E-publishing, then print for shorter work?

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I've completed a 34,000 word manuscript. Should I find an e-publisher, and if the book sells well, try and seek out a print publisher? It's aimed toward young adults, which I think probably helps reduce the effect of the word count, but it's pretty short anyway since it's also a fantasy and fantasy novels tend to be longer than others.

So, does the word count not matter enough that it would be more difficult to find a print publisher than for a longer novel because of the young adult audience it's intended for? Or should I stick with finding an epublisher first?

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if what you want is print, why not shoot for print?

the worst that could happen is that it won't work out. then look for an e-pub.

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You will never hit higher than what you aim for, so I'd submit to the highest paying, most prestigious market that would reasonably be expected to publish my story first.



If you want it in print, then it needs to be in print first. The number of e-books that make it to print is so extremely small that it makes hitting the lottery look easy.

If it's any good, a print publisher will take it.
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