Flash 9/27/2020

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Sep 22, 2013
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Mr. Emerson lay dead. No wounds, no marks. Blood vessels were burst in his eyes.

"So she choked him?" Freddy took a drag from a cigarette as he stepped around the corpse splayed across the kitchen floor.

"Little ole her? He has to have a hundred pounds on her easy." Mac motioned toward the small framed woman sitting in the parlor with Detective Blue, one Mrs. Emerson, prime suspect.

"Hired hand? Lover?" Freddy said leaning on the sink.

"Maybe, but nosy Ms. Garr next door said no one was in and out of this house at all this morning. Not since she was on the porch with her coffee at the crack of dawn. The only out of then ordinary thing was the Millers car back firing. She said that thing is always needing to be fixed. " Mac flipped closed his notepad.

"Maybe this all went down last night?"

"Sure he's dressed for bed." Mr. Emerson was in sleep wear, robe and all, "but he was eating cereal."

"It's empty though."

"Must have been sitting down to eat." The box of cereal and the milk jug sat on the table near the bowl.

"I don't think she did it. She's distraught. Said she went down to fetch cans from the cellar, heard a bang and a few moments later a thud. She came back up and found him" Blue said lighting a cigarette.

"Ms. Garr said no one has left the house. "

"Indoor cellar entrance." Blue motioned to a narrow doorway near the mud room.

"He definitely was choked, but I don't see how she could have done it. She's tiny." Mac shook his head and scratched under his hat.

Blue crouched down and surveyed the table. He rubbed his chin. He reached out a hand and turned Mr. Emerson head toward him and peered into his open mouth.

"See anythin? Think he could have choked?" Freddy suggested.

"He didn't even eat anything though. Bowls dry." Mac pointed out.

"Mrs. Emerson, did you help your husband with his breakfast?" Blue stood and looked into the parlor.

"No sir, he got everything himself. "

"Is he the type of man to not like taking many trips?"

"Oh yes, Ralph always tried to take as few trips as possible. He didn't like going in circles if he could avoid it." She sniffed as though this new testimony had brought back more memories.

Blue crouched back down. "Mac you got a rag?"

Mac pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to Blue. Blue wrapped it around his hand and then stuck his fingers into Mr. Emerson mouth.

"Eh, what you doing Blue. " Freddy leaned forward.

Blue smirked and there was a pop and he pulled his hand out. In it was a gleaming silver spoon, well part of one. The one end was broken leaving just a bit of the end.

"My guess is that spoon was worn down, that he bit it to carry it over. As he set down the other things. The Millers car back fired and he jumped in surprise, chomped down bit through the metal and accidently swallowed the two pieces. One piece maybe went down clean the other lodged in his throat."

"I'll be damned."

"Bowl was empty and the spoon was missing."