§ Marjacq Scripts Ltd. (Marjacq Micro Ltd.) (Jacqui Lyons) Link

☠️ Mark Frisk Agency Link

Mark Gilroy Creative, LLC (Sydney Lane Press) (formerly Mark Gilroy Communications, Inc.) Link

☠️ Mark Sullivan Associates (New York Editors, Manhattan Literary, Pantheon Literary) Link

Mark Sweeney & Associates Link

Marly Rusoff & Associates, Inc. (Maiden Lane Press) Link

Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC (Jill Marsal, Kevan Lyon) Link

Marsh Agency, The (Indigo Press, LiveLit, Dulwich Books) (div. MILD Group) (Susie Nicklin) Link

Martell Agency, The (Alice Fried Martell) Link

☠️ Martha Casselman Literary Agency Link

Martha Kaplan Agency Link

☠️ Martha Millard Literary Agency Link

Martin Literary Management (Sharlene Martin) Link

Martin-McLean Literary Associates, LLC (On the Write Path Publishing) (Lisa Ann Martin, Donna McLean) Link

Mary Evans, Inc. Link

☠️ Mary Jack Wald Associates, Inc. Link

☠️ Mary M. Tahan Literary Agency Link

☠️ Mary Yost Books (formerly Mary Yost Associates) Link

Massie McQuilkin (formerly Lippincott Massie McQuilkin) (Maria Massie, Rob McQuilkin) Link

☠️ Mathew Ferguson Link

☠️ Max & Co. A Literary Agency & Social Club (Michael Murphy) Link

Max Gartenberg Literary Agency (Anne & Dirk Devlin) Link

☠️ Maximilian Becker Literary Agency (Aleta M. Daley) Link

☠️ Maximus Literary Agency (Max Dobson) Link

☠️ Maxine Groffsky Literary Agency Link

Maxine Thompson’s Literary Agency (Black Butterfly Press, Maxine Thompson’s Literary Services) Link

☠️ Maxwell Aley Associates (Jonathan Aley) Link

☠️ Maxwell Literary Agency (Diana Murphey) Link

§ MBA Literary Agents Ltd. (Michael Bakewell, Diana Tyler) Link

McCarthy Agency, LLC, The (Shawna McCarthy) Link

McCormick Literary (formerly McCormick & Williams) (David McCormick) Link

☠️ McDermid Agency, The (formerly Anne McDermid & Associates Ltd.) Link

☠️ McGill Agency, The (Jack Bollinger, Amy Cohn) Link

☠️ McGill Literary Agency (formerly Chatelain, Harcourt & Brown Lit. Mgmt./ Rothschild L.A.) (Bryant McGill) Link

McGinniss Associates Literary Agency (James McGinniss) Link

☠️ McHugh Literary Agency (formerly TechServices, Inc.) (Elizabet McHugh) Link

McIntosh & Otis, Inc. (Eugene Winick & Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein) Link

McKinnon Literary (formerly McKinnon McIntyre) (Tanya McKinnon, Devin McIntyre) Link

☠️ MC Literary Agency (MC Literary Advisors) (Ken Scott, Rob Norris) Link

☠️ McMakin Literary Agency (Canterwine Press) (Jordan McMakin) Link

☠️ McVeigh Agency, The (Mark McVeigh) Link

☠️ MediaBitch Literary Agency & Productions (MB Literary Agency) (Nina Saini, Keith Chawgo) Link

☠️ Megibow Literary Agency (Sara Megibow) Link

Melanie Jackson Agency Link

Mendel Media Group, LLC (Scott Mendel) Link

☠️ Menza-Barron Literary Agency (Claudia Menza, Manie Barron) Link

Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency Link

Metamorphosis Literary Agency (Lauren Hurlbert aka Stephanie Hansen) Link

☠️ Metropol Literary (Drew Nederpelt) Link

☠️ Mews Books Ltd. (Sidney B. Kramer) Link

Mic Cheetham Associates Ltd. (Julia Michaelmas Cheetham) Link

☠️ Michael Berenti Literary Management (div. of Berenti Bookworks) Link

☠️ Michael Gackler Agency, The Link

Michael Snell Literary Agency (Patricia Snell) Link

§ Michelle Kass Associates Link

☠️ Middle West Literary Agency (Ocean Sound Pictures) (John M. Bolger) Link

Miles Stott Children's Literary Agency (Nancy Miles Stott) Link

Miller Bowers Griffin Literary Management (formerly The Miller Agency) (Angela Miller, Sharon Bowers, Jennifer Griffin) Link

