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[ezine] ADRPages.com

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Feb 16, 2008
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Ha, this is a good one! Just got it as spam today. Keep reading down to the bold parts (my bolding):

My name is Daniel Edward Gordon, and I am an editor-writer for ADRPAGES.COM (http://www.adrpages.com), an expanding online magazine dedicated to connecting alternative dispute resolution, conflict resolution (inclusive of coaching) and peace practitioners with the purchasing public. The magazine specializes in coverage of professional women.

Would you be interested in being the subject of an ADRPages Interview (E-Chat) or writing an ADRPages GuestBlog? I believe that our readers might find a discussion of your experiences as a counselor and life coach — especially in light of recent difficulties, such as the high unemployment rate and the housing crisis — to be extremely helpful and informative. Any advice you could share with newcomers to the field would also be enlightening.

Information regarding ADRPages.com is located on the website at the 'Advertise With Us' tab. Our prices for the articles — which range from $35 to $75, depending upon the choice of section — are located under the 'Contact Us' tab.

Biographical information about our founder and publisher, Ms. Fey Ugokwe, J.D., and the growing positive feedback regarding our magazine can be accessed via the LinkedIn bar on the same 'Contact Us' page.
So basically they want me to pay to be interviewed/pay to have an article written about me/pay to write an article for them? Uh, no thanks. I'm used to being the person who is getting paid.

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