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Feb 12, 2005
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Necroing: "reviving" an old thread by posting a reply in it.

Let's say the last reply of a certain thread was posted in 2008. If I post a reply in that thread in 2012, that would be considered necroing.
My question is, what is the specific period of time it takes for a thread to "die"?
Usually, necroing is penalized. At least in other forums.

Generally speaking, there's no official penalty.

If a newbie necros a thread, someone will probably explain why it's not a good idea, and that's that.

If said newbie persists in necroing threads rather than simply starting a new one, with a link maybe to the old, one we may have a problem.

This is a very old forum. Some members have passed on. Some members have wandered off. Some are busy writing their books. Necroing a dead thread may mean you're essential shouting in an empty room. Don't do that; start a new thrread on the topic, with your personal spin on it.

Threads are archived after a period of inactivity--automatically--but that doesn't mean they're dead, it's a way of conserving system resources.

We're about the conversation here, but also, generally, reviving a long dead thread is at best daft. Why continue a conversation when everyone else has left the room?

The question to ask yourself is:

• Will it add to the value of the conversation?

• Does it serve the greater community?

• Might I be better off, as a member of the community, in dealing here and now?

That said, it's not a bad idea to delve into the past before asking about passive voice, or toward/towards, or the number of spaces after a comma, or why anyone with any wits at all thinks Greedo shot first.
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