Mint Literary Agency (Morty Mint) Link

☠️ Miriam Altshuler Literary Agency Link

☠️ Mitchell J. Hamilburg Agency, The (Michael Hamilburg) Link

☠️ ML Brown & Associates, LLC (Reality Press) (Misherald “Missy” Brown) Link

☠️ Mocknick Productions Literary Agency (aka Mocknick Literary Agency) (David Mocknick) Link

§ Momentum Talent & Literary Agency (Garry Purdy) Link

☠️ Montgomery Literary Agency (formerly Drew Montgomery Lit. Mgmt.) (aka Julia Levin aka Sara Levine) Link

☠️ Moreen Littrell Link

☠️ Morgan-McPeak Literary Agency Link

☠️ Morpheus Literary Agency (Dean Meyers, Jeremy Snead) Link

☠️ Mortimer Literary Agency (Underdog Press) (Kelly Mortimer) Link

Movable Type Management (formerly Movable Type Literary Group) (Adam Chromy) Link

☠️ M.P. Agency (Martha Prettyman) Link

☠️ Mulcahy Associates (formerly Mulcahy Conway Associates) (Ivan Mulcahy) Link

☠️ Murray’s Literary Service (formerly Murray’s Literary Agency) (Eunice Murray) Link
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Agents & Agencies - N​

☠️ Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation Link

☠️ Nancy Ellis Literary Agency, The (Nancy Ellis-Bell) Link

☠️ Nancy Love Literary Agency Link

Nancy Stauffer Associates (Nancy Stauffer Cahoon) Link

Nancy Yost Literary Agency (NYLA Publishing) Link

☠️ Nappaland Literary Agency (Author Echo PR, Walking Carnival Books) (div. of Nappaland Communications) (Mike & Amy Nappa) Link

☠️ Natale Agency (Joshua Natale) Link

Natasha Kern Literacy Agency Link

☠️ Ned Brown Agency (Ensemble Entertainment) (Jon Brown) Link

Nelson Literary Agency, LLC (Kristin Nelson) Link

☠️ Neville Agency, The (Barret Neville) Link

☠️ New Beginnings Literary Agency (Stacey Kohan) Link

☠️ New Brand Agency Group, LLC (Mark Ryan aka Mark Malatesta) Link

☠️ New Century Literary Agency (New Century Books) (Thomas Fensch, Sharon Wanslee) Link

New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc. (Joanna Stampfel-Volpe) Link

Nicholas Ellison Agency, The Link

☠️ Nieves C. Daggett Literary Agency, LLC (aka NCD Literary Agency) Link

☠️ Nine Muses and Apollo, Inc. (Ling Lucas aka Phyllis Kee-Lucas) Link

Nine Speakers, Inc. (Diane Nine) Link

☠️ Noble Literary Agency (div. of Chameleon Brands) (Michael Noble) Link

Nordlyset Agency (Isabelle Blecker, Jennifer Thompson) Link

Northbank Talent Management Ltd. (formerly Diane Banks Associates Ltd.) Link

☠️ NorthWest Literary Agency (Alice Volpe) Link

☠️ Novel Ideas Literary Agency (div. of Hellman Entertainment, Inc.) (Shana Hellman) Link

☠️ Novel Literary Agency (Leann Murphy aka Ann Beck aka Melissa King) Link

NYCreative Management (NYCreative Publishing) (Jeff Schmidt) Link
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Agents & Agencies – O​

☠️ Objective Entertainment (Paperless Publishing) (Ian Kleinert, Jarred Weisfeld) Link

☠️ Old North, A Literary Agency (G. Mac Mackie) Link

Olswanger Literary (Liza Olswanger) Link

One Track Literary Agency (Tara Gelsomino) Link

OnyxHawke Agency, The (Michael Kabongo) Link

Orange Magnolia Literary (Sylvia Dickey Smith) Link

☠️ Original City Pictures (Eric Finkelman) Link

☠️ Ottenheimer Properties, LLC (Allan Hirsch III) Link
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Agents & Agencies – P​

Page Turner Literary Agency (Dan Cramer) Link

Painted Words Represents (Lori Nowicki) Link

☠️ Pam Bernstein & Associates Link

☠️ Pam Strickler Author Management (Pamela Dean Strickler) Link

☠️ Pamela Scott Shelton (aka PD Scott Shelton) Link

☠️ Pamela D. Scoville Literary Agency Link

Paper Literary (Catherine Cho) Link

§ Paradigm Talent Agency (Sam Gores) Link

Park & Fine Literary and Media (formerly Park Literary & Media, The Park Literary Group) (Theresa Park, Celeste Fine) Link

