Dreamforge Anvil Magazine - $.06/word - Deadline 11/30/21

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May 15, 2020
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Original Source Angelique Fawns Nocturnal Submissions


Editor Scot Noel
Open for submissions: Nov 15 -Nov 30
Pay:6 cents per word
Word range: max 4,500
Simultaneous submissions? Yes
Reprints? Yes


DreamForge is a fantasy and science fiction magazine that looks for positive stories. The website says: Our goal is to publish fiction and commentary that embody, in one way or another, these essential principals: integrity and decency, compassion and creativity, intelligence and inventiveness, the rule of law and liberty under the law, and the dignity of the individual.” 
 DreamForge Anvil is about a passionate attention to storytelling as much it is about the stories themselves.

Submission Hints​

Positive stories demonstrating the triumph of the human spirit and the power of hope and humane values in overcoming the most daunting challenges. We are interested in all SF and Fantasy genres, but horror is unlikely to find a home here. No to Pollyannish and Utopian simplicity. Yes to communities and teams working together to overcome dire challenges. Yes to marginalized and under-represented characters as protagonists. Yes to science and magic that solve problems, alleviate suffering, and boldly explore new possibilities. No to corrupt, dystopian governments or evil corporations. Tone down the violence, profanity, and sex. It's only useful if the story demands it.
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