Index of self-publishing diaries: please read before starting your own

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Note: if you start a diary thread please send me a PM asking me to add it to this list!

Several of our members have now started diary threads in this forum in which they tell us of their self-publishing journeys, and I thought it might be useful to start an index thread for them all. That way we can find them easily and see what sales are like, and if there are any patterns which emerge or pitfalls to avoid (not too many of those, I hope).

If you have a thread you'd like to be added to this index please PM me, and I'll get to it as soon as I can. Meanwhile please don't use diary threads as a self-promotional tool, and only post about how many five-star reviews you've had on Amazon and where we can buy your book: post real, useful, interesting stuff about the challenges you've dealt with, the things you've learned, and how many sales you've made.

akaria Joining the self-pub fray
AllisonK Publishing to Kobo
AgathaChristieFan AgathaChristieFan's self-publishing journey
Alexandra Little I've looked, and am now leaping: Alex's self-publishing thread
AndreaGS Taking the Plunge!
Angry Guy Doing a Kindle giveaway
AnnaPappenheim A Bookish Effort in Self-Publishing: A Step-by-Step Log
Annetpfeffer What I'm Learning as I Self Publish
Ann Joyce My 3 Reasons for Self-Pubbing & my First Sales
AP7 Self Publishing slush
A.P.M. Self pubbing erotic shorts
Arianna Sterling The millionth self-pubbing diary
ASeiple And here... we... go.

Balthane Ya/MG Self Publishing Path
Bearilou Self-Publishing and Me
benluby Well, I jumped in the deep end...
Blenia Two years in...
blueaura 12 i think i'm gonna do it...
Button Button Does Self Publishing
byron100 My self-publishing journey

CathleenT Cathleen's Once Upon a Time Publishing Journey
Cealarenne Self Pubbed and I'm Doing Okay
Celeste Carrara I'm going to self publish!
Cranky1 My Journey/Experiment
C.R. Baker C.R.'s Self Publishing Thread
cwbrowning My Own Crazy Self-Publishing Adventure

Dallionz Finding My Way - Dallionz's Self-Publishing Thread
DancingMaenid Through the Self-Publishing Rabbit Hole
Dave of Mars Dave's Self-Publishing Thing
Deirdre Twelve Days, Eleven Sales
DerekJCanyon New author epublishing results
dgaughran My Self-Publishing Experiment
Dhewco Dhewco's Diary
Dlmusic Maybe I'll Earn a Pizza - Self Publishing Diary
dondomat Free Kindle Week - day by day report
Dragonwriter Dragonwriter’s Self-Pub Journey: Stumbling Toward…Something

ebar First ten days of publishing for the Amazon Kindle and forty two sales
Elidibus Stepping into the fold
etherme Promoting MORTOM: What I've Learned so far

FionnJameson Scrambling on the Boat...before it leaves
Fizgig Self-Publishing experiment with old NaNo novel
Fruitbat Trying to self-publish but I'm lazy

GraemeTollins My self publishing trip
grayworld grayworld's self-publishing journey, in black and white
GretchenPaintedQuill My So-Called Pseudo Self-Publishing Journey
Grimball4 My Insane Self-Publishing Adventure...

HistorySleuth My travel log back down the self-published road after 14 yrs
HopelessDreamer Self-publishing at last

Interfaced When Winter Calls - Diary of a Futurist Thriller
Isobel Lindley Self publishing a lesbian YA fantasy school story

JalexM Falling Upstairs Towards A Door Of Prosperity: JAlex's Self-Publishing Thread
Jazen I've joined the self-published ranks
JoNightshade I did it! My first foray into self-pubbing
juliatheswede THE SMILEY KILLER and what I'm learning being a self-publisher

KalenO My Exhaustively Researched, Extensively Plotted And Quite Possibly Insane Self Publishing Plan
Kaleidoscopes My Self-Publishing Journey
KateHawkings Self-publishing: Kate's journey
kiplet Yet another self-publishing diary
kingofeli The Tiger's Journey: A Blog of one Author's Journey into Self-Publishing
klswaim Kevin Lee Swaim's self-publishing experience