☠️ Parkeast Literary Agency (Donna Pudick-Eastman, Gloria Koehler) Link

☠️ Patricia Breinin Literary Services Link

Patricia Moosbrugger Literary Agency (BlueInk Review) Link

☠️ Patricia Teal Literary Agency (formerly Teal-Watt Lit. Agency) Link

☠️ Patricia van der Leun Literary Agency (formerly Van Der Leun & Assocs.) Link

☠️ Paula Balzer Agency, The Link

☠️ Paul Christoph Literary Agency (Camila Pohlmann) Link

☠️ Paul J. Zack Literary Agency Link

Paul S. Levine Literary Agency Link

☠️ Pavilion Literary Management (Jeff Kellogg) Link

☠️ Peake Associates (Tony Peake) Link

☠️ Pelham Literary Agency (Howard Pelham) Link

☠️ Pema Browne Ltd. (Pema & Perry Browne) Link

Pen & Ink Literary (Anne Bohner) Link

☠️ Penumbra Literary, LLC (Jennifer Chen Tran) Link

Perry Literary, Inc. (Joseph Perry) Link

☠️ Peter Fleming Agency Link

Peter Lampack Agency, Inc. Link

☠️ Peter Rubie Literary Agency, The Link

Peters Fraser + Dunlop Ltd. (PFD UK Childrens) Link

PEW Literary Agency (Patrick Walsh) Link

☠️ Phenomenon Books Agency (Pamela Trayser) Link

Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency Link

☠️ Picture of You Literary Agency, A (Lenny Minelli) Link

☠️ Pimlico Agency, The (Kay & Kirby McCauley) Link

Pinder Lane & Garon-Brooke Assocs. Ltd. (div. Pinder Lane Productions) (Jay Garon-Brooke, Robert Thixton, Dick Duane) Link

☠️ Pinkham & Associates, Literary Agents (Pinkham Communications) (Joan Noble Pinkham) Link

Pippin Properties, Inc. (Holly M. McGhee) Link

Plains Agency, The (The Web Peeps) (Christi Cardenas) Link

P.S. Literary Agency (PlainSmart, Inc.) (formerly PlainSmart Publishing Agency) (Curtis Russell) Link

☠️ Poyner Group, The (formerly Orloff Literary Agency) (Jay Poyner) Link

Prentis Agency, LLC (formerly Linn Prentis Agency) Link

☠️ Preskill Media Rights Management (Robert Preskill) Link

Prospect Agency (Emily Sylvan Kim) Link

☠️ Publication Riot Group, Inc. (formerly Priot Entertainment Group) (Donna Bagdasarian) Link

☠️ Puente Agency, The (Saritza Hernandez) Link

Purcell Agency, The (Tina Schwartz) Link

☠️ Pure Talent (Morgan Knox) Link
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Agents & Agencies – Q​

☠️ QCorp Literary & Screen Agency (William Brown) Link

Queen Literary Agency (Lisa Queen) Link

☠️ Quicksilver Books Literary Agency, The (Bob Silverstein) Link

☠️ Quill & Vision (Linda Christas) Link
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Agents & Agencies - R​

☠️ Rachel Coyne (nee Vater) Link

☠️ Radke Literary Agency (Hot Java Productions) (Nolan Radke) Link

Rainbow Nerds Literary (Jamie Vankirk) Link

☠️ Raines & Raines (formerly Theron Raines Agency) (Theron & Joan Raines) Link

☠️ Ralph M. Vicinanza Ltd. Link

☠️ Randall & Foster (Cecile Randall, James Foster) Link

☠️ R & S Literary Agency (Sara Merlene, Richard Weber) Link

☠️ Randy Hirsch Link

☠️ Rappaport Agency, LLC, The (Jenny Rappaport) Link

Raven Quill Literary Agency (Jacqui Lipton) Link

☠️ Ravenskyy Literary Agency (Ravenskyy Publishing) (div. of Desertcoast Films) (Kelly Garrett) Link

☠️ Raynor Neil Agency (Penelope Raynor-Neil) Link

☠️ Reading Room Associates Link

Rebecca Friedman Literary Link

Rebecca Pratt Literary Group Link

☠️ Rebecca Strong International Literary Agency Link

Red Fox Literary (formerly Karen Grencik Literary Agency) (Abigail Samoun) Link

Redhammer Management Ltd. (Litopia Writers’ Colony) (formerly Altavista, ILCM) (Peter Cox) Link

Red Rock Literary (Pink Sand Press) (David Grishman) Link

Red Sofa Literary Agency (Dawn Frederick) Link

☠️ Red Tree Literary (Elana Roth Parker) Link

☠️ Redwood Agency (div. of Redwood Group, LLC) (Catherine Fowler) Link

☠️ Red Writing Hood Ink (TouchPoint Press) (formerly The Williams Agency) (Sheri Ables aka Williams) Link1 Link2

