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Aug 12, 2021
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I'm curious for recommendations off this list. I've heard of very few besides Kuang.

I listened to Riot Baby and enjoyed it, the magic system was really unique and interesting.

I really liked Shadow of the Fox (book 1 in the trilogy that Night of the Dragon completes), but I'm a sucker for stories that feature kitsune and samurai plagued by inner demons. Will definitely be getting/reading the rest of the trilogy.

Read and enjoyed The Bone Shard Daughter, this is another one that I'm definitely going to get the sequels to.

A couple feel like they don't really fit on the list, but I loved them and want to talk about them. I am absolutely infatuated with the Daveabad trilogy (Empire of Gold is the final installment), but I think it's adult not YA. Ditto for The Jasmine Throne - loved it to death but I think it's adult not YA. (Side note gushing - Tasha Suri does an amazing job of forging strong female characters that are strong in a variety of ways and not just 'girls who beat up boys')

I think Tasha Suri's previous duology 'The Books of Ambha' probably fits into YA better, and they are awesome and very worth reading.

Edit: I looked a bit more closely and I don't see anything that says it's limited to YA, so I dunno where I got that idea. But anyways, as long as I'm gushing over non-western fantasy, I have to add Fonda Lee's Green Bone Saga. Holy moly it is good! South-Asian inspired world with magic and mafia, really cool characters and imagery and so tense and exciting.
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Elizabeth George's book Write Away