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How'd You Find This Site?

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Hey all, and welcome.

I've been here for half a year or so, and it's one of the best sites I've found for advice and support about writing.

The web's a weird place, with lots of trails, so I was wondering, how'd you find this site?

I myself found it mentioned in Writer's Digest's list of 101 Best Web Sites.


See you on the boards...



It was completely by accident while surfing and catching waves all over the place. Used/still belong to ALL WRITE CORNER and WRITER'S ANONYMOUS, but never caught a link off those two.



Hey, thanks for the topic! I'm curious, too. I know in the beginning most people found it from the main site (AbsoluteWrite.com), but I have no idea anymore where most people are coming from.


I found this place completely by accident! I was doing a search for writing tips on google and this site popped up as one of the suggestions. I've only been here a day or so, but I like it already! :D


Moi! I was here before, under another name...got blown off my old computer and had to restart - reenlist again. This is a magic site and you will be well rewarded for being here.

Now! Mme. Administrator, how about my re-elistment bounty :lol


Neil Gaiman's blog referenced the PA story and linked to "Making Light" which had a link here. I had no idea a community like this existed, glad I found it.


Search engine. Typed in something about agent angst and AW popped up high on the list. Visited many other places, but this seemed more organized than most, kinder and gentler, and easy to access.

For which We are greatly appreciative.

Thank you.


I suppose I should put my two bits in here. I made my way here through a blog that mentioned the main site. I think I'll pin this thread so that new arrivals will always see it even if it slows down from time to time.


I visit Freelancewriting.com quite often to study the new writing jobs and I think there was a link to this site. It was a very happy discovery!


I think I've been here a couple of times in the past, but this time, now that it's stuck, I came here thanks to a link from Making Light. The link was to the explanation of the whole "Atlanta Nights" sting and I sort of started trying to keep up with the whole PublishAmerica thread after that. I branched out from there to look at some other boards and decided to sign up so I could post when I felt the need.


PS the link for Making Light is: www.nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/


I just found this site through the Writer's Write message board. I knew about AbsoluteWrite, but I never really took advantage of its boards. What a great resource! 8)


I was over at the Done Deal Message board (mostly for screenwriters and tv writers), and when I decided to convert my 7 years worth of work from a soap opera to a novel series, someone over there suggested this place. It was the best advice I ever got over there, because this place is one of a kind and I visit it everyday.


I had found this site when looking up information on an agent. Thanks to this site, I had found out that the agent that I was looking up information on was a bit shady. I figured this would be a great place to hang around after that.


Me too, I was looking up an agent who has been advertising on Craigslist. That got me to lots and lots sites about agents, none of whom mentioned this particular agent, (editors&preditors and many others) and one of those sites linked me to the Bewares and Background Checks thread here. And then I started snooping around. And then I said, Ahhh, home at last.



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Feb 12, 2005
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In the beginning...

IIRC, I first came here following the PA links on P&E. Lurked for about a year before I finally jumped in.


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Feb 9, 2005
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It's very cool to find this out.

Never knew we were mentioned on Making Light until recently (Atlanta Nights).