Rees Literary Agency (formerly Helen Rees Literary Agency) (Lorin Rees) Link

Regal Hoffmann & Associates (Zola Books) (formerly Regal Literary, Inc.) (Joseph Regal, Markus Hoffmann) Link

Regina Ryan Publishing Enterprises, Inc. (Regina Ryan Books) Link

☠️ Reid Boates Literary Agency Link

§ Renaissance Literary & Talent Management (Alan Nevins) Link

☠️ Renee Zuckerbrot Literary Agency Link

☠️ Resolution (Jeff Berg) Link

☠️ Resource/ARTS (Ellen Jacobson, Susan Dubin) Link

☠️ Reverie Literary Agency, The (Kayla Hoyet) Link

☠️ Rhino Management (Kevin Sands) Link

Richard Curtis Associates, Inc. Link

Richard Henshaw Group Link

☠️ Richard Parks Agency Link

☠️ Richard E. Shepard Agency, The Link

Richford Becklow Literary Agency (Lisa Eveleigh) Link

☠️ Ricia Mainhardt Agency Link

Rick Broadhead & Associates Link

Rights Factory, The (Sam Hiyate, Christos Grivas) Link

☠️ Rights Unlimited, Inc. (Raymond Kurman) Link

Rising Bear Literary Agency (Rick Margolis) Link

Riverside Literary Agency (Susan Lee Cohen) Link

☠️ RLR Associates Ltd. (Robert Rosen) Link

§ Robb Company, The (Sherri Robb) Link

☠️ Robert Astle & Associates Literary Management (Astor + Blue Editions) Link

☠️ Robert Cornfield Literary Agency Link

§ Robert A. Freedman Dramatic Agency, The Link

Robert Lecker Agency Link

☠️ Robert Mitnik Agency, The Link

☠️ Robert E. Tabian, Literary Agent Link

☠️ Robert Ubell Associates, Inc. Link

☠️ Robin Mizell Ltd. Link

☠️ Robin Price (dba Avalon Associates, Media Arts Int’l, Prospero Films, et al.) Link

☠️ Robins Agency (Writer For Hire) (Cris Robins) Link

Robin Straus Agency, Inc. Link

Rob Weisbach Creative Management Link

Rodeen Literary Management (Paul Rodeen) Link

Rogers, Coleridge & White (formerly Deborah Rogers Ltd.) (Gill Coleridge, Pat White) Link

Roger Williams Agency, The (Knox Press) (div. of New England Publishing Associates) (formerly Publish or Perish Agency) (Roger S. Williams) Link

Rohm Agency, The (Paris Writers Retreat, et al., The Trump Antidote) (Wendy Goldman Rohm) Link

☠️ RO Literary (RO Publishing) (Laura Rothschild, Sandra O'Donnell) Link

☠️ Roman Group, The (Nicholas Roman Lewis) Link

Root Literary (Holly Root) Link

☠️ Rosalie Siegel, International Literary Agent, Inc. Link

Rosenberg Group, The (Barbara Collins Rosenberg) Link

☠️ Roslyn Targ Literary Agency Link

Ross Yoon Literary Agency (formerly Gail Ross L.A.) (Howard Yoon) Link

☠️ Roth Agency, The (Shelley Roth) Link

☠️ Royal Lion Entertainment (Script Writers Haven) (formerly Prime Mega Ent.) (Natasha Moore aka Tasha Ledbetter) Link

☠️ RT Copyright Ltd. (RT Agency) (Radoslav I. Trenev) Link

☠️ Ruben Agency, The (Eric Ruben) Link

Rubin Pfeffer Content, LLC Link

Rudy Agency, The (GamePlan Press) (Maryann Karinch) Link

☠️ Running Water Literary Agency (Terry Dubbs) Link

☠️ Rupert Heath Literary Agency Ltd. Link

☠️ Russell & Volkening, Inc. (Timothy Seides) Link

RXD Agency (Rachel Cone-Gorham) Link

☠️ Ryan Communications (Jack Ryan) Link
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Agents & Agencies - S​

☠️ Sadler Children's Literary (formerly Sadler-Caravette Children's Literary) (Jodell Sadler) Link

