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Green Lady Press

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Dec 4, 2010
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The Green Lady Press website is still under construction but feel free to have a look around! We're currently receiving short fiction submissions, which you can find details on here. We're not yet open to unsolicited novellas, but do check back for updates.

The short fiction submissions were for a competition:

We are running a short story competition which will give new writers from around the world the chance to be published. The theme is 'resistance' and there are no limits to how this can be interpreted. Deadline is November 30th, midnight GMT.

More about the competition:

Green Lady Award for Fiction

We will award prizes for outstanding fiction, plus feature selected works in an online anthology for our launch. The theme is 'resistance' and we will be looking for innovative interpretations. Deadline is November 30th, midnight GMT. Winners and shortlisted entries will be announced in January 2015. The anthology will be made available free for all entrants and their families.

1st Place: £50
2nd Place: £25

10th Sept update: We've had some wonderful entries so far! Should the quality of the anthology be high enough, we will invest in a small print run.

18th Sept update: Please note that 'resistance' does not always have to be overt. We appreciate subtlety too, and the many ways in which the word can be interpreted!

13th Nov update: We understand the time and effort that you put into your work, and so tried our best to give a bit of feedback for each entry. However we can no longer keep up with the rate of submissions, and will have to resort to the automated reply. We're sorry about this as we would like to be more personal! But absolutely thrilled to be seeing so many talented writers.


* The work must be your own, and previously unpublished in print or online.
* Word limit: 3000 words. We prefer shorter, highly compact stories.
* The entry fee is £5. A maximum of 3 stories may be submitted.
* All genres are permitted.

So GLP only needs fifteen entries to cover the expense of the prize money. I'm not exactly overwhelmed.

Who's behind GLP? The only name on the website is that of the illustrator who designed their logo, but a few days ago the company Tweeted about The Obsidian Poplar, an anthology published (through CreateSpace) by the Lightfall Literary Agency. It's a compilation of stories by students at Oxford and Cambridge, and GLP is based in Oxford. Lightfall's attempt to raise £2,222 to publicize The Obsidian Poplar brought in a mere £685. According to Twitter, Lightfall is "a new literary agency, publishing short stories exclusively by student writers". Is there a connection between GLP and Lightfall? Your guess is as good as mine.
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Feb 12, 2005
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Did announce the winners (a writer's mention), and "Stories of Resistance" published (https://gumroad.com/l/yyKw), but was apparently a one-shot deal (site's gone).

(Likewise, the only trace of Lightfall is in conjunction with the Poplar anthology.)
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