How to Know You're Old

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Feb 12, 2005
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On the Road
The last time I saw my long-time doctor before our move last year, we had the difficult discussion on aging in place. He was a big fan of downsizing to a place with few stairs or steps, especially to a neighborhood where you could walk to get what you need; of using public transportation or Uber/Lyft/taxis without letting the need limit your going out; of having activities which were regularly scheduled and require interaction with others; of exercise without beating yourself up over what you used to be able to do versus what you can do now, and lots more. Mr. Maryn and I congratulate ourselves for getting out, regardless of the weather, nearly every time we go.

Maryn, not yet counting her 8000 days, she hopes

P.S. Don't tell my doctor I moved to a place with a slew of stairs, well beyond the bus route, where I met exactly zero people before COVID, okay? It's a really cool house.

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