☠️ Saga Edit (Gary Pennock) Link

☠️ Sage Ink Group (Sage Ink Lit, Sage Ink Reviews, et al.) (Christian Lee) Link

☠️ Salisbury Literary Agency (Gay Salisbury) Link

Salkind Literary Agency (div. of Studio B Productions) (Greg Aunapu) Link

Samantha B. Literary (Samantha Bagood) Link

☠️ Samantha Kensington Books Link

Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency Link

☠️ Sandra J. Taylor Literary Enterprises Link

☠️ Sandra Watt & Associates (formerly Teal-Watt Lit. Agency) Link

Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, Inc. Link

☠️ Sara A. Fortenberry Literary Agency Link

Sara Camilli Agency, The Link

Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency Link

☠️ Sarah Lazin Books Link

☠️ Sarah Manson Link

Sarah Such Literary Agency Link

☠️ Sassafras Book (Michael Suswal) Link

☠️ Saunders & Hemsoth Literary Services (Michael Saunders, Nicole Hemsoth) Link

Savvy Literary Services (Ascendant Publishing, Café con Leche Books) (Leticia Gomez) Link

SBR Media, LLC (Stephanie DeLameter Phillips) Link

☠️ Scherf, Inc. (Scherf Books, MegaGrace Books) (Dietmar Scherf) Link

☠️ Schiavone Literary Agency (James Schiavone) Link

☠️ Schisgal Agency, The (Zachary Schisgal) Link

Science Factory, The (Peter Tallack) Link

Scott Merideth Literary Agency, The (Easton Press, RosettaBooks) (Arthur Klebanoff) Link

S©ott Treimel NY (Scott Treimel) Link

Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency (formerly Scovil Chichak Galen) (Russell Galen) Link

ScreenLand Literary Associates (Paula Allen) Link

§ Screenplay Factory (StewArt Productions Ltd.) (Colin Stewart, Kathy Krantz Stewart) Link

☠️ Scribblers House, LLC (Stedman Mays) Link

Scribe Agency, LLC (Kristopher O'Higgins) Link

☠️ SDS Literary Agency (SDS Publishing) (div. of SDS Finance Ltd.) (Steven Smith aka Steve Stone) Link

Sean McCarthy Literary Agency Link

☠️ Secret Agent Man (Scott Mortenson) Link

☠️ Sedgeband Literary Associates (David Duperre, Ginger Norton-Duperre) Link

Selectric Artists (Christopher Schelling) Link

☠️ SE Literary Properties (Stephen Everett) Link

Serendipity Literary Agency, LLC (Regina Brooks) Link

Seventh Avenue Literary Agency (Brilliant Idea Books, Mackwood Publishing Consultants) (Robert Mackwood) Link

Seymour Agency, The (Mary Sue Seymour) Link

§ Sheba Media Group (Renee Byrd, Vanessa Morman) Link

Sheil Land Associates Ltd. (Peach Publishing) (formerly Anthony Sheil Assocs.) (Sonia Land) Link

Sheldon Fogelman Agency Link

☠️ Shelf Life Literary (Marissa Walsh) Link

☠️ Shelly Lynn Agency, The (Shelly Fagin) Link

Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc. Link

☠️ Shukat Company, The (Scott Shukat) Link

Signature Literary Agency (formerly Ellen Pepus Literary Agency) (Gary Heidt) Link

§ Silver Bitela Agency, The (formerly The ES Agency) (Ed Silver, Barbara “Babz” Bitela) Link

☠️ Silver Screen Placements (William W. Levin) Link

Silvia Bastos Literary Agency Link

☠️ Simenauer & Green Literary Agency (formerly Simenauer & Frank, Simenauer & Greene, Jaqueline Simenauer Lit. Agency) (Carol Green[e]) Link

Simply Nonfiction (aka Michele Rooney L.A., May Writers’ Group, et al.) (Michele Glance Rooney aka Shelly May) Link

Sinead Heneghan Literary Agency Link

Siyahi, A Literary Consultancy (Mita Kapur) Link

Skylark Literary Ltd. (Amber Caraveo, Johanna Moult) Link

☠️ Sligo Literary Agency, LLC (McKenna Publishing Group) (Eric G. Bollinger) Link

Sobel Weber Associates, Inc. (Nat Sobel, Judith Weber) Link

☠️ Sobol Literary Agency (div. of Sobol Literary Enterprises, Inc.) (Gur Shomron) Link

☠️ Soper Literary Agency (Textnovel) (Stan Soper) Link

Sophie Hicks Agency Link

☠️ Southeast Literary Agency (Debbie Fine) Link

☠️ Southern Sunrise Agency (formerly Lit4) (Justin Fernandez) Link

Sparks Literary Consultants (formerly Johanna M. Bates Literary Consultants) (4th Floor Press, Inc.) (Anne Bougie-Johnson) Link

