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Title: It's a Horse's Life! (Advice and Observations for the Humans Who Choose to Share It) and Horses in the Yard and Other Equestrian Dilemmas, iUniverse, 9/2007

Author: Joanne M. Friedman
Publication Date: November, 2003
Publisher: IUniverse
Format: paperback
ISBN: 0-595-30265-3
Price: $11.95 [/I]

Horses in the Yard

Author: Joanne M. Friedman
Publication Date: September, 2007
Publisher: IUniverse
Format: paperback
ISBN: 0-595-46285-8 (0-595-4285-9 e-book)
Price: $14.95 [/I]

The business of horses is laced with misperceptions and errors in judgment that often bring tears of frustration or bursts of laughter. Horse's Life aims to set the record straight on everything from good horse keeping practices to the latest training techniques. A spoonful of humor helps the medicine go down.

Horses in the Yard is a trip through the insanity that is horse ownership. Anyone who insists on keeping pets large enough to need their own house has some issues. This book addresses a few of them.

I've been involved with horses for 46 years, worked at numerous farms and owned my own for the past ten years. All of my "field research" is exactly that, tried and tested, stomped on and chewed up, and put on paper for the sake of the horses and their beleaguered owners.

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