Flash Fiction Challenge for the week of March 1st, 2020

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Your prompt for this week, found curled and sleeping under the stem of a brand new leaf on the World Tree, is:

we leapt!

You have 90 minutes from when you view the prompt to write, revise, and post your piece. There is no word limit except as may be dictated by time, and your piece does not need to directly include the prompt; it is here for your inspiration. Please start a new thread entitled "FFC 3/1/2020" and do not put the prompt in your title, as that makes it visible on the What's New tab to the vast hordes of people who may not yet be ready to start the challenge.

New people are always welcome to participate -- invite your friends! Whether you post a piece or not, you are welcome to comment on posted work, but please remember this is not a critique space. The prompt is "live" for a week, and there will be a new one next week at approximately the same time and place. Old prompts and responses are moved to the FFC Archive.

As a note, over the past several weeks when AW was otherwise occupied, I've been posting the prompts on twitter with the option of writing a twitter-length piece instead of, or in addition to, the full challenge. If you wish to continue to do so, please use the hashtag #AW_FFC so we can find 'em. :)

Good luck and good writing!

Not open for further replies.