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[Distributor] Livrada Inc.

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J.H. Stevenson

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Jun 15, 2013
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Does anyone have any experience with these people? From what I can tell they've been in business since 2012. They have a sizeable staff, many of whom seem to be quite public about their industry experience; and a very fancy website. Publishers Weekly has done one or two spots on them.

They look to be geared towards working with publishers more than authors, or towards self-published authors more than traditional-routers.
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Apr 11, 2005
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I think I've got it figured out...maybe.

My guess: Livrada arranges mass-delivery of ebooks, either your own (say, corporate training manuals, policy handbooks, etc.) or from publishers (want to give all your employees the current bestseller in ebook form as their Christmas present? Livrada wants to be the one to arrange that).

They appear to market their services to commercial publishers as a sort of middleman who sets up a mass buy for one of their delivery customers. As I understand, they would buy the necessary number of ebooks from a publisher and deliver them to whatever group their customer designated.

Their relationship with self-publishers seems a bit less lucrative for the self-publisher, as it appears they are suggesting they would be a good way for a self-publisher to deliver free copies for promotional purposes. I didn't see a way for a self-publisher to be on the paid rather than paying end of the deal, but maybe I missed that part. (ETA: Unless, of course, the self-publisher has a book that one of Livrada's customers wants to buy in bulk, which certainly could happen.)

In addition to their sourcing and delivery actions, it appears they also have their own ebook format, and provide ebook formating in that form or several other formats (Nook, Kindle, etc) for their customers that need that service. I imagine if a company wanted to deliver an ebook copy of their proprietary training manual, they would need it formatted, so that makes sense. They say their format doesn't require an ereader or app, so that appears to take care of recipients who have neither being able to access the content.

I infer from their references to redeeming gift cards, that they may email out these rather than making initial contact with recipients in a way that directly delivers ebook files, which also makes sense. Many people don't open unexpected attachments.

But, the entire concept is a bit different and I may have interpreted it erroneously.
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