LadyDae Confessions of a Self-Published Author
lady K YA / Horror Ebook
lastlittlebird lastlittlebird's belated self-publishing diary
lauralam Going Hybrid
LBlankenship Self-pubbing a gritty fantasy romance
leahzero My NC-17-rated adventures in New Adult
lizo27 lizo27's self-publishing thread
LOTLOF For the Self-Publishing Is Dark and Full of Terrors
L.W.Patricks Day One of Book Launch

MarlynnOfMany *dons sunglasses* Let's do this!
Matt Thirst eDition Fiction diary
M. Chandler Free As Hell: my self-publishing story
Mclesh Mclesh's Mad Self-Publishing Diary
meaghangray The road so far...
Merihiatt Tossing my recent self-pubbing and e-pubbing experience out there
M. H. Lee A Very Small Fish Jumping Into a Very Big Pond
MmeGuillotine Madame Guillotine's self publishing journey thread
MumblingSage MumblingSage Self-Publishes

Nick Rolynd Self-Publishing (The Knite Way)!
Nick Russell 190 E-books Sold In 10 Days
Nightmaster My adventures in self publishing
NinaGJones Nina G.'s Self Pub Diary
nocomposer My Self-Publishing Story
Nononana So, I'm Taking the Plunge
Norman D Gutter Self-publishing by the Gutter
NyxAustin Nyx's self publishing adventure

oldhousejunkie My Self-Publishing Experience

Parametric Short story strategy: a self-publishing diary
pennywise18 new fish's journey into e-pub pool
PeteDutcher My Journey to self publishing success...
Polenth SFF short stories, plus squid (self-publishing diary)
profen4 Self-Published 90 days in (almost)
Pterofan Why I Had to Self-Publish

Rachael Lucas another thread about self publishing
raelwv Riding the Scree - RaelWV's SelfPup Thread
rebelcheese My Adventures in e-publishing Begin
RedWombat The Kingfisher Has Landed
RevanWright Into This Wild Abyss [A Self-publishing Journal]
RLMcKeown Here we go! Rebecca McKeown's self-publishing diary
robertbevan the first ship has sailed
Rob Lopez I took my first baby steps

SamCoulson Self Published my Sci-Fi novel (two weeks ago)
sarahdalton Publishing Diary: First Year Sales
Sarah Godfrey A Self-Pub Journal With a Side of Gross Sobbing
SBibb Self-Publishing "1000 Words" - A Collection Of Short Stories
SeeM0 Start to start, a journey
SirTimberWolf Timber's attempt at E-Pubbing
slhuang Math, Guns, and Snark: SLHuang's Self-Publishing Thread
Solivagant Are we missing anything?
SomelBalance Armpit of Evil
Spell-it-out I don't know if I should be excited or nervous!
SunshineonMe It's been 8 months since I've published
swvaughn The ongoing self-publishing diary saga that starts with a prequel

Tavia Tavia's Diary - Self-Publishing for a Lark
Tienci So I went ahead and jumped in...
TomKnighton Tom's self publishing extravaganza

Vanessa North My self-publishing journey
Vindicated I love this idea!

WEM Will Moore's self-publishing odyssey
Wormwood Self Publishing and the Nuclear Bomb

Zoe X. Rider Self-publishing (mostly) back catalog
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I'd be grateful if everyone who has a self-publishing diary thread could check to see if they're on this list, and if they're not, let me know by PM, rep-point, or by posting in this thread. Thank you!


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Hi. I guess the thread I started on here about being too lazy to self-publish has turned into my self-publishing story. Thanks. :)
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It took me a while but you're in the index now, Fruitbat.


Nov 9, 2022
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I'm not sure how current this list is, or how much use people have found from it, but as a newbie, I would love to dive into these but I don't know where to start. If anyone has the interest and capacity, it would be interesting to see the list broken down by category. I just don't know what applies to my situation!


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I suggest you just dive in. AW is run by volunteers, and breaking the list down by category (I assume you mean genre) is probably not going happen any time soon.

I'd also like to point out that the index was initially created more than ten years ago, and self-publishing has changed a fair amount in the past decade. You might be better off starting a thread with your specific questions in the Self-Publishing subforum.