☠️ Sparr Literary Agency, The (formerly Kessler Sparr L.A.) (Babette Sparr) Link

☠️ Spectrum Agency, The (Denyse King) Link

Spectrum Literary Agency (Eleanor Wood) Link

Speilburg Literary Agency (Alice Speilburg) Link

Spencerhill Associates Ltd. (Karen Solem) Link

Spieler Agency, The (Joe Spieler) Link

☠️ Spirit House Literary Agency (div. of Purple Shamrock Productions) (Joelle Meehan) Link

☠️ STA Literary Agency (Christian Schraga, Deborah Schlesinger, Zach Beimes) Link

☠️ Standing Stones Literary Agency (Charlene “Charley” Visco) Link

☠️ Stanton & Associates Literary Agency (Harry Preston aka Henry Stanton) Link

☠️ Starlight Literary Agency (Melanie Stinnett) Link

Steele-Perkins Literary Agency (Patti Steele-Perkins) Link

☠️ Steinberg Agency, The (Peter Steinberg) Link

Stephanie Tade Agency, The Link

☠️ Stephen Pevner, Inc. Link

Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc. (Peter Matson) Link

Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency (formerly The Larry Sternig L.A.) (Jack Byrne) Link

Steve Laube Agency, The Link

☠️ Stillwater Literary Agency, LLC (formerly Sherwood Broome, Inc., Broome Agency) (Mark Black) Link

Stimola Literary Studio, LLC (Rosemary Stimola) Link

☠️ Stone Bench Associates, LLC (Stone Bench Press, Stone Bench Literary Media, et al.) (Joseph & Emilie Conroy) Link

☠️ Stoneleaf Literary Agency (Ethan & Karen Dunn) Link

Stonesong (formerly Stonesong Press) (Alison Fargis, Ellen Scordato) Link

Storm Literary Agency (Essie & Tracy White) Link

Strachan Literary Agency (Laura Strachan) Link

Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency AVOID
(aka SBPRA, Best Selling Book Rights Agency, et al.) (Robert Fletcher aka Sherry Fine, Tom Wallace, et al.)
(Note: This “agency” has so many names and pseudonyms we have an entire sub-forum devoted to them: Link)

Straus Literary (Jonah Straus) Link

Stringer Literary Agency, The (Marlene Stringer) Link

Strothman Agency, The (Wendy Strothman) Link

Stuart Agency, The (Andrew Stuart) Link

Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency Link

☠️ Sue Lawrie Literary Agency, The Link

§ Suite A Management Talent & Literary Agency (Lloyd Robinson) Link

☠️ Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency (Holly McClure, Jack Gonzales) Link

☠️ Sun Rae Agency (Natalie Rae Kimber) Link

☠️ Susan Ann Protter Link

Susan Gleason Literary Agency Link

☠️ Susan Golomb Literary Agency, The Link

☠️ Susan Herner Rights Agency Link

☠️ Susan Marlane Literary Agency Link

Susan Mears Literary & Film Agency (Derwen Agency (formerly Derwen Publishing), Shimran Publishing) (formerly Susan Mears L.A.) Link

Susanna Lea Associates Link

Susan Rabiner Literary Agency, The (Alfred Fortunato) Link

Susan Schulman Literary Agency (formerly Susan Schulman: A Literary Agency) Link

☠️ Susan P. Urstadt, Inc. Link

Susan Yearwood Literary Agency (Newlit) Link

☠️ Susan Zeckendorf Associates Link

Susijn Agency, The (Laura Susjin) Link

☠️ Swagger Literary Agency (Swagger Press) (formerly Flaming Star Literary Enterprises) (Joseph Vallely) Link

☠️ Swampfox Literary (div. of Swampfox Entertainment Ltd.) (Neil & Dennis Burstein) Link

Swetky Agency & Associates, The (The Swetky Literary Agency) (Faye Swetky, David “D.J.” Herda) Link

Sylvia Hayse Literary Agency Link
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Agents & Agencies - T​

Talbot Fortune Agency, The (formerly The John Talbot Agency) (Gail Fortune) Link

Talcott Notch Literary Services (Gina Panettieri) Link

§ Talent Source (div. Shortt Communications Group Ltd.) (Michael Shortt) Link

Tanja Howarth Literary Agency Link

Tapir Literary Agency (Johan Almqvist) Link

☠️ Tarisai Literary Agency (TACU Publishing) (Tarisai Ziyambi) Link

Ted Weinstein Literary Management Link

§ Tennyson Agency, The (Christopher Oxford, Adam Sheldon) Link

☠️ Terry Porter Agency, The (Agape Productions, Flat Rock Motion Pictures, People’s Pilot) Link

Tessler Literary Agency (Michelle Tessler) Link

☠️ Thoth Literary Agency (Manulani Thelen) Link

Tibor Jones & Associates Ltd. (Pageturner Prize) (Kevin Scott, Landa Acevedo-Scott) Link

