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Hilliard & Harris / Fenton Press

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Oct 28, 2008
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Thanks Victoria, you are a super hero.

I didn't want to get into it with them, but I did write back that I needed the 100 books clause removed and I watned and advance of $125. They had offered $25, which left me needing another four for a case of beer I think!

Stephanie wrote back that she understood and good luck with my book. It my be just my general paranoia, but Maryland, where they are based, is notoriously gentle on corporate bankruptcies and such. Every major corportion in the country, nearly, has a store front office. Literary, they look like little real estate offices, so they can have a mailing adress there, so I might wonder where Hilliard and Harris actually reside. And funny enough, they only seem to sell books (other then the 100 they ask the authors to buy) on their website, and the button doesn't work.