FAQ: Emptying Your Browser's Cache, History, and Deleting Cookies

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Your browser keeps a local copy of Web pages on your computer. Sometimes this causes problems because instead of looking at the actual page (which may have changed) your browser looks at the local copy. You can empty this cache to solve this problem.

Your browser may keep a list of recently visited sites; many people turn this setting off. But sometimes the history can cause problems as well. You can clear it to resolve problems.

Your browser also keeps tiny text files called cookies which are used to help identify you to a Website where you have an account, to track your progress on a site or through a game, and other kinds of data. Sometimes the cookie becomes damaged or is stale, which can make a Website behave oddly. You can delete cookies, which will often solve problems.

Be aware that cookies store data about your user login and password. Don't delete a site's cookies if you don't know your login.

AW uses cookies to identify you with your login, and determine if you're currently "active" on the site, for instance.

This site has very good directions for most browsers.

We also have an FAQ about Absolute Write Passwords.

If you're having a problem with AW not recognizing your password or login, or a forum password, please follow these steps in order:

  1. Log off AW using the Log Out link on the top right of any forum page.
  2. Delete you AW cookies, or all cookies (make sure you know your login information).
  3. Empty your Web browser's cache.
  4. Completely Quit, Close and shutdown your Web browser.
  5. Start your browser and go back to the Absolute Write forums.
  6. Log back in. Click the "Remember me" check box if you want AW to remember you.

Third-Party Cookies

Absolute Write doesn't use third-party cookies. These may be set by a "third party," that is, not you, not the site you're on but another site altogether. Typically third party cookies are set by advertisers, and they may be set by an advertisers on a site other than AW.

You can turn these off in your browser preferences, though they may be located behind a link for "advanced settings."
Removing third-party cookies in Firefox
Some sites you use may require that they be allowed to use third-party cookies—typically these are transactional sites like banks or sometimes, libraries.
You can opt-out of Google's and many others' tracking programs.

Feel free to ask for additional help in the Tech Help forum.
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