☠️ Tigert Literary Agency (Juliann Tigert) Link

☠️ Timberlake Literary Services, LLC (formerly Timberlake-Oliver Lit. Svcs.) (Joan Timberlake) Link

☠️ Title Wave Management (Jason Sheets) Link

Tobia Literary Agency, The (Lane Heymont) Link

☠️ Toby Eady Associates Link

Tomasino Agency, The (Christine Tomasino) Link

☠️ Tom Sawyer Entertainment (Show Me the Screenplay) (Rachel Miller, Jesse Hara) Link

Toni Lopopolo Literary Management Link

☠️ Tracker Management (John Roberts) Link

☠️ Tracy Brown Literary Agency Link

Transatlantic Agency (formerly Transatlantic Literary Agency) (David & Lynn Bennett) Link

Trentin Literary Agency (formerly Trentin Zantedeschi L.A.) (Rossano Trentin) Link

TriadaUS Literary Agency (Uwe Stender) Link

☠️ Tribe Literary Agency (div. of Wheelhouse Literary Group) (Cari Hawks Foulk, Jonathan Clements) Link

Trident Media Group, LLC (Robert Gottlieb, Dan Strone) Link

☠️ Tristram C. Coburn Literary Management Link
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Agents & Agencies - U​

§ Underground Management (Trevor Engelson) Link

☠️ Unfolding World Literary Agency (Mattie Tolley) Link

Union Literary, LLC (Trena Keating, Sally Wofford-Girand) Link

§ United Agents, LLP (St. John Donald, Maria Dawson, Jameela Khan) Link

United Talent Agency (UTA) Link

Unter Agency, The (Jennifer Unter) Link

Upstart Crow Literary (The Inkhouse) (Michael Sterns) Link

UTA Music (formerly The Agency Group Ltd.) Link

☠️ Uwe Luserke Link
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Agents & Agencies - V​

☠️ Valerie Smith Link

☠️ Van Diest Literary Agency (Last Chapter Publishing) (David & Sarah Van Diest) Link

☠️ van Haitsma Literary (Sally van Haitsma) Link

☠️ Vanguard Literary Agency (Sandy Lu) Link

☠️ Veltre Company, The (formerly Artists Literary Group, LLC) (Joe Veltre) Link

☠️ Venture Literary, Inc. (Frank Scatoni, Greg Dinkin) Link

☠️ Vera deVaney Literary Agency (formerly CCE Literary Agency) Link

Veritas Literary Agency (Katherine Boyle) Link

☠️ Veritas Media, Inc. (Samuel Pinkus) Link

Vertical Ink (Nick Mullendore) Link

§ Verve (Adam Levine, Bryan Besser, Bill Weinstein) Link

Vicky Bijur Literary Agency Link

Victoria Sanders & Associates, LLC Link

Victress Literary Agency, The (Shannon Orso, Melissa Gaines) Link

☠️ View Literary Agency, The (div. of The View Talent Agency) (JD DeWitt) Link

☠️ Vilain-Innovations (Pauline Vilain) Link

☠️ Vilar Creative Agency (Mandel Vilar Press) (Irene Vilar) Link

☠️ Vincent Cirrincione Associates Ltd. Link

☠️ Vine Studio, The (formerly The Vine Entertainment) (Gino Cabanas) Link

☠️ Vines Agency, The (James Vines) Link

☠️ Vineyard Literary Agency (Dan & Evelyn Rennich) Link

Virginia Kidd Literary Agency (Ben Blish, Chris Genly) Link

Virgina Lopez-Ballesteros Literary Agency Link

☠️ Vivian Beck Agency Link

☠️ Vrattos Literary Agency (Francesca & John Vrattos) Link
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Agents & Agencies - W​

Wade & Co. Literary Agency Ltd. (formerly Wade & Doherty L.A., Robin Wade L.A.) Link

☠️ Wainwright Agency, The (Jessica Wainwright) Link

Wales Literary Agency, The (formerly Levant & Wales) (Elizabeth Wales) Link

☠️ Ward & Balkin, Inc. (formerly The Balkin Agency) (Christina “Kit” Ward, Richard Balkin) Link

☠️ Warner Literary Group (Hedgehog & Fox) (Sarah Warner) Link

☠️ Warren Cook Agency Link

Waterside Productions, Inc. (Waterside Press (formerly Waterfront Digital Press)) (Bill Gladstone) Link

Watkins/Loomis Agency (Gloria Loomis) Link

Watson, Little Ltd. (Sheila Watson, Amanda Little) Link

☠️ Waverly Place Literary Agency (formerly Muse Literary Management, Mysterious Content) (Debbie Carter) Link

