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Do blogs count as publishing??

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Just a quick question...

If I put one of my short stories or novel excerpts on a blog, does that count as "officially published" and that means I can't submit it to other "traditional" places? I've heard conflicting information whether or not its true. Or does it depend on the publication and its policy of "reprints"?

Just checking.



I have heard that once it's published -- in your church newsletter, in a magazine, on your Web site, etc. -- it's no longer an original but now must be sold as a reprint. Though I imagine there might be a fine line between electronic rights and print rights.

I'm not an expert on copyright, so maybe someone can comment on that.


In an absolute sense it's been accessible to people and so published. In a slightly shifty sense if you delete the blog entries and wait a while evidence of this will fade from the internet fairly quickly. ;)
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