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[Distributor] Hushion House Publishing

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Does anyone have any experience with "Hushion House", a Canadian book distributor?


In addition to distribution for "traditional" publishers, they also offer their services to the self-published crowd. The basic rate is $1500 for distribution in Canada or the US; or $1800 for both. In return, they offer:

"...68% of net revenue from sales of your books at wholesale discounts prevalent in the industry, after deductions for returns and exception processing by our warehouse/ fulfillment supplier. Timing of payments is detailed in our contract, and is established as per industry norm to allow for the effects of returns"

If I read this correctly, the self-published author pays the Distribution fee they feel they want ($1500/$1800) and they get 68% of whatever the dealer's cost was (say 55% of cover??). I presume that there is some processing, handling and/or warehousing fees that have to be deducted as well.

Are these types of arrangements common? Anyone with experience in these types of distribution agreements?


Re: Hushion House (Canadian Distributor) -- any experience?

Talk to H. B. Fenn in Mississisauga and see whether the deal they offer is comparable to this Hushion House thing.


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Hushion House declared bankruptcy June '06. Story here.

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