Waxman Literary Agency (formerly Waxman Leavell L.A.) (Diversion Books) (Scott Waxman) Link

Weaver Literary Agency (Weaver Literary & Management) (Bethany Weaver) Link

☠️ Wedemeyer Agency, The (Isabelle D. Wedemeyer) Link

☠️ Weed Literary Agency (Elisabeth Weed) Link

Wells Arms Literary, LLC (Victoria Wells Arms) Link

☠️ Wendy Becker Literary Agency Link

☠️ Wendy Lipkind Agency Link

Wendy Schmalz Agency Link

Wendy Sherman Associates, Inc. Link

☠️ Wendy Weil Agency, The Link

Wernick & Pratt Agency (Marcia Wernick, Linda Pratt) Link

☠️ Wesley Cudrow Link

☠️ WestEndGirl Agency (formerly Frances White Lit. Mgmt. Agency) Link

☠️ Westphal Literary Agency (Richard Westphal) Link

Westwood Creative Artists Ltd. (Bruce Westwood) Link

☠️ Westwood Literary Agency (Gabriele Stancu) Link

Whalen Agency, The (Kimberly Whalen) Link

☠️ Whalin Literary Agency, LLC (Terry Whalin) Link

Whimsy Literary Agency, LLC (Creative Literary Alliance, Whimsy Literary Agency Press) (Jackie Meyer) Link

Whispering Buffalo Literary Agency Ltd. (Mariam Keen) Link

§ Whitaker Agency, The (dba The Extra Production Co., Whitaker Entertainment) (Johnny Whitaker, Dora Whitaker-Gerzeli) Link

White Lion Literary Agency (Tatiana Laird) Link

Whitney & Hughes Literary Agency (David Hughes) Link

William Clark Associates (aka WM Clark Assocs.) Link

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, LLC (WME Entertainment) (formerly William Morris Agency) (Ari Emanuel, Patrick Whitehall) Link

William Morris Endeavor (U.K.) Ltd. Link

☠️ Williams Agency (Tom Williams) Link

☠️ Wilshire Literary Agency (Carol McCleary) Link

☠️ Wilson Devereux Company, The (B.D. “Skip” Barker IV, Scott Barger) Link

Wilson Media (Robert Wilson) Link

☠️ Winkler Literary Agency (Cynthia L. Winkler) Link

☠️ Winsun Literary Agency (Mark & Jeanette Littleton) Link

Winters & King, Inc. (Winters Publishing Group) (formerly Winters, King & Beirute) (Thomas Winters, Michael King) Link

☠️ Wit Literary Agency (Mike Gold) Link

☠️ Wolcott Literary Agency (formerly Nordhaus-Wolcott Lit. Agency) (Chris Wolcott) Link

☠️ Wolf Literary Services, LLC (Kirsten Wolf) Link

Wolfson Literary Agency (Michelle Wolfson) Link

☠️ Womack Publishing Agency (David Womack) Link

☠️ WoodBerry Productions (Linda Graeme) Link

WordLink, Inc. (Word|Link Writer’s Support) (formerly Word|Link Literary, Word|Link Worldwide) (Dean Krystek) Link

WordServe Literary (Greg Johnson) Link

Wordsmith’s Forge, The (Bill Jeffrey) Link

WordWise Media Services (Steve Huston) Link

☠️ WorldLight Pictures, Inc. (Rachid Moussadek) Link

☠️ Worldwide Literary Agency (formerly Worldwide Publishers, LLC) (Joseph R. Pugia, Sr.) Link

Worldwide Literary Ltd. (WW Literary Agency Ltd.) (Stanislav Georgiev) Link

Worley Shoemaker, LLC (Jo-Lynne Worley, Joanie Shoemaker) Link

☠️ WriteHigh (Monique Raphel High) Link

☠️ Write Literary Agency Ltd. (Khalid & Shubnum Gill) Link

☠️ Write Source, The (Carol Kirker) Link

☠️ Writer’s Bloq, Inc. (Collective Presse) (Nayia Moysidis) Link

Writers House, LLC (Albert Zuckerman) Link

☠️ Writers in the Sky Literary Agency (Mark Straley) Link

Writers’ Representatives, LLC (Lynn Chu, Glen Hartley) Link

☠️ Writers Represent Literary Agency (Lori Pope) Link

WSK Management, LLC (Wayne Kabak) Link

Wylie Agency, The (Odyssey Editions) (Andrew Wylie) Link

☠️ Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency (Martin Brown Publishers) (Robert Brown, Sharene Martin-Brown) Link
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