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Has anyone heard of the Music Arrangers fee?

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Feb 14, 2006
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I just received a letter today from Nashville Music Productions. They loved my song and they want to use it on an unfilled spot on the CD. I was about to cry for joy!!! Then I noticed that the company will cover studio recording, engineering, mastering, and manufacturing costs, but I'm to pay the music arrangers fee of $350. I get 50 % of writers credit, right and 50% of any writers royalties collected on the song. I am so confused. I've never had a song get accepted. Actually this is the first song I've ever wrote. Do any other song writers out there pay this? I can make payments. Is it worth it?


Oct 10, 2005
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Las Vegas, NV
This company is the music industry's version of a "vanity press." The $350 they are charging is for arranging those words with a melody, and recording a demo with music/vocals. That's actually very cheap. Many producers charge five to ten times that amount.

My concern is about your expectations for what will happen next. While it's true that record labels will only listen to professionally recorded demos, the chances of it being "discovered" this way are minimal at best. (There will most likely never be any royalties.) If you are serious about shopping your tune, you need to hire a good entertainment attorney.

So, if it would be "fun" for you to hear your lyrics come to life as a country song, and it's worth $350 to have something you can share with friends and family, then this might be the route to go.

I hope I didn't burst your bubble! I just don't want anyone to take advantage of you.
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