Flash Fiction Challenge for mid-July, 2020

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Ok, so I've gotten a bit discouraged by the lack of any apparent interest in these, and combined with a general failing to have any idea what day of the week it is, I've let them lapse again. In thinking about it, and some conversations either directly or obliquely relevant to the topic, I have come to decide that having the prompts here and not made use of is still more desirable than having them not here when someone struggling who needs a distraction or a challenge or just the routine comes looking. So, bear with me if I miss the usual Sunday 9pm deadline but I'll try to keep these updated at least every other week unless interest picks up or I get a partner again to help share the load.

And if you like having the prompts here, even if you can't always (or often) do them, or you do them on your own w/o posting, please let me know you're out there anyway?

Your prompt is pick any three (or more) items from this list:

making a distraction
a hot air balloon
a mojito
a pawn shop
a rude parrot

You have 90 minutes from when you view the prompt to write, revise, and post your piece. There is no word limit except as may be dictated by time, and your piece does not need to directly include the prompt; it is here for your inspiration. Please start a new thread entitled "FFC July" and do not put the prompt in your title, as that makes it visible on the What's New tab to the vast hordes of people who may not yet be ready to start the challenge.

New people are always welcome to participate -- invite your friends! Whether you post a piece or not, you are welcome to comment on posted work, but please remember this is not a critique space. The prompt is "live" for at least a week. Old prompts and responses are moved to the FFC Archive.

Good luck and good writing!

Not open for further replies.

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